Is Amazon Closing Stores? Is It Going Out Of Business In 2024?

In the month of April, the online-retail giant Amazon announced that it would be closing a few of its Amazon Go stores at various locations.

To find out why the company decided to do this and to access the list of Amazon closing stores, stick to this article until the end.

List of Amazon Closing Stores

Is Amazon Closing Stores?

Amazon came up with Amazon Go stores and opened its first store in 2016 in Seattle.

Amazon Go stores didn’t require the customers to scan or checkout and waste their time in long queues to buy anything.

To make purchases, they simply had to pass through scanners that automatically registered their purchases.

The company expected to open hundreds and thousands of Amazon Go stores, but that didn’t live up to the expectations.

Hence, Amazon has decided to close eight of its 29 Amazon Go stores, including four stores in San Francisco, two in New York, and two in Seattle.

Why is Amazon Closing Stores?

Over some last years, Amazon has been closing its experimental brick-and-mortar stores.

Last year it scraped its pop-up stores, 4-star, and Amazon bookstores. Then in February, the company came up with the decision to close down eight of its Go stores.

The Amazon Go stores didn’t live up to the expectations, and so the online-retail giant had to close down its new-concept stores as a part of the cost-cutting process.

Like any physical retailer, we periodically assess our portfolio of stores and make optimization decisions along the way,” a spokesperson for Amazon said.

List of 8 Amazon Closing Stores In 2023

Here’s a list of Amazon closing stores:

  • New York: 110 Maiden Lane, 315 Park Ave South
  • Seattle: 300 Pine Street, 1423 Fourth Avenue
  • San Francisco: 3 Embarcadero Center, 300 California Street; 575 Market Street, Ste. 150; 98 Post Street

Is Amazon Closing Stores Permanently?

Yes, Amazon is closing eight Amazon Go stores permanently. However, the rest of the Amazon Go stores are still available for customers to shop from.

“We remain committed to the Amazon Go format, operate more than 20 Amazon Go stores across the US, and will continue to learn which locations and features resonate most with customers as we keep evolving our Amazon Go stores,” the spokesperson also added.

There are still numerous Amazon Go outlets in Chicago, Southern California, and New York, along with five locations in Seattle from where consumers can shop.

Wrap Up

As a part of Amazon’s cost-cutting strategy, the company is closing eight of its Amazon Go stores.

However, if you are a frequent customer, then you should know that there are still more than 20 Amazon Go stores that are still open in many locations, including NewYork, Seattle, etc.

To find out the list of Amazon stores closing, refer to the article above.

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