RentPrep Review – Why Choose In 2023?

It is essential to rent out your space to someone who has a transparent background for security purposes.

This is because you do not want to give abode to someone who has a criminal record or who could be a threat to you. It is always a good idea to know the background of a person.

If you are looking for a tenant screening service that can offer you services like tenant credit reports, eviction reports, and background check reports, among many others, read this article on RentPrep to make an easy decision.


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FeaturesBackground Check, credit report
Based inNew York
Service providedTenant screening service

About RentPrep

What is RentPrep
What is RentPrep

RentPrep is an online tenant screening platform based in Buffalo, New York. It is a subsidiary of Fidelis Screening, a top-rated background check company.

RentPrep offers tenant screening services to landlords. This is done so that the landlords do not have to worry about the kind of people they are letting into their premises.

Knowing the tenant’s history & background in advance helps them to make an easy decision.

RentPrep pulls out accurate information on a person from nationwide databases.


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Why Choose RentPrep?

Why Choose RentPrep?
Why Choose RentPrep?

Although RentPrep makes your life easier by providing you with all the essential details of your tenant, it can be an ideal fit for you for many more reasons.

Firstly, it is effortless to sign in to RentPrep for a free account. Each time you need a background check, you log in and place an order for the same.

While placing this order, you get various options to choose from like:

A bonus point is that you do not have to buy a subscription or pay a membership fee for using RentPrep.

You pay individually for the kind of report you want, and within an hour, you get it. RentPrep provides a very easy step-by-step guide to placing an order.

And not only this, you can even ask questions or doubts on the live chat feature.

Features Of RentPrep

Features Of RentPrep
Features Of RentPrep

RentPrep provides n number of features to choose from. A landlord can choose what they want from the following available options:

Background Check

This is one of the best and most popular features to choose from.

A background check will give you a report including your tenant’s criminal history, eviction history, sex offender history, address history, or any kind of judgments and liens.

Income verification 

This feature offers a report on a person’s income including, their annual income, average monthly income, and net balance on several accounts they may hold.

You cannot pull this information without the tenant’s approval. And also, to get an income verification report, you have to pay an additional $10.

Credit Report

If you want to pull out your tenant’s residence score, you can choose this feature. It costs $9.95.

FCRA-certified screeners

This is RentPrep’s most impressive and unique feature. While most companies rely on an automated system for screening, RentPrep uses FCRA-certified employees to validate background checks.

Applicant pays feature

This is an additional feature with the SmartMove Credit Report package.

Using this, the landlord can ask the tenant to pay for the report as a part of their rental fee through an online payment portal.

RentPrep Community

You can become a part of the RentPrep community consisting of 15000 people.

You can find many other landlords and discuss various doubts or questions with them on their social media platforms.

Pros And Cons Of RentPrep

  • Customized individual reports.
  • Availability of FCRA-certified screeners.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Coupon code for first-time users.
  • No subscription or membership fee.
  • Credit check reports are not detailed.
  • Extra cost for certain features.

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How Does It Work?

RentPrep works on per-screening basis. In order to use it every time, you have to log in to your account and place an order.

While placing the order, you will get multiple options to choose from regarding how you want your report.

Once you do so, you will get an FCRA-certified report as per your preference within 2-3 hours the best part is that you will be guided step-by-step while doing this.

And in case you find yourself stuck in between, you can reach out to them through their live chat support.


What Can You Find on rentprep?

RentPrep offers various types of screenings and checks. Some of the following include:

Background Check

A tenant background check allows the landlord to spot red flags in an applicant’s report. The good thing is RentPrep offers hand-complied background check report reviewed by FCRA Certified Screeners.

Here’s a list of things that you can find on RentPrep:

  • Judgments & Liens Search
  • National U.S. Criminal Search
  • National Eviction Search
  • Bankruptcies Search 
  • U.S. Sex Offender Search
  • Credit Check
  • Global Homeland Search

Tenant Credit Check

RentPrep has there own tenant credit check report known as “Credit Decision Report“ that is powered by Transunion. You can get these reports for additional $11.00.

rent prep credit report

This is what we can find on RentPrep’s tenant credit score:

  • Delinquency
  • Credit score
  • Bankruptcy
  • Due payments
  • Debt

Business Credit Report

credit report

RentPrep’s business credit report allows you to look into the financials of any company to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Here’s what you can find on RentPrep’s business credit report:

  • Failure Score: This feature predicts the likelihood of a business incurring a charge-off over the next 12 months or incurring a 90-day severe delinquency.
  • Payment Index: This shows the dollar-weighted index of the past and current payments of a business as per Equifax data.
  • Balance Trends: This shows the accounts receivable data reported by the creditor within 24 months.

Income Verification

income verification

RentPrep also offers information on the tenant’s income including:

  • Annual net income summary
  • Current balances on connected accounts
  • Average monthly net income
  • Tenant screening

This allows you to save precious time and eliminate unfit candidates.

