Why Rental Property Owners Need To Use Background Check Services?

As a rental property owner, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to screen your potential tenants.

This includes running a background check. Background check services can help you to verify that an applicant has a clean criminal record and is not likely to pose a risk to your property or other tenants.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why rental property owners need to use background check services and list 2 of the best providers.


What Is A Rental Background Check?

A rental background check is an extra screening process that allows landlords to view different parts of an applicant’s conduct in the past when they were renting from someone else.

The vast majority of the information that you will see originates from the three major credit bureaus, which are:

  • TransUnion
  • Equifax
  • Experian

The data from a rental background check report contributes to a complete picture of a tenant’s potential level of responsibility.

While some landlords also look at the tenant’s total credit score, others focus on the report’s specifics and pay close attention to the details.

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What Does A Rental Background Check Include?

A rental background check will offer you a wealth of information on your possible tenant, which will help you decide who is the ideal candidate to rent your home to.

A comprehensive rental background check should include the following information:

  • Personal Information: This includes the candidate’s full name, date & place of birth, and also social security number. These basic facts will be used to verify the applicant’s identification throughout the background check.
  • Address: The applicant’s contact details, especially their current address, are checked during the background check. You’ll be able to find out where an applicant has resided in the past, any eviction history, and will be able to access the contact information for previous landlords and/or property managers.
  • Income: The background check may be used to verify income, showing if they have a stable income that is three times the monthly rent.
  • Credit Score: You’ll be able to see an applicant’s credit score and credit history patterns.
  • Job History: You can also see the applicant’s job history, including whether they’ve hopped about in the past, in addition to validating their present salary.

Best Rental Background Check Services

Now that you know what a rental background check is and what it includes, you may be wondering which service to use.

Here are 2 of the best providers:

1. RentSpree

When looking for a comprehensive screening solution for your rental property, you should look for a service that provides comprehensive solutions, including credit reports, background checks, histories of former and present landlords, histories of evictions, verifying references, and more.

RentSpree provides exactly that. So this company offers an all-in-one solution that includes a wide range of searches that are FCRA-compliant.

Applicants can submit their applications to you online, and you’ll be able to access all their information in one place.

2. E-Renter

E-Renter is a great option for landlords who want to run a fast and affordable background check.

So this company offers an express screening service that will return results within an hour.

The report includes information on the applicant’s credit score, rental history, and criminal background.

While this provider’s monthly subscription plan is a lot more expensive than RentSpree’s, you do get access to a lot more features, such as the ability to run an eviction search and a sex offender registry.

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Wrapping Up

Screening potential tenants is a critical part of being a landlord. By running a rental background check, you can rest assured that you’re renting your property to a responsible and trustworthy individual.

There are many different background check services available on the market, so be sure to choose one that’s right for you and your needs.

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