Zaba Search Review 2024 Details, Features & More

If you are curious to know someone, or if you want to track an old friend or relative, then there are a lot of platforms using which you can do this.

One such platform is Zaba Search, and if you’ve been wondering if it’s any good or if you should opt for their services, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about this platform, so stick to the end.


GuideZaba Search
FeaturesReverse phone lookup, and more
WebsiteClick here

What Is Zaba Search?
What Is Zaba Search?

Zaba Search is a background check website that was founded in 2005.

It offers free background checks for people living in the U.S. To use it, you just have to type in the name and last name of the person, and you will get basic information like the person’s addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details.

It makes the publicly available data in one place so that you do not have to bother. But are they any better than the other similar platforms? To know this, keep reading.


Should You Go For Zaba Search?
Should You Choose Zaba Search?

Now the big question is, should you even go for Zaba Search? As mentioned above, it offers publicly available data, so the information you obtain might be redundant, incorrect, or even absent.

Another thing is that there are only two ways to run a search, that is, people search & reverse phone lookup.

There is also a paid plan available, but we do not recommend you don’t go for it as there is no guarantee that the information you obtain will be even accurate.

Having said that, there is no harm in trying it once, as they also offer a background search for free.

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Zaba Search Features
Zaba Search Features

People Search

This feature is very simple and straightforward to use. Using this feature, you can run a search by someone’s name, last name, etc. You will get basic information like their current location, phone numbers, etc.

Reverse Phone Lookup

This feature comes in handy to lookup for someone using their phone numbers.

So if someone is troubling you late at night, or if you are being spammed, all you need to do is just lookup using their phone number. This will give you the owner’s name, location, phone carrier, and more.


As there are only two ways to run a search, it is really easy to get the hang of it once you go to their website.

Pros And Cons

  • Free to use.
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Information might be inaccurate or redundant.
  • Only two modes of search is available.

Plans And Pricing Of Zaba Search

A very detailed information regarding the plans and pricing of Zaba Search is not available. However, their services start from $24.86 per month.

From Where Does Zaba Search Find Information?

Background check websites collect information from publicly available information, including the following:

  • Third-party resources
  • Commercial business places
  • State and Federal records
  • Local Public Records
  • Sex offender registry
  • Local Crime records
  • Census data
  • Commercial data, and more

To use this website and run a search, follow the below steps:

1) Go to their website.

Zaba Search sign up process

2) Now on the main page, you will see a search box. Type in the name, last name, city, and state if you have all this information.

How To Use Zaba Search?

3) Now click on ‘Search’ It will start scanning through the publicly available data.

Zaba Search sign up

4) Now fill in your name, email id, etc., and click on ‘get the report.’

5) You will be able to access your report for free.

If you find any incorrect or outdated information about yourself, then it is fairly easy to get it removed from their platform.

For this, you just have to fill out their opt-out form to send a request. Do mention your email id so that they can inform you about the status of your application.

Once you do so, your information will get removed within seven days.

Is Zaba Search Safe?

Cybersafety is one of the most crucial things to take care of and we shouldn’t let anyone compromise our safety and security.

In order to know if Zaba Search is safe or not we went through its privacy policy of Zaba Search.

It states that it collects information such as your name, location, payment details, etc., that you may provide when creating an account and making payments.

They also automatically collect traffic data, including IP address, Internet Service Provider, access times, etc.

They collect this information to assist you, send you notifications, updates, and other information, personalize and improve the site, and more.

Zaba Search clearly states in their privacy policy that they may share your personal information with the third-party service provider or advertisers who have their own privacy policy.

They use reasonable security measures to protect your data against misuse, alteration of the information, loss, etc.

If you wish to learn more about Zaba Search’s privacy policy, you can go to their website and read it yourself.

Does Zaba Search Notify the Person?

If you are using Zaba Search for the first time, then you might be wondering what if Zaba Search notifies the person you are looking for.

Thankfully, that’s not the case at all! Zaba Search never notifies a person by sending them any notifications via texts, emails, etc.

So you can rest assured and run your free background checks.

Is Zaba Search Anonymous?

Yes, Zaba Search is an anonymous platform. No matter how many background checks you run on anyone, Zaba Search will ensure that all your searches remain private and confidential.

Is Zaba Search Trustworthy & Reliable?

Zaba Search, just like other background check platforms, collects information from various publicly available resources.

From many customer reviews, we have found that Zaba Search is not a reliable platform and does not offer 100% accurate reports.

However, since you can use this platform for free, there is no harm in trying it out once.

USW Zaba Search Ratings

Customer Service2.8/5
Ease of use4.7/5
Features & Services2.5/5


ComparisonZaba Search Instant Checkmate
FeaturesReverse Phone Lookup, People search, and moreInmate search, people search, and more
PriceFree and $24.86 a month for a detailed report$35 a month
BBB ratingNot accreditedA+
Turn-around timeSlowSlow
Tenant background checkNot availableNot available

Now let’s have a look at the various alternatives of Zaba Search in case you are not sure about opting for their services.

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Zaba Search Alternatives

In case you do not mind spending a bit but want to get an accurate background check report, then you can try out these alternatives instead:


Although you’d have to pay to run background checks on CocoFinder, it is one of the most affordable and reliable background check platforms that you can use.

On CocoFinder, you can run background checks using features like:

  • People Search
  • White Pages
  • Address Lookup
  • Reverse Phone Lookup

With these features, you can obtain plenty of information like education records, criminal records, etc.


TruthFinder is one of the best background check platforms you can try out if you want to obtain a reliable report that offers information such as marriage records, felony charges, etc.

The best part about using TruthFinder is that it offers a deep web search feature along with other filters and advanced search options like no other.

The only problem with TruthFinder is that it charges an additional fee to download reports. Here’s what its pricing looks like:

  • Reverse phone lookup membership – $4.99/month.
  • Reverse email lookup – $29.73/month
  • People Search – $28.05/month

How We Review Background Check Companies?

To review background check companies, we take into account the following factors:

  • Features and Services
  • Accuracy of reports
  • Amount of detail offered
  • Customer ratings
  • Online reputation
  • Security and Privacy
  • Price and plans

Final Verdict

This was our take on Zaba Search; although it’s free of cost, it isn’t reliable, and we do not recommend it.

There are better options out there that you can go for. They might cost you a little, but at least they will give you accurate and in-depth information.

If you used the services of Zaba Search, then do let us know your thoughts. We hope you got what you were looking for.

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Can I Correct My Information On Zaba Search?

Zaba Search does not maintain any database of your information.

It only offers publicly available information to you, and as such, they have no control over the public data, nor can they change it.

Is Zaba Search legit?

It has been in the business since 2005, and it is legit. But as they offer only publicly available information, the data provided by it may be incorrect or redundant.

Does Zaba Search cost money?

No, it is a free background search platform and offers basic search results like location, addresses, phone number, etc.

It is a part of Intelius, so if you go for a more detailed report, it will direct you to Intelius for paid in-depth reports.

Is Zaba Search free to use?

Yes, you can use it for free for a basic report. However, if you want a more detailed report, then you will have to buy a monthly plan.

How Much Does Zaba Search Cost Per month?

It costs $24.86 per month.

USW Overall Rating

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