Is CVS Closing Stores? Is It Going Out Of Business In 2024?

CVS is one of the largest pharmacies in the U.S., and there were approximately 9600 CVS stores in the U.S.

However, ever since the company announced closures, a lot of you might be seeing your nearest CVS stores shut

To find out the reason behind this move along with the list of CVS closing stores, keep on reading this guide.

List of CVS Closing Stores

Is CVS Closing Stores?

Yes, in 2021, CVS announced that it will be closing 300 stores annually till 2024 as part of its three-year plan that includes shutting down 900 stores in total.

As of December 2022, there were 9,669 CVS Pharmacy stores in the United States, with more than 12% of all CVS Pharmacy stores located in California.

However, with frequent closures, the number will be brought down greatly.

Why is CVS Closing Stores?

CVS is one of the biggest pharmacies in the U.S., and the shocking decision to close down 900 stores by the end of 2024 has led to customers wondering why CVS is closing stores.

Ever since Covid-19, the buying pattern of customers has changed immensely and has shifted to online buying. As a result, to focus on developing medical technology, CVS has decided to reduce its in-store footprint and is hoping to move to an online business model.

In fact, in September 2022, CVS even acquired “Signify Health,” a well-known home healthcare company, to expand its medicine delivery services.

The overall goal of this company is to improve the clinical experience, said Karen S. Lynch, the CEO and President of CVS Health.

Additionally, CVS also plans to increase MinuteClinics-owned retail clinics, create virtual and physical locations, and to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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List of 300 CVS Closing Stores In 2024

As mentioned earlier, CVS announced closing 300 stores annually and has already closed a lot of stores now.

The most recent closures of CVS stores took place in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and California. Some other CVS stores are closing in the following locations:

  • South Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • 4531 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • 132nd St. in the College Point neighborhood of Queens, New York.
  • 14th Ave. College Point neighborhood of Queens, New York.
  • CVS at Courthouse Plaza shopping center.
  • One location is in Bessemer, Alabama.
  • Euclid Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • 4th and Massachusetts Ave., NW.
  • Dayton, Ohio.
  • 4 stores in Fairborn, Brookville, Moraine, and New Lebanon.
  • CVS at Harrison Township.
  • One location in Hamilton.

Is CVS Closing Stores Permanently?

CVS is closing 300 of its stores permanently this year in 2023 and plans to keep closing 300 stores annually till 2024.

Although closing down of so many stores near your area, especially if you are a frequent buyer, might be saddening for you.

But since the company is going to shift its focus to an online system, you will be able to purchase medicines online, and there were still be some offline locations that will be open for you.

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Wrap Up

The after-effects of Covid are still lingering, and this can be seen in the constant closures of major companies.

To adjust to the changing buying habits of consumers, CVS is all set to focus on expanding its online presence and cutting down on in-store locations, and because of this, it is going to close a total of 900 stores by 2024.

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