Savannah Chrisley – About, Why Is She Famous, Dating, Age

The former beauty pageant contestant and Miss Teen Tennessee USA winner Savannah Chrisley is a popular figure in the media.

Starring in her family’s Chrisley Knows Best reality TV show and operating her own cosmetic line, she is doing a lot of things simultaneously.

Some of the things she does include acting, entrepreneurship, and being a social media influencer. Her fame also helps her to maintain this lifestyle and show more to her fans.

The daughter of the Todd and Julie Chrisley couple, Savannah has made a name for herself mostly thanks to her reality TV acting.

There are many things that contribute to Savannah Chrisley’s fame. Let’s see what those are and get into a little bit more detail about her life, dating life, and most famous works.

Savannah Chrisley - About, Why Is She Famous, Dating, Age

Why is Savannah Chrisley Famous?

Savannah Chrisley has a lot going on both in front of the cameras and also behind those cameras.

Most of the things she has done have contributed to her personality in the media and have increased her fame.

Probably the most recognized work she has is her reality TV acting career, but there are some other notable things, too.

Beauty Pageant Participation and Awards

Savannah started her beauty pageant career for the first time in 2015. She participated in the Miss Teen Tennessee USA contest and won this award.

This was one of the things that helped her to put herself in front of the cameras.

While she participated in Miss Teen Tennessee USA, she also enrolled in another beauty pageant, Miss USA.

However, she couldn’t win Miss USA along with her Miss Teen Tennessee USA award.

Reality TV Acting

Her first appearance on television started with Home & Family, but it was a small role that didn’t attract a lot of eyes.

In 2014, she appeared in her family’s reality TV series, Chrisley Knows Best. The show attracted millions of viewers over the last 9 years and achieved amazing success.

Thanks to the success of this show, she managed to garner the fame she has now, which led her to do many other things she is doing right now.

She also participated in many of the spinoffs of the show Chrisley Knows Best.

“A Very Chrisley Christmas” and “A Very Merry Christmas” were two of those spinoffs in that she took a huge part.


After she got her fame through beauty pageant participation and reality TV acting, she started her own cosmetic line.

This cosmetic line helped her get her name out there more and make more money to increase her net worth.

She got so successful with the launch that most of the products in her brand are sold out.

On top of the success of the products she launched, she constantly keeps adding new products to her cosmetic line.

The more customers she attracts, the more fame she brings herself, as she is doing a good job with her business through her social media accounts.

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Savannah Chrisley Dating Life

Savannah Chrisley Dating Life

Savannah Chrisley has been under the spotlight because of her most recent engagement.

She and her partner, the former hockey player Nic Kerdiles, made the decision to get engaged but later broke up.

Blaire Hanks – 2015

Chandler Person – 2017

Luke Kennard – 2017

Nic Kerdiles – started to date in late 2017, got engaged in December 2018, broke up in 2020

Savannah Chrisley Most Famous Works

Savannah Chrisley Most Famous Works

As we mentioned above, Savannah Chrisley does many things. Some of them are successful, and some of them are not so much.

However, among the things she is doing or did previously rose her to fame. Perhaps her most famous work is her reality TV career, but it doesn’t end there.

Miss Teen Tennessee USA Award

Savannah participated in the Miss Teen Tennessee USA in 2015 and won the beauty pageant.

This award brought her some media attention and put her in front of the media.

Especially since this award came one year after her most famous reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, it attracted more eyes.

Sassy by Savannah

Sassy by Savannah is Savannah’s successful cosmetic line, where she sells her own beauty products.

She launched her first products at the end of 2020 and has been selling products under that brand’s name since then.

The brand was so successful that most of the products she is selling are mostly sold out.

Having about 2.6 million followers on Instagram, her social media is helping her fame and the success of her brand quite a lot.

Being the latest, most famous work she did that put her under the spotlight, she is constantly working to make it even better and bigger to attract more customers and attention to her brand.

Chrisley Knows Best

After her first appearance in 2012 with Home & Family, she returned to television and her acting career with Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network.

The show has been showing the life of the Chrisley family since 2014, and nine seasons have already aired in 2023.

This reality show attracted millions of viewers and quickly became the most famous work for everyone in the Chrisley family, including Savannah Chrisley.

After the success of the show, Savannah took this opportunity to increase her fame even more.

The show still continues in 2023 and got renewed for another season, but its current situation is unknown because of the prison sentence Todd and Julie, the parents of the family, got.

The Verdict

Savannah Chrisley is one of the most famous children of the Todd and Julie Chrisley couple.

She is famous for her Miss Teen Tennessee USA beauty pageant award, her acting in Chrisley Knows Best and its spinoffs, and her own cosmetic line. She is quite famous thanks to all these things she is doing.

Also she got engaged in 2018 to her one-year boyfriend at the time, former hockey player Nick Kerdiles and the couple broke up two years later in 2020.

However, it is rumored that they still have each other in their lives and have dated on and off since their breakup.

Savannah continues to focus her efforts on her business Sassy by Savannah and her reality TV appearance in Chrisley Knows Best.

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