Is Big Lots Closing Stores? Is It Going Out Of Business In 2024?

Another major retailer, Big Lots, is planning to close down a handful of stores, and honestly, the news of closing stores doesn’t seem surprising anymore.

A lot of other big companies, including Best Buy, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, etc., have announced the closure at the beginning of this year; it seems there is a wave out there.

So if you want to find the reason behind this, along with a list of Big Lots closing stores in 2023, then keep on reading!

List of Big Lots Closing Stores

Is Big Lots Closing Stores?

In recent years, Big Lots, like many other giant companies, has struggled to maintain its revenue and, as a result, is working towards optimizing its operations.

So yes, Big Lots is closing 7 of its stores this year– three in California and four in Colorado.

Ramsden, the Vice President of Big Lots, stated that “The closures this year will end up being somewhat higher than the openings.”

So as of now, they are planning to close down seven of their stores, but customers can expect the number to increase.

Why is Big Lots Closing Stores?

Like many other companies, Big Lots is seeing a decline in sales because of inflation and because of more people shifting their spending habits to buying things online.

Bruce Thorn, the CEO Of Big Lots, stated that the earnings of the last few months have drastically decreased as there is a shift in consumer spending habits.

As a result, Big Lots is planning to shift its focus to rural areas rather than urban areas where there is less competition and more demand.

And in fact, Big Lots is planning to not just close stores but also open new stores in rural areas this year.

The vice president of Big Lots, Jonathan Ramsden, said that shifting their focus to high-performing rural stores would help them in increasing revenue.

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Is Big Lots Closing Stores Permanently?

Big Lots are all set to close down seven of its stores in California and Colorado permanently, and they might add a few more stores in the coming months.

However, there are still approximately 1,400 Big Lots stores that are operational in the United States that you can shop from.

List Of 7 Big Lots Closing Stores In 2023

Here’s a list of Big Lots Closing Stores In 2023:


  • Dublin: 7991 Amador Valley Blvd.
  • Citrus Heights: 8525 Auburn Blvd.
  • Ridgecrest: 2360-2390 N Tustin Ave.


  • Arvada: 8125 Sheridan Blvd.
  • Englewood: 139 W. Hampden Ave.
  • Denver: 7475 E. Iliff Ave.
  • Fort Collins: 126 W. Troutman Pkwy.

How Can I Find Remaining Big Lots Store?

While Big Lots is all set to close multiple stores in 2023, this does not mean that you cannot find Big Lots stores near you.

As mentioned earlier, approximately 1,400 Big Lots stores are still open in the United States, and you can find Big Lots stores near you by simply visiting their store locator page.

For this, all you have to do is go to their store locator page and enter your city, state, and pincode or else select the option of “detect my location.”

Wrap Up

Big Lots is set to close seven of its stores this year to cut expenses and reduce the number of poor-performing outlets.

The decision comes after facing long months of declining sales due to changes in consumer spending habits and inflation.

How many more stores Big Lots will close depends on the result of their new strategy of shifting their focus to rural areas.

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