Is Chase Chrisley Gay? [Answered 2023]

Chrisley family has been garnering attention in the media because of their hit reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, for some years now.

The show that revolves around the lives of the Chrisley family has brought quite a lot of attention to each Chrisley in the family since the show started to air.

One of the popular members of the family is Chase Chrisley, one of the five children of Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Born in 1996, Chase has appeared in the show for 190 episodes since 2014, which spans almost nine years.

Every family member is under the media’s spotlight, and Chase has also gotten his part of this spotlight over the years.

One of the biggest headlines about Chase is his sexual orientation because many people wonder if Chase Chrisley is gay.

Let’s see if Chase Chrisley is gay and everything surrounding this rumor.

Is Chase Chrisley Gay

Why Are There Gay Rumors for Chase Chrisley?

The first time someone from the Chrisley family is under the spotlight of the gay rumors is not with Chase.

Todd, the father of Chase, was once rumored to be gay, and these rumors seemed to pass on to his son, Chase.

The first time that gay rumors started for Chase Chrisley was when he posted a picture of himself on Instagram after Valentine’s Day.

His post was a picture of himself with a caption that he is appreciative of his father for his parenting.

The caption also stated that he is single, alone and that Chase would spend the rest of his days with his father, Todd.

Many media sites and fans took this caption in the real sense, thinking that Chase Chrisley is gay. However, he is actually not gay, as we can see from his dating and personal life.

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Chase Chrisley Dating Life

Chase Chrisley Dating Life

Chase Chrisley has always posted his girlfriends on his social media profiles, and he seems to want to show his relationships to the world quite frequently.

Throughout his different relationships, we’ve never seen Chase Chrisley dating a male, as all of his partners were female.

He also never came out of the closet and never even implied he was gay.

From what we know of Chase Chrisley’s dating life, he had four girlfriends, and now he is engaged to his last girlfriend, Emily Medders.

They are still engaged and looking to get married soon, which is contrary to the gay rumors about Chase Chrisley.

Here is a small timeline of Chase Chrisley’s relationships that is available to the public.

Chase Chrisley Relationship History

Chase Chrisley Relationship History

Brooke Noury

The first girlfriend we know of Chase Chrisley is the Instagram model Brooke Noury.

The couple started their relationship in 2015, and according to what we know, they were on and off until they ended their relationship for good four years after.

Their relationship ended in 2018, and this breakup was documented in season 6 of Chrisley Knows Best. We don’t know the reason for the breakup.

Lindsey Merrick

After Brooke, Chase started dating Lindsey Merrick, whom Chase’s parents liked very much. Todd first introduced her and their relationship to his fans at the end of 2018.

They started dating in the fall of 2018 but soon broke up at the beginning of 2019. The reason for their breakup is also not available, like Brooke Noury.

Kayla Puzas

His last relationship before getting engaged was with Kayla Puzas.

He posted quite a lot of pictures with her on Instagram, and the couple knew each other during their high school times.

Chase made comments to different news outlets that he had been waiting to date Kayla for years.

However, this relationship didn’t last long and ended in the same year they started dating.

Emily Medders

Chase Chrisley is now engaged to Emily Medders. The couple got engaged in October 2022 and is still going strong, as we can see on their social media profiles.

As we are aware, the couple started dating in the middle of 2019.

We don’t know when the couple will get married, but it seems like everything is going well with their relationship as of 2023.

Did Chase Chrisley Have a Gay Affair?

Did Chase Chrisley Have a Gay Affair

Chase’s father, Todd, was once under the spotlight for having a gay affair with his ex-business partner that was never proven to be true or false.

These kinds of rumors were never the case for Chase Chrisley. However, the media took his initial post on Valentine’s day to be a point to discuss, wonder, and research.

However, as far as the public is aware, Chase Chrisley never had a gay affair and never had a public or discreet gay relationship in his life.

From the moment we’ve known Chase Chrisley through Chrisley Knows Best, he has dated different women and is now engaged to Emily Medders.

The Verdict

Chrisley’s family was under the spotlight for gay affairs and sexual orientation with Todd Chrisley, the father of the family. After this, the spotlight turned to Chase Chrisley, his son.

However, Chase Chrisley never had any gay relationships openly and never came out of the closet saying that he was gay, just like Todd, even though he was rumored to have a gay affair with his ex-business partner.

As far as the public knows, Chase had four different girlfriends, and he is right now engaged to his last, Emily Medders.

Chase never made any comments towards these accusations of him being gay, and he was also never suspected of having a gay affair in his life by the media.

Ever since the media got to know Chase, he always had girlfriends as partners.


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