ID true Review 2023 | Details, Features And More

Background check platforms can help you in so many ways.

You can use it to get in touch with an old friend, find out information about your new neighbor, locate a loved one you may have lost, and more.

There are a lot of mixed reviews about one such background check platform called ID True.

If in case you are skeptical about using their services, then look no more, because, in this article, we will fill you in with all the relevant information that you should know.


FeaturesReverse phone lookup, and more
Rating ★★ ☆☆☆
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What Is ID true?

What Is ID true?
What Is ID true?

ID True is a background check website that was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles.

Over the years, it has garnered a lot of popularity because of its simplicity and ease of use.

ID True offers only two ways to run a search by name or phone number.

Using it, you can find information such as educational history, criminal background, social media profiles, etc., of the person who is living in the U.S. The best part about this is you can do all this anonymously.

Note that you cannot use it for employee screening or tenant or house help screening.


Should You Choose ID true?

Should You Choose ID true?
Should You Choose ID true?

The best thing about ID True is that it is effortless and straightforward.

It does not offer more than two options to run your search, which might be a positive point for some while negative for others.

Also, when we went through the customer reviews, we found that people liked its straightforward interface, but the slow loading of the report irked them.

So if you are looking for something easy and inexpensive, you can go for them.

However, if you are looking for in-depth, highly accurate reports, then there are definitely better options available.

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Features Of ID True

Features Of ID True
Features Of ID True

The various features of ID True are shared below:

Reverse Phone Lookup – This feature is helpful if you want to search for the anonymous person calling you late at night or just to check who is the true caller of an unknown number.

To use this feature, just type in the phone number, and it will give you information such as the name, address, network carrier’s name, etc.

People Lookup – Using this feature, you can get in touch with a lost friend or a loved one by locating them.

To use it, you just have to type in the person’s name, and you will get a comprehensive report of the current location, phone number, email address, and more.

Background Search – This feature comes in handy when you want to dig into the information about a person you are meeting for the first time.

For precaution, you can always run a background search on a person to know beforehand if they have any criminal records, sex offenders reports, etc., registered against their name.


Types Of Checks Offered By ID True

These are the following types of reports offered by it:

  • Current Location & Address History
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Criminal Records & Arrest History
  • Sex Offender Status
  • Contact Information with Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
  • Relatives & Business Associates

Who should run a Background Check, Reverse Phone Lookup or People Search on ID True?

You can use ID True to find a wide range of information and to save yourself. This could include:

  • Find Family
  • Online Dating Safety
  • Find Classmates
  • Check Out Neighbors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Locate Military Buddies

Pros And Cons Of ID True

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Access to unlimited reports in monthly plan.
  • Affordable.
  • Only two search options.
  • Reports may take time to load.

Plans And Pricing Of ID True

They offer two pricing plans. These are:

  • One-month plan – $22.86
  • Three-Month plan – $14.86/month

Please note that they do not have any option to pay-per report.

Just like its search options and features, ID True is simple or, as some may put it, “lacking” in their pricing plans as well.

Like we said before, it is a background check platform that is not fit for someone who wants to carry out multiple searches or for people who want in-depth reports.

How To Use ID True?

Because of Id True’s straightforwardness, it is fairly easy to run background checks and generate results.

Since they generate reports using a local database, the turnaround time of reports is less.

Although you get the reports quickly, their accuracy can’t be trusted one hundred percent.

To run background checks on ID True, all you have to do is just type in the person’s name, last name, or phone number, and within a few clicks, it will generate the report.

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How To Sign-Up On IDtrue?

To sign-up and use their services follow the below steps:

1. Go to their website and run a search by typing in the name or phone number.

How To Sign-Up Using IDtrue

2. It will start loading reports.

Sign-Up Using IDtrue

3. Once you identify the report you were looking for, click on the ‘View report’ option.

Get started on Idtrue

4. Now it will load the report, click on “continue.”

Get started on Idtrue step by step

5. To download the report, you must fill in your details and pay. Once you pay, you will get your first report, and your account will be created.

How To Opt-Out?

In order to Opt-out or remove your information, you just simply have to go on their opt-out page and fill in your name and state.

Once you do that, you just have to click on remove. You will get a confirmation email; once you verify it, your account information is removed.


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Is It Safe To Use ID True?

People mostly fear their privacy, and we get it. So as far as the user’s safety is concerned, ID True can’t be questioned.

You can run searches on anyone anonymously, and the searched person will not be notified at any cost.

Their site has also been verified by Norton Security and Secure Trust, ensuring that your privacy and security are taken care of.

The only thing you should be careful of is that they are not FCRA compliant, meaning that you cannot use ID true to screen employees or tenants.

And if you use their service for this purpose, it will be considered illegal.

USW ID True Ratings

Customer Service3/5
Ease of use4/5
Features & Services3/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

ID True Customer Rating And Review
ID True Customer Ratings And Reviews
ID True Customer Ratings And Reviews

ID True has received a combined rating of 1.2 stars out of 44 customer reviews on Sitejabber, and the customers were quite disappointed with their services.

Customer Service

You can get in touch with ID True by contacting them on a toll-free number- 1 (800) 443-2250.

They are available 24/7. Alternatively, you can also go through their FAQ section if you’ve any queries.

Online Reputation Of ID True

During our research, we found that majority of the customers were dissatisfied with ID True’s service.

While some complained about the poor customer service, others questioned the accuracy of reports.

Only a few people had something positive to say about their service.

Even Better Bureau Business (BBB) has given them an “F” rating, which is extremely low.


Now let’s have a look at the various alternatives of ID True:

ComparisonID TruePublicseek
FeaturesPeople search and reverse phone lookup. Phone lookup, address search, etc.
Price$22.86 per month$26.87 per month
BBB ratingB+ Not accredited
Turn-around timeSlowFast
Tenant background checkNot availableNot available

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Our Experience

I tried to run information on one of my old school friends using ID True because ID True has only two search options; with some difficulty, I managed to find my friend.

But the amount of information I obtained was so less. It felt like I wasted quite a lot of time.

Also, the report took so much time to load. Not the best, but it can be used to access limited information.

How We Review Background Check Companies?

We take into account the following factors to review background check companies:

  • Accuracy of reports.
  • The price and plans offered.
  • Safety and security.
  • Reliability of the information provided.
  • Online reputation among customers.
  • Features and services.

Final Verdict

Now the final question is should you go for their services or not?

We would say that if you are looking for something simple and affordable, you can go for them.

However, there are a lot of better companies out there, offering better features, but at a price. You can check out Spokeo, Intelius, Peoplelooker, and Peoplefinder.

We hope you liked reading about ID True and found the essential information you were looking for.


Is ID True Legit?

Yes, it has been in the business for over eight years now, and it is completely legit.

You do not have to worry a about your privacy and you can run all your searches anonymously too.

How many records can I remove on ID True?

You can remove three accounts per email address. But if you want to remove more than three accounts, you have to use a different email id.

Will ID True notify the person I search for?

No, it will not notify the person you search for.

Does ID True offer a free trial?

No, ID True does not offer a free trial.

Does ID True offer pay-per-report option?

No, it does not offer a pay-per-report option.

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