What Is A Pocket Staff?

Whether you are looking to wow the audience, entertain your family and friends, or are looking for a tool that can help you protect yourself against unseen dangers.

A Pocket Staff can help you in more ways than you can imagine. And in this article, we will look closely at what Pocket Staff is and how it even works.


What Is Pocket Staff?

A Pocket Staff is a compact device that is made of steel and can be extended from a size of 5 cm to a size of 120 cm (example) within a matter of seconds.

It usually comes in a steel body, and its compact size lets you carry it around in your purse or pocket, no matter where you go.

There are so many benefits of having this tool with you. Let’s have a look at them below.

How To Use a Pocket Staff?

As mentioned above, Pocket Staff is a compact device, and to use it, you just simply need to press the button at the bottom of it and see it turning it into a long staff within the blink of an eye.

The Staff opens up very strongly with such rapidity that it can hurt you or people around you if you are not careful enough.

To make sure you don’t hurt anyone, always keep it away from your face and also press the unlock button when people are at a distance from you.

Uses Of Pocket Staff

You can use a Pocket Staff for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Martial Arts – Yes, you heard it right! Many people use Pocket Staff to practice martial arts. Its compact size helps them in carrying it easily wherever they like, and the good quality ones help them in acing their Martial Arts skills.
  2. Self Defense – One of the best uses of Pocket Staff is using it for self-defense. If you have ever been eve-teased or harassed, you might feel a constant fear whenever you go out. As such, a tool like this can really help you to keep yourself safe.
  3. Entertainment – If you are a comedian, magician, or even a performer, you can use Pocket Staff to pull out stunts and do magic tricks. You will be surprised to see how this little device gets people excited and leave them in wonder more often than not.
  4. Gymnastics and Exercise – Another great way to use this tool is by using it for exercising, stretching, or even using as a tool for your gymnastics practice.


Pocket Staff is an amazing tool that is so compact yet so powerful.

You can use it for various purposes, and if you get your hands on a good quality PS, then you will not regret it.


How much does a Pocket Staff costs?

It can cost you anywhere between $5-$35 or even more depending on the quality.

How to close a Pocket staff?

To close it, just twist the Staff and press it down; once it gets to its compact size, lock it with the pin.

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