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Hiring employees, workers, and even interns has never been easy. With the introduction of background check platforms like InfoMart, hiring decisions can be carried out quickly without wasting your precious time.

And the best part is that InfoMart caters to a large variety of sectors.

If you own a business too and are looking for a platform that helps you in the hiring process, then stick to this article till the end, as we are going to give a detailed account of this platform.


Established 1985
FeaturesContinuous drug monitoring, and more
WebsiteClick here

What Is InfoMart?

What Is InfoMart?
What Is InfoMart?

Infomart is a background check service that provides a smart solution to businesses, helping them carry the hiring process with ease.

They have been in the business for over thirty years, and ever since then, they have catered to thousands of clients with their innovation.

They cater to various businesses, including hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, education, and more.

It also offers various kinds of solutions, unlike its competitors. Let’s have a look at those:

  • Volunteer Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Vendor Background Screening
  • Student/Intern Screening
  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Post Hire
  • Global Services and more

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Should You Choose InfoMart?

Should You Choose InfoMart?
Should You Choose InfoMart?

InfoMart is unique partly because of the number of services it offers and partly because of the variety of solutions it provides.

It gives you access to reports like criminal data, social media profiles, sanctions searches, motor vehicle records, and much more.

InfoMart has experience of more than thirty years and has won many awards since then for its performance and innovation.

It has an easy-to-use interface, and is also accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

Features Of InfoMart

Features Of InfoMart

Random Drug Testing: It uses random drug testing methods. This ensures that they are meeting the Internal and Federal policies. And also, all this process is straightforward and is carried out without any paperwork.

Electronic I-9 Form Filing: Another interesting feature is that InfoMart makes it easy for you to carry out the hiring process. I-9 form helps you in the identification and employment authorization of the people you are looking forward to hiring.

MVR Recertifications: InfoMart tracks drivers and reminds you to review your employee at predetermined intervals. All of this can be carried out with just a simple click of a button.

Pros & Cons Of InfoMart

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Caters to multiple sectors.
  • Easy online process.
  • Continuous drug monitoring.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Only limited to U.S. citizens.

Types Of Services Offered

So let’s have a look at the various kinds of services offered by InfoMart below:

  • Criminal history
  • Continuous criminal monitoring
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Occupational health
  • Screening Audit
  • Social media search
  • SSN trace plus
  • Verifications And more

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing
Plans & Pricing

So the best part about InfoMart is its affordable pricing plans. They offer a total of three plans to choose from, along with add-on options.

Let’s have a look at the plans below:

  • Simple Plan – $28.95 per check
  • Popular Plan – $53.95 per check
  • Classic Plan – $78.95 per check


  • Drug screening (a five-panel lab test): $57.95
  • Professional license verification: $14.45
  • Statewide criminal history search: $14.45 per state, plus court fees
  • Personal references: $14.45 per reference
  • Civil court search: $21.45
  • Federal criminal history search: $16.45
  • Professional license verification: $14.45

Types Of Screening Offered By Infomart

Infomart offers custom-made screening solutions to a number of industries. This is such an excellent and unique initiative offered by only a few.

With the help of this, you do not have to adjust to packages that is not even meant for your industry.

You can demand your own custom-made services. Let’s have a look at the various screening solutions Infomart offers:

Enterprise Screening

It doesn’t matter what size business you have. Whether you have 500 people working for you or 50,000, you can get customized services according to the size of your business.

It could be hierarchy management or integration, and they will do whatever you need—post-hire solutions, drug testing, social media screening, continuous monitoring, etc.

Start-Up And Small Business Screening

If you have a small business or a new start-up and want some help in screening, outsourcing, recruiting, managing, or hiring people, Infomart does it all for you.

For this, they will give dedicated customer support, pre-built packages, an integrated applicant tracking system, and so much more.

Clinical Screening

If you have a school or hospital with incoming clinical rotations, then Infomart assists you in managing your students, motivating students to finish their background checks, and managing immunization tracking.

Vendor Screening

Infomart helps you carry out the background checks of your vendors so that you do not have to worry about wasting your time in hiring processes. All of this will be taken care of by them.

For this, they offer contract management, program compliance, Placement criteria evaluation, and more.

These were some top screening solutions offered by them to name a few. They also offer solutions for tenant screening, volunteer screening, covid-19 screening, and more.

Industries InfoMart Caters To

There are more than ten industries that Infomart caters to. Let’s have a look at these:

  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Food Service
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Sharing Economy

How To Get Started On InfoMart?

To get started on InfoMart, follow the below steps:

  • Go to InforMart’s Website
  • Click on the “get started” option on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now you will get three plans to choose from; select the one that fits you.
  • Now fill in the information, and your account will be created.

Is InfoMart Safe?

Yes, InfoMart follows all the things within the legal criteria to make sure that your information remains safe and secure with them.

So many companies to date have opted for their services, and over the years, they have created their goodwill and trust amongst the users.

Customer Service

Infomart has very supportive customer service. You can contact them via call at 770.984.2727 or via email at [email protected]

There are also different sections available to raise queries for different purposes.

Also, you can simply visit their website if you are a vendor, want to contact sales teams, etc.

Alternatives Of InfoMart

If you are still not sure about InfoMart and the services they provide, then have a look at its below-mentioned alternatives.


This has been in the business for over 45 years now, and it is one of our personal favorites. Sterling is client-driven and focuses on providing custom-made solutions that fit your needs.

They also cater to multiple industries like healthcare, hospitality, etc., and offer various services, including drug testing, SSN tracing, E-verify, and more.

The turn-around time of the reports may be more, but they offer accurate reports if you want to learn more about their services, features, pros, cons, and more than read our article on Sterling.

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IntelliCorp is another great alternative to InfoMart. It offers background check services in four sectors, namely, volunteer, healthcare, tenant and pre-employment.

Using their services, you get information such as eviction report, driving reports, criminal history, and more.

They offer accurate and timely reports with affordable plans and pricing.

If you want to know about IntelliCorp in detail, read our detailed article by clicking on the link below.

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Final Verdict

InfoMart has served millions of clients for a variety of purposes. They have been in the industry for over thirty years.

Ever since then, they have been bringing a lot of innovation. And also, the amount of services they offer is unique to them, and no other platform does that.

You can choose it for your screening or background check needs.

We hope you found this article useful.


Is InfoMart Legit?

Yes, it has been operating for 30 years, and has been awarded several times. It is legit and trustworthy.

Can I Use InfoMart For Free?

No, InforMart does not offer free trials- or free-of-cost services. However, they offer a variety of affordable options to choose from. You can have a look at it above.

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