Teresa Terry Net Worth 2023

If you follow reality shows and celebrities in the United States, chances are you have probably heard of the Chrisley family and the famous Todd Chrisley.

Ever since their reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, aired on TV about a decade ago, they attracted quite a lot of attention from the media, and they now have a big fanbase.

As part of Todd’s past, Todd’s ex-wife Teresa Terry also found a spotlight in her life without ever appearing in the show.

Many fans have wondered about Todd’s previous relationship and what she is doing. Teresa Terry is not as famous as other members of the Chrisley family.

She never appeared in their show, but the fame she gathered increased her net worth and changed her life to a certain extent.

Let’s take a look at Teresa Terry’s net worth, profession, and other details of her life.

Teresa Terry Net Worth


Many people have wondered what Teresa Terry is doing in her professional life and what’s her income as she is mostly known as the ex-wife of Todd Chrisley.

Even though Todd is a famous personality that you can frequently see on TV in different productions, Teresa Terry is keeping a low-key life.

Little to nothing is known about her career and her professional endeavors.

Many reports online suggest that she is a stay-at-home mom and doesn’t pursue any career, but that is not certain as she never made any specific comments.

Contrary to most Chrisleys, she also doesn’t have any businesses that she owns, at least as far as the public is aware.

Net Worth

Teresa Terry is not a famous person that discloses most of her personal and financial information to the public, contrary to most other Chrisleys. That’s why there are different numbers online in different reports.


Close to $100K. There aren’t enough reports to conclude a net result about her net worth.

However, we expect her net worth back in 2015 to be close to today. Because most of her net worth comes from her divorce settlement with Todd.


$150K. She has two new kids in her life from her new marriage, but her kid’s birth dates are unknown.


$120K to $150K. We don’t know much about her current life and the effects on her net worth, but as of the last reports, her net worth didn’t change much.

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Most Famous Work

Teresa Terry most famous work

Teresa Terry is not as famous as her ex-husband or her children from her marriage with Todd.

She never appeared in the family’s famous reality show Chrisley Knows Best and was never under the spotlight due to any famous work. However, her fame comes from her marriage to Todd.

Being married to a real estate mogul and a reality TV star back in the 1990s for about seven years brought her the fame she has now.

Apart from this, Teresa Terry is not known for anything else in particular. She keeps a very secret life, and we don’t know much about what she is doing.

Things That Add To Her Net Worth

As far as the public knows, Teresa Terry is not working or doesn’t have any professional career she is pursuing.

Unlike her ex-husband, she never appeared on any TV shows or did anything else that might have brought her income. That’s why there isn’t much that contributes to her net worth.

However, the only thing that we know contributed to her net worth in the past was her divorce settlement with Todd Chrisley.

The exact number she received is not available to the public, but most reports suggest that she must have received a big chunk as part of the settlement.

Apart from this settlement, there is nothing else that we know that contributes to her net worth.

Personal Life

Personal  life of Teresa Terry

Teresa Terry has had a turbulent personal life since her relationship with Todd started in high school. The couple met when Teresa was 17 and Todd was 19.

Teresa had to go through an early pregnancy in her life when she got pregnant with her first kid when she was 19.

When the couple learned about the pregnancy, they decided to marry each other.

Teresa mentioned in some interviews that the marriage probably wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the pregnancy.

They stayed married for seven years and got divorced in 1996 because of domestic violence from Todd.

As per Teresa Terry, Todd was physically and mentally violent to Teresa in the last years of their marriage, which made her decide to file for divorce.

They got shared custody of the two children they had during their marriage.

After their divorce, Teresa Terry soon remarried and had two more kids from her marriage. As far as we know, she is living happily with her new partner in Oklahoma.

She never revealed anything about her new husband and her kids, and she is now living a very secret life.

The Verdict

Teresa Terry is the ex-wife of the popular reality star Todd Chrisley. She is not as publicly open as her ex-husband, so there isn’t much information about her past and what she is doing now.

However, some reports tell us that now she has a net worth of about $120K to $150K and living in Oklahoma with her new husband.

She had two kids during her marriage with Todd, which lasted for seven years, and she also had two more with her new partner.

Even though she was physically and mentally abused by Todd during their marriage, she managed to remarry again soon after their divorce.

It is estimated that she got some money from her divorce settlement with Todd and also got shared custody of their children.




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