Randy Chrisley – About, Net Worth, Dating, Age

Chrisley family is quite famous thanks to their own reality show that’s been in production for a decade now.

All members of the Chrisley family are quite popular, even though the show mostly focuses on Todd and his wife’s life.

However, in this show, there is one Chrisley that didn’t make the headlines as much as Todd did and he is Randy Chrisley.

Randy Chrisley is the brother of Todd Chrisley, and they both had similar professional lives in real estate, but Randy decided to stick with a low-profile life.

He did appear in the reality show Chrisley Knows Best, but he was not a frequent visitor.

However, his appearance in the show increased the show’s fans’ curiosity about who he is, his profession, and other details related to his life.

He has a career similar to his brother Todd Chrisley in terms of profession. Let’s see who Randy Chrisley is, his net worth, personal life, and other details about him.

Randy Chrisley - About, net Worth, Dating, Age

Personal Life

Age52 (as of 2023)
Marital StatusDivorced
Children2 (1 daughter, 1 son)
SiblingsTodd and Derrick Chrisley
ProfessionReal Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Randy Chrisley is an American businessman and a somewhat famous celebrity thanks to his family name, Chrisley.

Randy’s brother Todd is a real estate tycoon and a famous TV reality star with millions of fans around the world.

Randy has always kept a low profile compared to his brother and didn’t become famous like his brother.

However, despite his low-profile life, he still made the headlines in the past as he had a very turbulent life both in his personal and professional life.

Randy had a marriage with Pamela that started in 2012, but they got divorced after a while. Two years after his marriage, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer and hospitalized.

Even though many thought he wouldn’t make it, he quickly recovered and continued his life in the real estate industry.

He then got divorced from Pamela after quite a lot of problems they had.

Randy Chrisley Net Worth

Randy Chrisley’s net worth as of 2022 stands at around $1 million. He is a businessman and most likely made a lot of business throughout his career.

The details of his income and how much he makes in a year are not known.

However, we do know that his net worth mostly comes from his real estate career and the real estate business he had in the past.

He wasn’t a successful business owner like his brother, so he didn’t make it on his real estate business journey.

Now, he is working at RS Service, and he’s been working there since mid-2001.

Even though he starred in his brother’s family reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, that was only for a limited time, and he didn’t make any massive financial gain out of it.


Randy Chrisley doesn’t have a very active professional life because the only thing we know about his career is in the real estate industry, like his brother Todd.

Todd had massive success in his real estate career and even had his own asset management company that went bankrupt.

During Todd’s successful times in the industry, he also made his brother start in real estate. However, Randy didn’t do well in the industry like his brother.

Randy might not have succeeded in his real estate business, but he still kept working in the industry, just not with his own company.

He joined the RS service in August 2001, and he’s been working there ever since. He might have made other deals during his professional career, but nothing is known about these.

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Dating Life

Randy Chrisley dating life

Randy Chrisley was married to Pamela for some time. The couple got married in 2012 after dating for a short time.

They didn’t seem to have many challenges in their relationship until 2016, when Randy’s wife accused him of cheating on her.

Todd Chrisley defended his brother during this time, mentioning that Pamela is a gold digger and the couple had a divorce in the same year.

Once the divorce was finalized, Pamela got arrested on the grounds that she was trying to extort him.

She was charged with harassment and put to jail, but she paid the $1,000 bail to get out of jail the same day.

During their marriage, Randy and Pamela didn’t have any children together.

However, we do know that Randy Chrisley has a son from a previous relationship that we know nothing of.

All the details about this relationship, his son, and the mother have been a secret for many years. 

Most Famous Works

Randy Chrisley famous works

Randy Chrisley doesn’t have many things he is popular with.

He is mostly known for his small appearances in Chrisley Knows Best and his RS service, which he’s been working in since August 2001.

Chrisley Knows Best

Even though he is a real estate agent and he’s been working in the industry since a very young age, what made him slightly popular is his brief appearance in the show Chrisley Knows Best.

This reality show talks about Todd Chrisley and his family with his wife.

As part of the Chrisley family, Randy Chrisley also made several minor appearances there. Many fans got to know him that way, and it brought him the most fame in his life. 

Is He A Real Person?

Yes, Randy Chrisley is a real person. He made several appearances in the Chrisley Knows Best reality TV show that belongs to his brother, Todd Chrisley.

He is working as a real estate agent and currently living a happy life on his own.

The Verdict

Randy Chrisley is perhaps one of the less famous members of the Chrisley family.

He’s been working in the real estate industry for decades now and has made some appearances in Chrisley Knows Best reality show here and there.

Randy chooses to lead a private life, but he occasionally hits the headlines.

He had a marriage with Pamela that ended up in Pamela getting arrested on the charges of extorting Randy.

During his marriage, he was also got diagnosed with stage four cancer which he successfully recovered from. Now, he is living a quiet and happy life as an RS service agent.


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