Intelius Vs Peoplefinder 2024: The Better Choice?

Intelius & Peoplfinder are two widely known background check platforms. But if you were to choose one of these, which one out of Intelius Vs Peoplefinder would you go for?

Thanks to background check sites, you can now get in touch with old friends or dig for information on someone you are meeting for the first time.

But with so many background check sites finding the right one can be dizzying.

Intelius Vs. Peoplefinder

To make this a little easy for you, we have compared the two most popular background check sites in this guide.

So let’s find out which one is better between Intelius Vs Peoplefinder.

Pricing$24.86/mo ($21.13/mo for bi-monthly)$24.95/month
ReportsCriminal records, sex offenses, bankruptcies, court judgments, marriages & divorces, birth records, genealogy records, social media profiles, tax liens, assetsCriminal records, sex offenses, bankruptcies, court judgments, marriages & divorces, birth records, Property details, etc.
Payment MethodVisa, PayPal, MastercardAll major Credit & Debit Cards
FeaturesMobile-friendly website, iOS & Android app, address, phone number and email lookup, city, state, birth date, ageMobile-friendly website, iOS & Android app, phone, reverse and people lookup, city, state, birth date, age
Customer SupportEmail, on-call, Twitter & Facebook, physical addressEmail, On-call, Twitter & Facebook

Intelius Overview

Intelius Overview

Founded in 2003, Intelius is a leading people check platform that allows individuals to find information such as criminal records, caller identity, social media profiles, location history, marriage and divorce records, and much more.

In a few steps, this people check site gives you a detailed report generated by their proprietary search engine, which scans through a humungous database to generate reports.

Intelius offers a monthly and bi-monthly plan along with an affordable six-day and seven-day trial, respectively.

It has an A+ BBB rating and is one of the most trusted background check platforms.

PeopleFinder Overview

Peoplefinder Overview

Founded in 1999, PeopleFinder is one of the oldest running background check services with millions of trusted users.

PeopleFinder has access to over six thousand databases and 43 billion records, using which you can find information about felony charges, criminal records, educational background, etc., of any person.

PeopleFinder also has an A+ BBB rating and has won several awards for its exceptional service and performance.

And the best part is that it offers monthly plans, single report plans, and trial plans.

In order to use PeopleFinder, you simply need the name, phone number, or address of the person, and the platform will generate a comprehensive background check report for you.

Intelius Vs. Peoplefinder Comparison


Intelius Features

PeopleFinder Features

  • People Search
  • Criminal Records
  • Address Search
  • Reverse Phone
  • Email Lookup
  • Public Records


Both Intelius & PeopleFinder offer various features. While Intelius stands out by offering traffic records as well, PeopleFinder distinguishes itself by offering an email lookup as well.

Rest all other features offered by Intelius & PeopleFinder are the same. So it is for you to decide which one you like better.

Ease Of Use



When you visit Intelius’ dashboard, you will spot a search bar right at the top of the page.

There you will see six options to run a search. As per your information, you can select one of these options and run your search.

You simply need to enter your name or phone number, city, state, etc., to get started. Once you do this, Intelius will throw a few questions at you to produce finer results.

The dashboard of Intelius is modern and understandable. However, it prompts a lot of questions and is a bit slow in generating reports.


The dashboard of PeopleFinder is also sleek and understandable. It is very simple and does not have a lot of unnecessary links, which makes it super easy to use.

As soon as you enter the website, you will see three options to run a background check right on top.

You simply need either the phone number or name, city & state, or Address of the person to generate a background check report.

PeopleFinder will also ask a few questions to you as the search progresses to narrow the results.

After scanning billions of public records, it will generate the final reports in a couple of minutes.

Winner: PeopleFinder

Price & Plans

Intelius vs peoplefinder Pricing

Intelius Price and Plans

One month Membership $24.86 a month
2-Month Membership$21.13 a month

Intelius costs $24.86 a month and $21.13 a month for a bi-monthly plan. Apart from this, Intelius also offers six-day trial plan costing $0.95.

