Whitepages Vs Yellow Pages

Whitepages Vs Yellow Pages

Even though a lot of tools have come into play for looking up businesses and individuals, there is a reason why Whitepages and Yellow Pages are still relevant. Between Whitepages Vs. Yellow pages, which one is better, though?

In this guide, find out the comparison between the two in terms of many key points.

Whitepages Overview

Whitpages Overview

Whitepages are nothing but a directory of people living in a particular area. You can find information, such as ZIP codes, street addresses, etc., of all the people who have opted for Whitepages arranged in alphabetical order.

There are plenty of ways to find information on someone’s location, such as using a public records organization or searching on the jurisdiction’s website.

Whitepages is simply a platform that aggregates information from all of these public data. Because of this, there might be inaccuracies in reports sometimes.

Yellow Pages Overview

Yellow Pages Overview

Yellow Pages are listings of organizations and businesses that are grouped by category and arranged alphabetically.

For example, all doctors will be categorized under the doctors heading. For large categories, you can also find them divided into subgroups.

Yellow pages are ideally used for business advertising, where the business must pay for the listing in the book.

For a more attention-grabbing ad, a business can pay more money.

If you go through a city’s telephone directory, you will find these yellow pages right at the end and will be able to find a business’s address, phone number, names, etc.

Whitepages Vs. Yellow Pages: Comparison


Whitepages Features:

  • People Search
  • Phone Search
  • Address Search
  • Background Checks
  • Email Search

Yellow Pages Features:

Both platforms have different features and serve different purposes. Hence, which one you like best depends on what information you want to find.

Ease Of Use

ease of use whitepages


Users can access white pages on both the web and the app. Both web and app versions of Whitepages are rather basic.

The Whitepages app is simply a customized version of the online one that allows a user to examine their recent contact information.

Whitepages has targeted this specifically for those who want to learn about who is calling them immediately and for those who want to connect with others.

Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages also has both web and app version that allows you to access information on businesses near you. Yellow Pages has almost ten categories using which you can narrow down your search.

The Yellow Pages app for both iOs and Android allow a person to search, bookmark, and find pros on local businesses.

Winner: Since Yellow Pages has a bookmark and other essential options, it is our pick in terms of ease of use between the two.

Price & Plans

Whitepages Price & Plans:

5-day trial$1
Premium contact info$4.99 a month
Premium business esstentials$22.99 a month
Premium business all access $199.99 a month
Background report$9.99 per once

Yellow Pages Price & Plans:

Listing ads$5 a month
Text ads$10 a month
Display ads $35 a month
Specialty ads$20 a month

Both Whitepages and Yellow Pages are very different platforms. While one is for searching for information on people other is meant for finding information on business. As such, in terms of price, both the platforms are good enough.

Sign Up Process

Sign up


The signup process on white pages is quite straightforward. For this, you simply need to go to the company’s website and click on the signup option in the top right corner.

After this, you simply need to select a plan, pay for it and fill in some details such as your name, last name, etc., and your account will be created.

Yellow Pages

To sign up on Yellow Pages, you simply have to go to their website and click on the signup option in the top right corner.Once you click it, you will be asked to enter your basic details to create an account, or you ca

n choose to sign up with Google or Facebook instead.

Since Yellow Pages allows you to create an account for free, we liked it better in terms of sign-up.

Winner: Yellow Pages

Opt-Out Process



To opt-out of Whitepages, you simply need to go to their website and look for your name by entering your full name and city. Now locate and open your record and copy the URL.

Now to opt-out, simply go to Whitepages opt-out website, and paste the URL you copied. Now look for your listing and click on remove me. Your listing will be removed once you verify your identity.

Yellow Pages:

The opt-out option on Yellow Pages directs you to the opt-out option from Intelius. So removing yourself from Intelius will also remove you from Yellow Pages.

And to remove yourself from Intelius, you need to fill out the Intelius opt-out form and verify your email address.

We like Whitepages better in terms of opting out because of its easy process.

Winner: Whitepages

User Interface

whitepages User Interface


The user interface of Whitepages is quite straightforward. Once you insert a phone number in the search bar, it takes only a few minutes for Whitepages to show results.

You can then see the area code and type of number. In some cases, you can also access a detailed report.

However, to find more information, such as criminal reports, you will need to pay for a subscription.

Yellow Pages:

The user interface of Yellow Pages is extremely easy to understand and fast. You simply need to enter what kind of business you want to find, and Yellow Pages will show the relevant results to you.

Since Yellow Pages is simpler and easier to use, we like it better.

Winner: Yellowpages

Reports & Accuracy

reports & accuracy


Since Whitepages aggregate information from publicly available information, its accuracy is questionable. Sometimes the information that you may find might be completely accurate, and sometimes, it might not.

Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages do not accumulate and present information from publicly available data.

Instead, businesses themselves list their information on the yellow pages to get more customers. Hence the reports it generates are mostly accurate and updated.

Since Yellow Pages offer more accurate information, it is clearly the winner.

Winner: Yellow Pages

Customer Support

whitepages vs yellowpages customer support


Whitepages does not have a lot of positive reviews for its customer support. In fact, on Site Jabber, 301 people gave Whitepages a rating of 1.23 stars only.

Yellow Pages: 

You can get in touch with the customer service of Yellow Pages by calling them at 1-866-794-0889 or by visiting their online advertising section.

Yellow Pages has somewhat mixed customer reviews on various sites, and a lot can be improved upon.

Winner: Yellow Pages

WhitePages Vs. Yellow Pages: Winner?

Both WhitePages Vs. Yellow Pages are two different platforms offering very different kinds of services with a few differences.

While Whitepages comes in handy for people in general to find information on people, Yellow Pages comes in handy for businesses to advertise themselves and also for people to find the contact and other details of businesses in their area.

We also compared Intelius & TruthFinder, Spokeo & Instant Checkmate and were impressed with the results.


What is the difference between Whitepages & Yellow Pages?

The key difference between Whitepages & Yellow Pages is that Yellow Pages is a collection of business listings that includes information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, etc. In comparison, Whitepages is like internet directory services that allow background checks, fraudulent screening, and user identification.

Is it free to list in Yellow Pages?

Listing in Yellow Pages can be free of cost or not. You can learn about the same by applying on their website.

How many contact numbers does White Pages contain?

White Pages has an extensive collection of data and provides data for more than 275 million individually.

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