Intelius vs BeenVerified – Comparison 2023

When you are being considered for a new job or meet someone new online for friendship or dating, you might see background checks happening for you.

You might also do these background checks for yourself if you want to make sure of someone you have in your life and see all the public information accessible to everyone in one report.

However, manually doing this is extremely hard and might not give you the result you need.

That’s why there are websites and applications helping people with background checks and seeing all the public information they want to see easily.

Among all the options, it might be hard to know which is best for you.

Two of the most popular options in the background check industry are Intelius and BeenVerified, both of which have been in the sector for years with a proven record of success.

Intelius vs. BeenVerified

We will compare these two websites together to see which one comes out on top and help you to make a decision.

Pricing$24.86/mo ($21.13/mo for bi-monthly subscription)$26.89/mo ($17.48/mo for 3 months membership)
ReportsAge, birth date, background reports, contact info, phone, email and address lookups, criminal recordsBackground reports, contact info, phone, email and address lookups, criminal records
Payment MethodVisa, PayPal, MastercardVisa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
FeaturesMobile-friendly website, mobile app,Organized reports, versatile search options, mobile app
Customer SupportEmail, on-call, Facebook & TwitterEmail, on-call, Facebook & Twitter

Why Choose Intelius?

Intelius is a long-term player in background check services, operating successfully since 2003.

Intelius offers various ways to initiate a background check and find your results, which is known as a layered search.

You can start basic, start by looking up the criminal records of someone of your choice or do a complete background check that includes all their reports.

You also have the option to add the financial information of the person you choose for the check.

Intelius also works very efficiently on mobile phones thanks to their own mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Intelius also has a service that tells you the identity of those who checks your credit score for an extra fee.

That’s why their experience and extra offerings make Intelius an attractive background check service to choose from.

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Why Choose Beenverified?

BeenVerified came into our lives through their extensive marketing on TV ads in the 2010s.

They are the star of background checks mostly because they offer not just a comprehensive check in different areas, but they also give that to you in an easily readable manner.

BeenVerified offers birth records, arrest history, licenses and permits, and many other related documents about the target’s files available to the public.

The thing that diversifies BeenVerified more than Intelius and most other background check services is how it delivers that information to you.

It doesn’t dump all this information in front of you, expecting you to understand everything.

Beenverified’s background checks come with a good explanation and clarification for the user. It works on a monthly membership plan, and you get unlimited reports.

Comparison & Winner Based On:



– Intelius offers address, phone number, and email lookup, which provides the state, city you are registered in the current age, and birth date.

In addition, Intelius features a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app suitable for iOS and Android.

– BeenVerified also offers almost the same except for giving you the birth date and the age of the person you are checking.

They also have a mobile-friendly website along with a mobile app for both operating systems.

In addition, BeenVerified provides all this information in an easily readable manner instead of making it a complex report.

Winner – Intelius. They both have similar features, almost the same except for the information on the birth date and the age, which is what differentiates Intelius.

That’s why Intelius has more comprehensive features than BeenVerified.

On the other side, BeenVerified is easy to read. If you care about this, then BeenVerified comes out on top.



– Intelius has a more complex design all around, and there are many steps to take before getting the check package you need.

In addition, some users report that it automatically registers you for a monthly subscription when you just want to buy a package only once.

– BeenVerified has a more modern design and easy navigation around the website. You can simply put in all your information and get the necessary checks.

Winner – BeenVerified. It has a clean and robust website design, and getting what you want is just a few clicks away without too much complication.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

– Intelius’s sign-up process is a little bit complicated. It doesn’t have a specific sign-up page like BeenVerified.

You need to first choose a check you want to do, provide all the information, and pay for the results at the end. Then you can sign up for your account and purchase a membership.

You also have the option to choose the membership when you are first buying your background check.

– Beenverified’s sign-up process is very quick and takes only two minutes to do.

However, you must buy a subscription package, enter your card information, and make the payment. Then, you can sign up and get as many checks as you wish.

Winner – BeenVerified. It provides a faster process and has a dedicated sign-up page, compared to Intelius’ complicated method.

Opt-Out Process

Opt-Out Process

– When you want to opt out of Intelius and cancel your subscription, you can do so on the website easily without having to contact them personally.

However, you will have to pay a $7.95 fee regardless of your subscription.

– If you want to opt out of your subscription with BeenVerified, you have to call them or mail them during business hours to cancel your membership.

It is not easy to opt out, and you might be charged if you don’t do this.

Winner – Intelius. Both platforms have their disadvantages when it comes to opting out. One charges you a fee while offering an easy opt-out process.

The other requires you to call or mail them during business hours and has no easy opt-out access.

This depends on your choice, but easily canceling your subscription is important to be as transparent as you can.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

– Intelius is a bit complicated to use and get started with as it offers several options.

Some users also say that they automatically got subscribed to the monthly package without choosing anything in particular.

– Many suggest that BeenVerified is easier to use, has a robust website, and it’s down to the bat. On average, it takes about five minutes to compile a report of the most common searches.

Winner – BeenVerified. BeenVerified’s website is very modern, robust, and easy to use.

You can get a report in less than ten minutes, and you can see whatever you want in a more compiled way than a complicated report.



– Most users have reported that the searches Intelius makes are mostly accurate.

However, data such as the current address, social media details, and phone numbers are sometimes missing.

– Most information BeenVerified provides is from public sources and sometimes gives you more than one result for phone, address, and person lookups.

Some customers have stated that the information they received came out to be wrong, but overall most people also say that the information was accurate.

This means that BeenVerified is not accurate all the time, similar to Intelius.

Winner – Intelius. Even though both sometimes give out inaccurate information, inaccuracy reports of Intelius seem to be lower than BeenVerified.



– Intelius is $24.86/mo ($21.13/mo for a bi-monthly subscription)

– BeenVerified is $26.89/mo (it could go down to $17.48 if you subscribe for 3 months)

Winner – Intelius is the winner if you just need a monthly subscription without any fixed term. If you need long-term, BeenVerified is the best choice.

Customer Support

Customer Support

– Intelius offers customer support through email, calls, Twitter, and Facebook.

– BeenVerified also offers email, call, Twitter, and Facebook.

Winner – It’s a draw as both offer the same, and their response time is very similar.


Both platforms are reputable background check services that have been providing people with these checks for years now.

They offer similar services, but how they show the results appeal to different people. BeenVerified aims to make the results simpler and easier to read, which makes it suitable for most.

Intelius is a bit more complicated and thorough background check service. In the end, what you will choose mostly depends on what it is that you exactly need.

If you need reports that are easy to read and you are a casual user who needs a more streamlined experience, BeenVerified should be your go-to.

However, if you know what you are looking for and are a frequent background check user, then you should consider Intelius.


Do I have to pay extra for the different background checks I need?

Depends on what you exactly need. Intelius has some packages that only do phone lookup, address lookup, or most background checks together in one bundle.

The same thing doesn’t apply to BeenVerified, as they offer everything with one subscription package.

Are these the only two background check services I can use?

No, there are much more. Intelius and BeenVerified are just two of the most popular and legitimate background check services.

Are Intelius and BeenVerified the best two background check services?

This mostly depends on what it is you need in your background checks. There could be better options or one of these could be the best one for you.

Overall, there are similar or better background check services out there for you to choose from.


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