Why Is Julie Chrisley Famous? Why Did She Go to Prison?

Julie Chrisley, the wife of the businessman and real estate mogul Todd Chrisley, is a popular figure on both TV and social media.

Since the Chrisley family’s reality TV show hit the screens in 2014, she and her family’s popularity has been growing. Their show had a successful 9 seasons and many spinoffs.

These shows and her marriage with his current husband, Todd Chrisley, brought new fame and works to Julie Chrisley’s life and people started to wonder about her.

Even though she is most popular with her reality TV career, she also has some other endeavors.

Let’s see Julie Chrisley’s most famous works, her dating life, and why she is famous.

Julie Chrisley – About, Why Is She Famous, Dating, Age

Why is Julie Chrisley Famous?

Why is Julie Chrisley Famous

Julie Chrisley shot to fame mostly after the Chrisley Knows Best reality show hit the screens. She quickly became a public figure and was seen as a reality TV star by many people.

Since the show revolves around the Chrisley family’s life, it puts more highlights on the other part of her life.

Some of these are her marriage with Todd Chrisley and their recent prison sentence.

She was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and gathered a lot of support from many people. She openly fought cancer, and after recovering, she continued to speak about it.

In a podcast episode, she said that she would continue to do so to help those going through the same thing.

Her Marriage

Todd and Julie married in 1996, and they have continued their marriage ever since. Todd is a businessman and an allegedly self-made millionaire.

This increased Julie’s fame a little bit since Todd was already an established man. However, both Julie and Todd didn’t live their peak fame until their reality show.

Chrisley Knows Best

The thing that changed the lives of both Julie Chrisley and her family was their reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best.

Gathered millions of viewers with nine seasons on the record, the show has many fans around the country.

It is such a success that the show actually had a couple of spinoffs, both in short movies and as a podcast.

The Chrisley family, including Julie Chrisley, has been very popular since the very first episode.

This mostly comes from their extravagantly rich and luxurious lifestyle and family relationships with each other.

Among one of the spinoffs, Julie even has her own cooking show called What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley.

Prison Sentence

Todd and Julie Chrisley got indicted with tax evasion and bank fraud charges in 2019.

They allegedly hid their money to not pay taxes and also presented the banks with false bank statements to get loans from them that are worth up to tens of millions of dollars.

Julie Chrisley recently got a prison sentence of seven years and her husband 12 years.

This prison sentence put them under the spotlight once more, and many people have wondered about Julie Chrisley and her family.

It is not known when they will serve their sentence and what will happen to their reality show for now.

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Julie Chrisley Dating Life

Julie Chrisley is married to Todd Chrisley right now, but she was also married before she married Todd.

However, there isn’t much information about her previous dating life before Todd and her marriage before him.

We do know that Julie Chrisley was married to her high school friend for several years before they got divorced.

Kenneth Wayne Childress – Married in March 1991. The exact date for the divorce is unknown.

Todd Chrisley – Married in 1996, still continues.

Julie Chrisley Most Famous Works

Julie Chrisley Most Famous Works

Many people might know Julie Chrisley from her family’s reality TV show, and that takes up most of her time.

It is also the thing that shot her fame to the roof. However, she also did some other stuff that contributed to her fame both before and after Chrisley Knows Best.

Real Estate

Since Julie Chrisley is married to Todd Chrisley, a real estate investor, she also took part in some real estate investments and businesses.

Perhaps the most famous acquisition of her real estate investments was the one that the Chrisley family bought in Nashville to move from Atlanta.

They paid about $1.6 million, and the fans of the show are very familiar with it.

Reality TV

Julie Chrisley’s entire reality TV career revolves around Chrisley Knows Best, a reality TV show about the life of the Chrisley family.

The show started in 2014 and has had nine successful seasons since.

It had a confirmation for the tenth season, but it is currently unknown, with the Todd and Julie Chrisley couple sentenced to prison.

Chrisley Knows Best also had several spinoffs along the way in which Julie also played. Its spinoffs include According to Chrisley, Growing Up Chrisley, and Chrisley Confessions.

The last one was a podcast where Todd and Julie talked about their lives, answered their fans’ questions, and other similar things.


Besides Julie Chrisley’s reality TV career, she also loves to cook. Even though she didn’t work as a cook previously, she has been feeding a family of five for a very long time.

This piqued her interest in cooking, and she had some endeavors around it that fans loved.

Her most famous cooking work is What’s Cooking With Julie Chrisley, a 10-episode web series.

Julie shares her favorite recipes in the show and showcases her cooking skills.

In an episode of her podcast, she also mentioned that she tried to start a cooking blog many years ago, in 2015.

The blog’s name was “The Chrisley Kitchen,” but she almost never publishes there anymore because she was discouraged after it didn’t do well when she first started the blog.

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The Verdict

Julie Chrisley is mostly famous for her reality TV appearance in Chrisley Knows Best and its spinoffs.

Her family life with Todd Chrisley and her children also increased her fame because of her luxurious lifestyle.

The couple had their rough patches along the way, like Todd Chrisley’s bankruptcy in 2008 and Julie’s breast cancer in 2012.

However, despite all the problems, they continued to do what they were doing and managed to gather their fame.

The latest news about them was their prison sentence, which raised many questions since they were charged with tax evasion and bank fraud.



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