What Does Consider Mean on a Background Check?

Conducting a background check is an essential step in the hiring process. Employers use background check services to verify a potential employee’s identity and learn more about their work history, qualifications, and criminal record.

However, you may have noticed that some background check reports have “consider” written next to certain items. So, what does “consider” mean on a background check?

In this article, we’ll explain what “consider” means in a background check and how it can impact an employee’s employment prospects.


What Does Consider Mean on a Background Check?

When an employer sees “consider” on a background check, it means that they should consider the information when making their decision about hiring the applicant.

The “consider” designation does not mean that the applicant is automatically disqualified from the position.

However, the employer will likely give more weight to negative information that is marked “consider” than to information that is not marked.

For example, if an applicant has a criminal record, the employer may be more likely to disqualify them if the criminal record is marked “consider” than if it is not.

Sometimes, an employer may also contact the references listed on a “consider” background check to get more information about the applicant.

Overall, the “consider” designation means that an employer should consider the information when deciding to hire an applicant.

However, it is the employer’s decision on how much weight to give the information and whether or not to contact references.


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What Information Is Usually Marked “Consider”?

There are a few types of information that are typically marked “consider” on a background check:

Criminal Records:

A criminal record is often the most critical information on a background check. A background check may mark a criminal record as “consider” if the offense is relevant to the job (for example, if the candidate is applying for a job that involves working with cars, a background check may mark an offense involving grand theft auto as “consider”).

Financial Records:

Financial records may be marked “consider” if they show financial instability or bankruptcy history. This includes credit scores, bankruptcies, liens, and foreclosures.

Work History:

If a candidate has gaps or inconsistencies in their work history, this may be marked “consider.”


A background check sometimes lists references as “consider.” This usually happens when the applicant has listed a personal reference (such as a family member) instead of a professional reference.

In short, any information that may give an employer pause about hiring an applicant may be marked “consider” on a background check.

What Does “Consider” Mean In Employment Background Checks?

The whole point of an employment background check is to make sure the company the employer will be hiring for his/her company is right and does not have any suspicious background.

Certain things on a background check can make a candidate ineligible for the position. For example, a candidate who does not have a good credit score may be disqualified for a job role in the financial sector and so on.

An employment background check reveals the following essential information:

  • Credit history.
  • Work history.
  • Criminal history.
  • Employment history, etc.

So now the question is, what does consider mean on an employment background check?

If a candidate’s background check report comes with a “consider” mark in any of the components that is a standard criteria for the company, then the employer must review the information marked as “Consider” before hiring the person.

This is the reason why “Consider” is not good for the candidate, and the employer may rescind the candidate’s employment letter.

What Happens When the Employer Rescinds My Job Letter?

As mentioned above, the hiring manager can rescind your job letter if they find a “consider” on your background check that is against their hiring policies.

However, the employer cannot revoke your employment letter without proper notice, and they must follow a strict process if they want to rescind your job letter.

This is what the process looks like:

Pre-Adverse Action

Once an employer decides not to hire a candidate because of the “Consider” mark on their background check, they must first inform the candidate about the reason for rejection by giving them a Pre-adverse action letter.

The candidate must be then handed a copy of their background check and a copy of FCRA rules and regulations concerning their rights, along with the pre-adverse action letter.

This will allow the candidate to find out why they have been rejected for the position.

Then comes the waiting period

FCRA requires the employer to wait for a week or more after handing out the pre-adverse letter. This time period gives the candidate enough time to defend themselves or to plead for inaccurate information. If the candidate is right, then they might be able to convince the candidate to hire them.

Adverse action

If the employer is still dissatisfied with the candidate’s response, then they can send them an Adverse action letter. The FCRA law allows the employer to withdraw their job letter because of the background check result. This withdrawal is done using an adverse action letter containing:

  • A summary containing the applicant’s FCRA rights.
  • Notice of adverse action.
  • Contact details of the CRA or Consumer Reporting Agency that gave the report.
  • A notice saying that only the employer is responsible for the decision and not the CRA.

How Does “Consider” Affect The Chances Of Getting Hired?

The “consider” designation on a BG check does not necessarily mean that an applicant will not be hired.

It simply means that the employer will need to consider that information when making a decision. 

Sometimes, employers may hire an applicant despite a “consider” designation on their check.

In other cases, the “consider” designation may be a deal-breaker. It depends on the offense’s severity and the job’s nature.

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How Consider On a Background Check Help Employers?

As an employer, you must pay attention to a candidate’s background check and look for “Consider” status. This will ensure that you avoid hiring or considering the applicant carefully before letting them on your premises.

Along with this, the employer must also comply with the applicable rules and regulations to avoid bearing any liabilities in the future.

By taking these small actions and by being more careful when checking an applicant’s background check report, you can save yourself from a lot of potential problems.

Meaning of Different Background Check Status

Term on Background CheckMeaning
ClearMeans the information in the background check is complete and does not include anything that may cause problems.
DecisionalMeans information is complete, but certain things may need reviewing.
DispositionDisposition refers to the final status or final resolution of an arrest or a crime, etc.
CompletedThis means the background check is done & does not contain any questionable or concerning information.
EligibleMeans that the background check is clear, and the candidate can be assumed eligible for the position.
SuppressedMeans that certain has been kept suppressed or restricted.
JudgedShows the decision of court on a specific record.
AdjudicationIn this the hiring manager evaluate’s the background of the candidate based on the company’s policies.
UnperformableThis means that the CRA couldn’t perform the check because of inaccurate or lack of information.
UndefinedA background check shows this when the background status comes marked as ‘undetermined’ or ‘not eligible.’
DisabledRefers to a candidate with mental or phyiscal impairment.
UnspecifiedRefers to insufficient information provided by the candidate due to which information cannot be found.
Pass Means the candidate meets all the requirement.
DiscrepancyMeans information found on background check and information given by the candidate does not match.
Nolle Nolle means a charge against a person was dropped by the court.
DismissedMeans the case never happened or was erased.
CanceledThis means that the employer has withdrawn the request to run a background check.
ReviewThis means that the hiring manager is looking into the decision to hire the candidate or not.
FTIRefers to Federal Tax Information.
NCRDRefers to National Criminal Records Database.


Now that you know what “consider” means in a background check, you can start to understand how it may impact your employment prospects. 

Remember, the “consider” designation does not mean you, as an employer, should immediately disqualify an applicant.

However, it does mean that you should give the information more weight than information that is not marked “consider.” 


What does it mean by clear and concider on a background check report?

Clear a background check report means that the report is clear and does not contain any negative information about the candidate.

Consider, on the other hand, means, that the report has some adverse information about the person that can be considered.

Will a company notify you if you fail a background check?

The Fair Credit Reporting agency requires the person conducting the background check to report the reason as to why a person has failed their background check.

Should I be concerned about background checks?

You should never underestimate background checks. They can reveal a lot of information about you, including your credit score, criminal activity, education, employment history, and much more.

What does consider mean on a background check report for DoorDash?

This means that the background check has been processed by the background check company but needs a review from DoorDash.

What does consider mean on a background check report for Sterling?

Considering Sterling’s background check implies that the candidate did not meet some qualifications pertaining to their driving record, and the company will have to review the application closely.

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