Is Columbus Da a Federal Holiday?

Why do we celebrate Columbus day? What is it? And Is Columbus day 2022 a Federal Holiday? Find answers to these and a few more questions in this article below.


Is Columbus Day 2022 a Federal Holiday?

Yes, Columbus day 2022 will be a federal holiday and is one of the eleven legal federal holidays that has been observed in the United States by the US government.

So all the federal government offices that are non-essential remains closed on Columbus day, and even some private offices give off to their employees on this day.

You should know that Columbus day is not only celebrated in the U.S. but also in Spain, Italy, and many other countries in South America.

Why Is Columbus Day A Federal Holiday?

530 years ago, curiosity and willingness to find a new route to Asia led Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to stumble upon a new island previously unknown.

The 10-week journey backed by Queen Isabelle I and King Ferdinand II landed him in the Bahamas, which led on to the discovery of America.

Hence, Columbus day is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of the very famous Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, in the United Nations for the first time.

Franklin Roosevelt, in the year 1937, was the first one to observe Columbus day as a federal holiday. And since the year 1971, it has been celebrated on the second Monday of every year.

In many cities, this day is also celebrated as Indigenous People’s Day or Native American’s day.



A voyager and his curiosity led to the discovery of America, making Christopher Columbus someone who is remembered till today and will be remembered forever.

In this article on is Columbus Day 2022, a Federal Holiday, we hope to have helped you clear your qualms that you may have had previously on this topic.

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