Who is Kyle Chrisley Mother? What Is She Doing Now?

Chrisley family is a famous family, mostly thanks to their own reality show Chrisley Knows Best. The family has five children, and the parents are Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Two of the children, Lindsie and Kyle Chrisley, are actually from Todd’s previous marriage and not from Julie.

She didn’t appear in their reality show at all, but she was still under the spotlight a few times as someone who was once married to a famous star, Todd.

The mother of Kyle Chrisley, Teresa Terry, was Todd’s first wife, and they had two children together during their marriage.

However, the couple divorced after some time and went their separate ways.

As one of the most controversial members of the family, Kyle Chrisley has often spoken about his mother.

Let’s see who Kyle Chrisley’s mother is, her personal life, and what she is currently doing.

Who is Kyle Chrisley Mother

Who is Teresa Terry?

Marital StatusMarried (her current husband’s name is unknown)
Where She Currently LivesOklahoma

Teresa Terry is the ex-wife of the real estate mogul and reality TV star Todd Chrisley.

The couple was married for seven years altogether, and they had two children during their marriage.

Chrisley Knows Best, the reality show of the Chrisley family, started many years after Teresa’s divorce from Todd, and that’s why she never was on the show herself.

The couple divorced in 1996, and Teresa remarried again after getting divorced from Todd.

Teresa doesn’t have any profession, and she is a housewife, but she is popular for her marriage with Todd as his ex-wife.

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Teresa Terry Personal Life

Teresa Terry Personal Life

Teresa Terry was born in South Carolina in 1971. Her parents are unknown to the public, and she lived a simple life until she met Todd.

Teresa met with Todd when she was 17 and when Todd was 19, and they were in high school.

They dated for a while, and Teresa got pregnant with Lindsie, and they got married right after.

She didn’t have her own profession or career, as Todd was a real estate mogul and had quite a lot of income at the time.

She was a stay-at-home mom. The couple got divorced after seven years of marriage and parted ways.

They got joint custody of the children after their divorce, and Teresa remarried soon after, just like Todd did.

She had two more kids in her new marriage with his new spouse, whom we don’t know anything about.

Teresa Terry Net Worth

There isn’t much information about Teresa Terry’s current net worth as of 2023, and there are different numbers that we can see.

However, some reports suggest that she has about $1 million in her net worth. Most of this money came from her divorce settlement with Todd Chrisley.

Since she doesn’t have a career or a profession like Todd, she doesn’t have any stable income, so her net worth is not available to the public. All the numbers are speculations and suggestions.

What is Teressa Terry Doing Now?

Teresa Terry is currently living in Oklahoma with her new partner and living off the grid without any spotlight.

We know that she has two kids from her new husband and is living with her family.

The couple first moved to Atlanta after getting married, but now they settled in Oklahoma and lived there.

None of the information about her newborn children and partner is available to the public, and she doesn’t give out the information.

Since she is also living off the grid, there is no other information available about what she’s doing. 

Teresa and Todd’s Relationship

Teresa and Todd's Relationship

Teresa Terry and Todd Chrisley were high school lovers, and the couple dated for a short time before they married.

Teresa was only 17 when they met, and she had to go through a premature pregnancy at the age of just 19.

Teresa got pregnant when the couple was just dating, and they decided to get married when they got the news of the pregnancy.

Teresa said in an interview that the marriage probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the pregnancy.

Even though the couple got married very young, the first years of their marriage were fun, according to Teresa.

However, Todd became a controlling guy, and things went to divorce as Teresa started a domestic violence case against Todd in 1994. The marriage ended two years after this case.

The reason behind their divorce

Todd Chrisley was a power freak for the most part of his life, and this also affected his marriage with Teresa, going as far as to hurt Teresa physically.

As Teresa mentioned in several interviews, Todd grew more controlling of Teresa over the course of their marriage.

According to Teresa, he would scream at her for no reason; she had to dress a certain way when she was with him, and many other abusive behaviors.

Teresa also was a victim of physical abuse by Todd and not just mental abuse. This physical violence went as far as Teresa filing for a domestic violence case against Todd in 1994.

With her life turning into a physical abuse nightmare, Teresa wanted to get a divorce and left the house she shared with his husband by taking her children. They then proceeded to divorce in 1996.

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The Verdict

Kyle Chrisley’s mother, Teresa Terry, is the first wife of the real estate mogul and reality star Todd Chrisley.

Teresa had Lindise first and Kyle as a second child during their marriage with Todd Chrisley, which lasted seven years.

Teresa is a stay-at-home mom who is now married to another partner and has two more children.

She lives in Oklahoma and stays off the media, contrary to Todd Chrisley, her ex-husband.

She is reported to have a net worth of $1 million, but this number is not confirmed and is not a certain number.

The couple stayed married for seven years, and Teresa has her fame mostly through her ex-husband.

They got divorced because of physical abuse by Todd, and both got remarried to other people shortly after the divorce.




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