People Search Sites: Everything You Need to Know!

Should you be aware of people’s search sites? Keep reading to find out!

In the era of booming technology, finding your long-lost friends or colleagues online is a piece of cake.

Everyone with the internet has open access to social networks, public records and government databases, and other online tools. 

People Search sites claim to connect people who have lost touch with one another by collecting and selling personal information online.

In this guide, you’ll find what People Search sites are, how they work, and what kind of information they provide. Let’s get started!


What are People Search Sites? 

As the name suggests, People search sites are online search platforms that specialize in collecting, storing, and selling information.

These sites give people the ability to track people online, typically using a specific search engine.

These sites provide a wealth of information about a specific person for a pocket change. 

The information these sites uncover includes full name, gender, age, city name, address, phone number, family members, and even criminal records.

In addition, these sites are also used to verify information that you have on someone like your new friend, neighbor, or potential employee. 

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How Do People Search Sites Work? 

People search sites typically collect data from local, state, and federal public records, public forums, and social media platforms.

In addition, they may also purchase information from data brokers and private companies. 

These sites usually require you to subscribe or to purchase a one-off report. Some sites are ad-supported and give users free access to the information.

However, for more in-depth background reports, you have to pay higher fees. 

What Information May Show These Sites? 

What can appear on the People search reports vary person to person.

Depending on the site you are using and the pricing plan, the information could include:

  • Identification details such as name, previous names, and aliases.
  • Age and sex
  • Qualification level 
  • Profession and monthly income
  • Marital status and divorce records
  • Past and current addresses 
  • Phone number and email IDs 
  • Family details, including children, parents, and extended family
  • Social media profiles
  • Property records
  • Political affiliations 
  • Civil and criminal records

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Are People Search Sites Safe to Use? 

Although there are many advantages of using these sites, there are many dangers associated with them as they consolidate your data and post it online without your consent. 

So the privacy issues regarding People Search Sites are countless, and laws governing what they can or cannot disclose are confusing or don’t exist.

Here are some tips to guard your identity against these sites: 

  • Be cautious about what you post on social media, and avoid posing photos with recognizable places and backgrounds. 
  • Do a general search on these sites from time to time to see if your information is available.
  • If you find your personal information on these sites, fill out an opt-out form to request the removal of your information.
  • If you detect any suspicious activity, identity theft insurance and also fraud resolution services can help you restore your identity and cover entitled expenses. 

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