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If you own a business or a company, you might be looking for potential candidates to join your team.

But we understand how taxing it can be for you to find suitable candidates as there are so many aspects to be considered.

You might want to know what their previous employment history was like, or even how their credit score is if in case you are hiring someone to handle your finance.

One wrong decision can screw up your business but here comes the role of employee-screening platforms, and in this article, we will give you an overview of one such platform called Trusted Employees. So let’s get started.


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What Is Trusted Employees?

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What Is Trusted Employees?

Trusted Employees is a pre-employment screening platform that has been working since 1994.

Using it, you can get a clear idea about the background of your potential candidate, whether it’s criminal records or educational qualification or credit score, etc.

You can get your hands on every relevant detail pertaining to your candidate, which can help you make a prudent hiring decision with ease and confidence.

Now that we know what Trusted Employees do let’s look at various other factors related to it.


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Should You Choose Trusted Employees?

Should You Choose Trusted Employees?
Should You Choose Trusted Employees?

Trusted Employees is well known for its services. They follow the FCRA compliance, ensuring that all your background checks are carried under a legal limit.

And not only this, you can access reports on any device at any time.

Also, you can very easily hook your system to their API, which means you can customize functions and features according to your current system or software without changing a thing.

So far, so good! Now let’s have a look at the Trusted Employees’ various features, pricing, etc.

What Can You Find On Trusted Employees?

Trusted Employees offer a plethora of unique services and options. Here’s what you can find on Trusted Employees:

Vendor/Contingent Workforce Screening

Screening and onboarding Vendors or Contingent Workforce might be a difficult task, but Trusted Employees’ fully-automated and sophisticated solutions help you to economically and efficiently manage everything.

International Screening

Global Screening may be a challenging and complicated process. But they offer robust localized services working in more than two hundred reliable, accurate, and fast countries.

Fingerprinting & Remote Services

Trusted Employees offer fingerprinting services for your vendors, contractors, and hires nationwide.

They have a network of 1,350 Fieldprint Stations located in all 50 states Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and more.

Occupational Health Screening

Trusted Employees offer Occupational Health Screening services with access to resources for automated data reporting, drug and alcohol screening, immunizations, physicals, complete program support including medical reviews, e-COCs, and much more. 

Onboarding Services

It offers onboarding services with one goal in mind, which is to seamlessly and efficiently recruit and onboard talented candidates while making sure the compliance standards are met.

Student Screening

If you have a school, then you can use the Trusted Employees student screening service.

They run background checks and give you all the essential information you may need about a student.

Features Of Trusted Employees

Here are some excellent features of Trusted Employees:

Analytics & Reporting Insights

Analytics & Reporting Insights

It gives you reports and analyzes them to provide deeper insights.

You can use their scoring models based on your company’s needs to get a better breakdown of the report generated.

FCRA Compliant Background Check

FCRA Compliant

Trusted Employees follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) very seriously to ensure that all the reports that you may obtain from them remain within a legal limit.

Background Check Integrations

Background Check Integrations

Using this feature, you can effectively integrate their background check screening solutions into your systems of choice.

This means whether you are rolling out a new applicant tracking system or switching background check screening providers, Trusted Employees can help you in that without wasting much time and energy.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

As a hiring manager, you need good and reliable information to hire the right candidate and make the right decision. Trusted Employees offers you access to risk assessment reporting that helps simplify the hiring process.

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Reports Offered By Trusted Employees

Now let’s have a look at the various reports offered by it:

Credit Background Check

Credit Background Check
  • Omission & Falsification
  • Pending or Post Litigation
  • Past Behavior in Obtaining & Utilizing Credit
  • Bankruptcy & Collections

Education Verification

  • Graduation Date
  • Institution Name
  • Screening New Hires
  • Highest Degree Obtained
  • Areas of Study

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Criminal Records History

  • Multi-State Criminal Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • OFAC / Global Terrorist Search
  • County Criminal Search
  • State Federal Court Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search

Identity & Address

Identity & Address
  • 10-15 Year Address History
  • Known Aliases
  • Social Security Verification

Specialty Screening

  • Credential & Licensing
  • Drug Screening
  • Driving & Motor Vehicle
  • Form I-9 / E-Verify

Reference Verification

employee verification trusted employees
  • Falsified References
  • Cross Check an Applicant’s Reputation
  • Insights into Character
  • Good or Bad Reference


Pros And Cons Of Trusted Employees

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Quick turn around time
  • Accessible on multiple devices

    Industries Trusted Employees Caters To

    Industries Trusted Employees Caters To
    Industries Trusted Employees Caters To
    • Education
    • Franchises
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Small Business
    • Non-Profit & Volunteer
    • Staffing
    • Transportation
    • Technology

    Plans And Pricing

    It offers three basic plans along with one-off reports. Have a look at it below:

    PlanPriceBest For
    Basic$29.95 Per 1 screeningIdeal for evaluating basic criminal background and identity.
    Advanced$49.95 Per 1 screeningBest value, in-depth criminal & identity check.
    Comprehensive$69.95 Per 1 screeningMore inclusive criminal and identity check.

    Apart from these, you can also get additional checks done for different prices.

    Add onPrice
    Credit report$12
    Employment Verification$14.95
    Education Verification$14.95
    Driving Records$19.95
    Health Care Sanctions$9
    Financial Sanctions$9

    If you are someone who wants a do more than 50 screenings a year, then you can get in touch with them on this number- (888) 808-8350 for a custom package.

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    How To Run a Background Check On Yourself Using Trusted Employees?