PeopleFinder Price and Plans

One month Standard Plan$24.95 a month
One month Premium Plan$29.95 a month

Apart from this, PeopleFinder also offers a trial plan costing $0.95 as well single basic report for $1.95.

Winner: Intelius

Sign Up Process

Intelius vs peoplefinder signup


There are two ways to sign up on Intelius. The first way is to scroll to the bottom of the page, click on pricing, select the plan, and by paying for it.

Another way you can sign up on Intelius is by running a background check first and making a payment to unlock the report.

Intelius does not feature a dedicated signup page, which is not the most efficient thing for new users.


There is only one way to sign up on PeopleFinder. For this, you need to run a background check first and then pay in order to create an account and access the report.

PeopleFinders is less complicated, and because of this, the signup process does not look confusing even to a first-time user.

Winner: PeopleFinder

Opt-Out Process



The opt-out process on Intelius is simple. For this, you simply need to go to their opt-out website, look for your listing and click on opt-out.

They will then send you a verification link on your registered email id, and once you confirm opting out by clicking on the link, your request will be submitted.

Intelius will then take up to 72 hours to process your request, and you are done.


The opt-out process of PeopleFinder is similar to Intelius. To opt-out, you simply need to visit PeopleFinder’s opt-out page and paste the link to your PeopleFinder profile.

Then you will be asked to enter your email address and perform a captcha. Once you verify the request by clicking on the link sent to your email, your request will be processed within 72 hours.

Since both the platforms have same opt-out process, its a tie.

Reports & Accuracy

Intelius vs peoplefinder Accuracy


Since background check platforms collect information from publicly available resources, the reports are not always 100% accurate and have room for errors.

Intelius has mixed responses from customers. Some people find the information on Intelius to be correct, while some think it offers inaccurate information.


PeopleFinder has positive reviews from customers. And the reports that they offer are 90% accurate and quite comprehensive, unlike any other background check platform.

You can use PeopleFinder to learn information about family and friends, your neighbors, acquaintances, buyer, and sellers, etc.

Winner: PeopleFinder

Customer Support

Intelius vs peoplefinder Customer Support


Intelius offers quick and effective solutions to customer queries.

You can reach out to Intelius via email or social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Or you can also get in touch with them by calling them or by visiting their physical address.

You can reach out to Intelius during the following:

Open Monday – Friday

  • 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PST
  • (10:00am – 7:00pm EST)

Or you can send emails anytime and expect an answer within 24 to 48 hours.


PeopleFinder’s customer support is also quite helpful and friendly. They are available on call from:

  • Mon-Fri 7 am-6 pm PST and
  • Sat & Sun 7 am-3:30 pm PST

You can also email them your queries at [email protected].

We feel that both the platforms have equally good customer care service.

Intelius Vs Peoplefinder: Winner?

After comparing Intelius Vs PeopleFinder, on the basis of features, usability, price, customer service, accuracy, etc., we can say that PeopleFinder is a slightly better background check platform.

PeopleFinder offers more comprehensive and accurate reports for a slightly lower price.

Given the search options and features that Intelius offers are more and better, overall PeopleFinder is a better choice.

However, if you want to access more information, such as social media records, then you can try out Intelius. Otherwise, Peoplefinder will do the job.

We also compared Intelius with Spokeo and Intelius with Truthfinder, and you can see for yourself how it performs as compared to the two.

Intelius Vs Peoplefinder: FAQs

Does PeopleFinder has a free trial?

No, PeopleFinder does not have a free trial, but you can try it out by opting for its cheap $0.95 trial.

Does Intelius has a free trial?

No, Intelius does not offer a free trial as well. You can, however, try the platform out by opting for its $0.95 six-day trial.

What are the best background check sites?

Some other good background check sites are CocoFinder, TruthFinder, Spokeo, Peoplelooker, etc.

You can check and compare all of these and choose the one that fits you the most.

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