LexisNexis Review In 2022

Within a click of a button, you can get access to any legal and business information no matter who you are, a company, student, government agency, or anyone.

You can access all you need very easily; be it case records, citations, notes, legal documents, etc.

So today, in this article, we will share a detailed overview of one such platform called LexisNexis. So let’s get started.


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What Is LexisNexis?

What Is LexisNexis?
What Is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis is a legal search and business information platform that was established in 1970.

With the use of advanced AI tools, natural language processing, machine learning, etc., helps its customer make informed decisions and outcomes.

You can use this platform to your benefit if you are a lawyer and want to research cases.

Or, if you own a business, you can use LexisNexis to understand the market and to prevent corruption or bribery inside the supply chain.

You can even research your assignments if you are a student or intern.

Now that you know what kind of service LexisNexis provides let’s look at other essential details about it.

Should You Go With LexisNexis?

During our research, we found that LexisNexis has been rated 3.9, which is fairly good.

People find it very easy to use, so you do not have to be tech-savvy in order to get the hang of it. And the best part is that the information you get here is well articulated, detailed, and accurate.

The only thing that can be worked upon is the faster processing time. According to the customer reviews, we found LexisNexis to be quite promising.

Let’s now have a look at its features and other important things to get a better idea of it.

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Features Of LexisNexis

Features Of LexisNexis
Features Of LexisNexis

Artificial Intelligence – Using the help of an AI assistant, you can very easily identify cases and draft your brief with its help.

Boolean Search – With the help of this tool, you can narrow down your search as per the information you have at hand. It is almost like using a filter, which helps to save time.

Easy Navigation – Using and running a search in LexisNexis is so easy, and you do not need to a tech-savvy in order to use it. You can even go through the various articles and blogs written on their website to understand things better.

To Whom Does LexisNexis Provide Solution?

It caters to the following groups:

  • Law Firm
  • Corporate Team
  • Academic Institutions
  • Corporate legal team
  • Government organization
  • Academic Institution
  • Students

Pros And Cons Of LexisNexis

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and detailed
  • Free trial available
  • Use of advanced tools
  • Expensive
  • Slow turn around time

Plans And Pricing

LexisNexis scares people when it comes to pricing; there are various plans available depending upon your field, with the minimum amount being $85.

It is not suited for individuals and only companies or institutions. However, the good part is that they provide a free trial.

So you can always try that before you jump to any conclusions.

What Does The Report Includes?

LexisNexis offers the following information or reports:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Criminal reports
  • Liens
  • Weapons License
  • Professional Licenses
  • Mortgages
  • Property Ownership

Is LexisNexis Safe?

We understand that before opting for any online service, you want to be sure of your safety; for this, we went through the privacy policy of LexisNexis.

We found that it collects information such as your email address, last name, name, contact details, and other external information such as your browser type, IP address, operating system, and more.

They use this information to assist you in case of any queries, notify you in case of any updates, send promotional and advertisement messages, and more.

They follow the legal guidelines to keep your data secure, and in case if you want to know about their privacy policy in detail, we suggest you go to their website and have a look at it yourself.

Customer Service

LexisNexis has supportive customer service. You can check out this page to get their customer service number as per your location.

And if you have any general queries, you can directly go to their website and check their blogs sections, where the well-written articles would give you a keen idea about a lot of things.

Alternatives Of LexisNexis

Let’s have a look at the various alternatives of LexisNexis, which are equally good.


AccessData offers more varied kinds of services like digital investigation services for forensics, eDiscovery, litigation, IP, compliance auditing, etc.

Many industries, including corporate houses, government agencies, law firms, and consultancies, trust and depend on AccessData for their hiring solutions.

AccessData offers a variety of features, including Collection And Analysis of data, digital forensics, and more.

And not only this, they are one of our top-rated service providers that you can definitely choose.

If you want to know more about the kind of services it offers, you can look at our detailed review on our website.

AccessData Review

Customer Reviews

My experience has been really well and i am so happy with it. This product is just great. This is very useful platform for gaining knowledge and it helps us in solving few tough business рrоblеms. Really happy with it’s outcome and results.

Alert management and analysis provided as part of Fraud management module of the suite is excellent. The analysis automated in the solution can be fine tuned such that there is minimal false positive. The workflow management can be sluggish at times. But overall the solution is commendable …

if you trouble with some problem need solution, LexisNexis provide best solutions for you. easily solve biggest рrоblеms. we are very happy with this product and its results.

Final Verdict

Let’s quickly go through what we talked about in this article.

We discussed what LexisNexis is and if you can choose it, then we discussed the features and services it offers and the industries it caters to.

LexisNexis is a great platform to conduct your legal searches or business-related searches.

You will find a lot of detailed and accurate information on their page.

The price is the only factor that might not work for a few people, but overall it is worth the information you get there.

We hope you liked reading this article.


Is LexisNexis Legit?

Yes, it has been in the business since 1970 and has served a lot of clients since then. It is legal and safe to use this platform.

For What All Things Can I Use LexisNexis?

You can use it to search any legal matter, old cases, citations, find notes, analyze the market, conduct project research, and much more.

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