Taco Bell hours In 2022

Taco Bell is an American chain of drive-thru fast food starting in Irvine, California, in 1962, Glen Bell.

Before Taco Bell, he initially worked at a burger stand called Bell’s Hamburgers in California in 1948. It is an auxiliary of Yum! Brands.

Taco bell hours serves an assortment of Mexican-propelled food varieties: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, oddity, and specialty things, alongside an assortment of “significant worth menu” things.

Starting in 2018, it serves the north of two billion clients every year, at 7,072 branches, over 93% of which are claimed and worked by autonomous franchisees and licensees.

PepsiCo bought Taco Bell in 1978 and later veered off its eateries division, formally known as Tricon Global Restaurants, which later on changed its name to Yum!


What Is Taco Bell?

It is an American-based fast-food chain. Its largest retail brand of Taco Bell inc. There are around 5000+ restaurants of Taco Bell around America.

Its mission statement goes like this, “We invest wholeheartedly in making the best Mexican-style fast food, providing fast, friendly, & accurate service.”

We offer the best for our colleagues’ valuable open doors for development, progression, and also remunerating vocations in a fun, safe workplace.

It must mark its changing items and product lineup to make it one of the most available and extraordinary fast-food chains.

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Taco Bell hours

So its hours are fixed for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. That typically remains the same throughout the year.

MondayOpen 24/7
TuesdayOpen 24/7
WednesdayOpen 24/7
ThursdayOpen 24/7
FridayOpen 24/7
Saturday7 Am-8 Pm
Sunday7 Am-8 Pm

The Taco Bell hours on holiday:

It remains closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve, So, if you’re planning to visit it on these days, please call and confirm first.

The restaurants may be closed, but they still deliver food via online services.  

A day closed:

The Taco Bell remains close on Christmas Day. Otherwise, workers work in limited hours on other holidays, but the restaurants are closed on Christmas. Even it is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

What Is Taco Bell Hours today?

Yes, Taco Bell is open today as it works all out the week and provides 24-hour services, it only remains close on Christmas Day, or the restaurant timings may vary. Still, the online food ordering app and delivery work regularly.

Deals and Offers:

Taco Bell provides different deals and also offers sometimes and free and fast delivery on specific orders.

On some food items, you’ll get a discount like 20% off, or any free item with that.

It usually introduces deals, discounts, and also offers on special occasions, like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Taco Bell is always so affordable and provides the best quality.

Store Locator:

There is a feature on its app that helps locate the nearby restaurant. It also informs us about the opening and closing hours.

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Some alternates are as follows, 

  • Chipotle: Chipotle Mexican Grill, referred to as Chipotle, is an American fast-food chain in the United States. Chipotle is famous for its tacos and burritos. 
  • Graze: Graze is a snack company, working under Unilever. It supplies healthy snack boxes.
  • Wendy’s: Wendy’s is an American fast-food chain founded in 1969. Wendy’s is well known for its breakfast combos.

So just like the alternatives mentioned above, we have other alternatives as well like Freshly, Del Taco, Luby’s, and Taco Jhon’s.

Customer Services

It is very friendly and also customer friendly. They provide a comprehensive set of customer services. You can interact with them by following ways,

Toll-free numbers

Customers can use these contact details to reach out directly to their customer services team by calling at following numbers,

1 (800) 822-6235


It provides 24/7 Customer service so that you can contact them at any hour regarding your queries and complaints.

Email contacts:

So if you are interested in contacting the team regarding the services or have something to suggest, you can directly email them.

at [email protected]You can also ask about their menu and updates.

Social Media:

You can also get in touch with them via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It is very responsive to their customer’s messages; they typically reply within 1 minute on social accounts.


In conclusion, we can see that Taco Bell is successful in the United States.

The Mexican-style fast-food chain has almost 6500 stores across the United States.

While its hours had huge achievements. So it must mark its changing items and product lineup to make it one of the most available and extraordinary fast-food chains.

Taco Bell invests in making the best Mexican-style fast food, providing fast, friendly, & accurate service.

It is also very affordable and reasonable, plus it is good for health.

Its interesting positioning, says Lawrence, and specifically that cooperative relationship with franchisees, permits it to prevail as a worth-driven restaurant chain even while continually presenting new items and taking determined advertising and marketing.

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What is Taco Bell's motto?

Its motto and current tagline are “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” Another is “Live Mas,” where Mas is a Spanish word, which means “more.” 

From where is Taco bell originated?

It is originated in California, and it was founded in 1962 by Glen Bell. The first-ever branch of it was opened in Downey, California.

What are the new fast-food items at Taco Bell hours?

The newly launched items are,

  • Beefy Mini Quesadilla.
  • Chips & Salsa.
  • Chipotle Chicken Loaded Griller
  • Mini burrito
  • Double Tostada

What is the most famous item at Taco Bell hours?

  • Crispy Chicken Wings.
  • Chicken Power Bowl.
  • Fiesta Veggie Burrito. 
  • Crunchwrap Supreme.
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