Mid-Volume Resident Screening

If you want to screen 25-49 applicants, then this upgraded feature of RentPrep is going to be quite useful for you.

By unlocking this feature, you will be able to enjoy automated online applications, dedicated account reps, and more.

Mid-Volume Resident Screening

High Volume Resident Screening

This feature is suitable for enterprise level screening or for those businesses who wants to do tenant background check for 50+ doors.

This plan offers custom product configuration, discounted pricing, etc.

high volume resident screening

Tenant Screening API

RentPrep’s tenant screening API platform is for both landlords and renters to assist in screening and being screened.

RentPrep’s API is fully operational, and it allows even other sites to integrate with their services.

Tenant Screening API

Pricing And Plans Of RentPrep

rentprep pricing

RenPrep Offers two options for screening your tenants. This includes:

RentPrep Background Check/ Screening Report- $21.00

This plan offers an in-depth rental background check. None of the reports in it require your tenant’s approval.

You get a comprehensive report pulled by their FCRA-certified professionals. Here’s a sample RentPrep screening report.

Package Includes

  • Bankruptcies
  • SSN Verification/Address History
  • Judgment and Liens
  • Nationwide Evictions

Add On

  • Nationwide sex offender & criminal search for +$6.00.
  • Income Verification for +$10.00 (Requires applicant’s email address & involvement)
  • Credit decision report for +$11.00 (Gives only pass/fail report, Shows score range, and gives summary codes from the credit report)

TransUnion Full Credit Report – $40.00

This package requires the tenant’s approval and gives a comprehensive report on the following:

Package Includes

  • Rental Background Check
  • ResidentScore and,
  • Full Credit Report
  • Bankruptcies
  • SSN Verification/Address History
  • Applicant Pay Option
  • Nationwide Evictions
  • Nationwide Criminal & Sex Offender Search

Add On

  • Income Verification for $10.00
  • Judgment and Liens for +$7.00

Here’s a sample RentPrep TransUnion Full Credit Report.

Here’s a sample RentPrep Income Verification.

How To Sign-Up?

You can sign-up on RentPrep very easily by simply creating your account and placing the order every time you need a report. Follow the steps to get started:

1. Just go to their website, and click on the “Get started” option in the top right corner.

How To Sign-Up on RentPrep

2. Now fill in your information, verify your email and you are all set.

Sign-Up on RentPrep
Sign-Up on RentPrep

Customer Service

RentPrep has praise-worthy customer support service. They have FCRA-certified experts who help you evaluate and explain the screening process.

They help you with all your technical and non-technical queries that may arise unexpectedly.

You can also reach out to them for any other technical or non-technical query.

USW RentPrep Ratings

Customer Service4.2/5
Ease of use4.3/5
Features & Services4.5/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

RentPrep Customer Ratings And Reviews
RentPrep Customer Rating And Review
RentPrep Customer Rating And Review

RentPrep has an average rating of 4.8 given by a total of 144 people on Google reviews which is really great.

People were satisfied with RentPrep and vouched for their services and features.


FeaturesResidentScore, Leasing recommendations, and moreBackground Check, credit report, and more
Price$25 per screening$21.00 per screening
BBB ratingNot accreditedNot accredited
Turn-around timeFastFast

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Our Experience

We used RentPrep to find a tenant for one of our flats.

RentPrep made it super easy for us to find a suitable tenant by providing us with a detailed background report on the applicants.

One of the applicants even had a very bad tenant history, but thanks to RentPrep, we were able to make a prudent decision.

What Differentiates It?

RentPrep works with an FCRA-certified screener, which gives us a sense of security that the reports provided by them will be in accordance with law and the information will be reliable too.

Apart from this, it offers some excellent features like income verification and applicant pay which works perfectly and benefits the landlord.

How We Review Background Check Companies?

We review background check companies based on the following factors:

  • Affordability.
  • Accuracy of reports.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Online reputation.
  • Information provided.
  • Features and services.


Let’s take a quick recap. We gave you a detailed introduction to RentPrep and reasons to choose it.

And also discussed the pros & cons, pricing, customer service & customer reviews in this article.

What we like best about RentPrep is that they issue FCRA-certified reports and also have FCRA-certified agents in their support team. This helps one in using their platform with confidence.

Overall, it’s a great platform to choose from that will help you get all the crucial information you seek.

We hope you found the help you needed for your tenant screening process.


Does RentPrep provide volume discount?

RentPrep does provide a discount if you have more than fifty units to screen which is a great thing for people who want screening to be done on large scale.

What is the turnaround time of the reports?

The RentPrep report usually takes an hour or so, while the SmartMove report takes only a few minutes depending on your tenant’s approval.

Is RentPrep legit?

Yes, RentPrep is legit. Thousands of people are using it for finding tenants and renting out their places. Also, the reports they offer are FCRA compliant.

How much does RentPrep charge a month?

RentPrep does not charge any monthly fees. But it charges $21 for a single report.

Do I have to take my tenant's approval before pulling out their report?

Yes, you must take their approval before pulling put their report.

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