    Trusted Employees allows you to perform an identity check on yourself in just 4 simple steps. Here’s how you can create your own background check report using Trusted Employees:

    • Go to the Trusted Employees website.
    • Now click on the “view packages” option at the top of the screen.
    • Now scroll down and click on “For individuals.”
    • A new page will open and you will be able to see the price of each report.
    • Now click on “Next step” and now fill in your information.
    • Now click on “next” and fill in your payment information after selecting the package of your choice.
    • And that’s it. Now you will be able to perform a search and obtain your report.

    How to Unsubscribe or Cancel Trusted Employees?

    If you wish to unsubscribe or cancel Trusted Employees, then you can do so simply by getting in touch with their customer service.

    For this, you can either call them at 888-389-4023 or 952-545-3953, or you can also send them a fax at 888-389-4024 or 952-545-3973.

    Once you get in touch with them, you can explain to them why you want to unsubscribe from their service and what are the next steps of the process.

    USW Trusted Employees Ratings

    Customer Service3.5/5
    Ease of use4.2/5
    Features & Services4.2/5

    Customer Care

    T.E. focus on answering and solving any queries you may have.

    For this, you can get in touch with them by going to this page and filling out the form; their team will contact you.

    Or you can call them on the below-mentioned numbers:

    888-389-4023 or 952-545-3953

    888-389-4024 or 952-545-3973


    Is Trusted Employees Safe?

    We understand that you, the employer, and also the candidate want to ensure your safety. So do not worry as it is safe to use.

    They follow the FCRA compliance very seriously, ensuring that everything you do is within legal limits.

    Also, note that you cannot access your candidate’s report without their approval.

    Even the candidate shouldn’t worry about their safety as your information will be shared with your employer only if you approve it.

    Does Trusted Employees Notify the Person?

    Trusted Employees is a pre-employment background screening platform and not a people search site.

    As per the FCRA laws, you cannot perform an employment background check on a candidate without their consent.

    Hence, the question of the person getting notified does not arise here.

    Is Trusted Employees Anonymous?

    You can only run background checks on people anonymously when you are using people check sites such as TruthFinder, Spokeo, etc.

    Trusted Employee is not a people search site, so it cannot be anonymous. Before running a background check on a candidate, you must get their prior permission, or you could get in trouble.

    Is Trusted Employees Trustworthy & Reliable?

    Trusted Employees restrict who can access your background check reports. Only their employees who need to know the information in order to provide information to you, the candidate, will have access to your background check.

    All their screening solutions meet the FCRA compliance along with the applicable state and federal laws. Additionally, Trusted Employees is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and features plenty of positive customer reviews online.

    As per these facts, we can say that Trusted Employee is a trustworthy and reliable platform.


    Trusted Employees comparison

    Trusted Employees Vs. Truescreen

    Truescreen is one of our top-rated US-based employee screening services.

    Using it, you can get access to Professional Designation reports, Social security number, Statewide criminal record, Motor vehicle record, and more. Similarly, Trusted Employees offer fingerprinting, remote services, etc.

    Also, Truescreen’s reports are usually 99 percent accurate and are certified by HR Open Standards, AICPA SOC. Whereas, Trusted Employees take FCRA compliance very seriously.

    For a detailed review, you can check our article by clicking on the link below.

    Read Truescreen Review

    Accurate Vs. Trusted Employees

    Accurate is another attractive alternative to Trusted Employees.

    They are also an employee screening platform where you can find information like criminal background, driving history, social media profiles, etc. similar to Trusted Employees.

    They also offer customized reports based on your needs and are affordable. The only thing is that their reports are not very detailed.

    Overall, a great alternative to Trusted Employees. If you want to learn about Accurate in detail, you can check out our article below.

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    How We Review Background Check Companies?

    We have a look at a couple of factors to review background check companies. These are;

    • Pricing and plans
    • Ease of use
    • Customer reviews
    • Types of checks available
    • Features and services
    • Accuracy of information
    • Information provided

    Trusted Employees Alternatives

    Here are a few alternatives of Trusted Employees:

    A Good Employee

    A Good Employee is one of our top-rated employee background check sites.

    Using this platform, you can run State and County criminal searches, nationwide criminal searches, do reference and employment verification, and more.

    The platform is easy-to-use, FCRA compliant, and offers accurate reports as well.

    And most importantly, here is what the pricing of A Good Employee looks like:

    • Basic: $29.95
    • Plus: $49.95
    • Value: $79.95
    • Premium: $199.9


    ADP is another popular background screening platform that you can rely upon no matter what size of business you have. Some noteworthy features of ADP include global screening and a modern interface.

    The plans at ADP start at $99 a month, and for more features, you can get a custom plan made. And the best part is that ADP offers a free demo, so before subscribing to them, you can first use it for free and be sure.

    Final Verdict

    This was our take on Trusted Employees, which is a great platform for your pre-employment solutions, and you can choose their services without a doubt.

    In this article, we gave you a detailed overview, including the prices, features, reports offered, etc. We hope you found it useful.


    Do I need to get written permission from my applicant before I run a background check on them?

    Yes, you are required to get your candidates written permission as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

    How long can I expect the turn-around time of my report to be?

    You will be able to access a simple report in only 60 seconds. And for a more detailed report, you can expect the turn-around time to be 1-3 days.

    Does Trusted Employees offer custome package?

    Yes, they offer custom package.

    Is Trusted Employees legit?

    Yes, Trusted Employees is legit and is also FCRA compliant.

    Does Trusted Employees cost money?

    Yes, Trusted employees cost money and its basic plan starts at $29.95 Per 1 screening.

    Does Trusted Employees have a Free Trial?

    No, Trusted Employees does not offer a free trial.

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