How To Start A Lawn Care Business?

Homeowners love their lawns, and they spend huge amounts to make sure their lawn looks elegant and neat at all times.

So if you are thinking about starting your lawn care business, then there cannot be better timing. 

This guide on how to start a Lawn Care Business will help you immensely in planning things right to successfully start and run your business. So let’s get started!


How To Start A Lawn Care Business?

1. Decide what service do you want to offer?

Before investing in any equipment for your lawn care business, you need to know what services you would like to offer.

You can choose among the following options:

  • Weeding & Mulching
  • Mowing
  • Selling fertilizers and pesticides
  • Lawn installation
  • Seasonal services, etc.

2. Calculate how much money you’ll need

Once you know what services you will be offering, start calculating the investment cost.

You might need to buy one or more things from the following list:

  • Mower – $8000 approx.
  • Licensing & insurance – $100
  • Vehicle – $5000 or more
  • Other equipment – $1000

3. Register, Get Insurance and License 

To register your company, you will need to choose whether you’ll be running your business in a sole proprietorship, partnership, or as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Once you have that figured out, you will now require a license which is mandatory to start a business.

To know what all kinds of licenses you’ll need, get in touch with your local SBA (small business Administration) or the local chamber of commerce.

The registration and licensing will cost you between $75-$400 annually, depending on where you live. 

After this, get lawn-care business insurance to cover your business and equipment against any unforeseen risks. 


4. Set up your Business Account 

Now get your business account opened with your bank to be able to manage and track all your business expenses separately.

This account will also help you in building your credit score and ensuring you are taxed accurately.

5. Purchase equipment’s

To start your business, you’ll need a mower along with other equipment like a leaf blower, lawn aerator, pruning shears, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc., depending on the kind of services that you are going to offer. So select what all you will need and buy it.

6. Price your service 

Once you have it all, you will finally need to price your service.

Your prices will depend on factors like labor cost, equipment, conveyance, the average rate in your area for lawn care business, etc. 

You can set your price in three ways: a flat rate, hourly rate, or per square footage rate.

7. Start Marketing your business

Generating Lawn Care Leads is an effective way to market your lawn care business and to get leads faster.

For this, you can list your business on Google My Business and Google maps, create your own website, and start marketing your business using social media platforms, SEO service, etc. 



You can start the business of your dreams in just these seven easy steps. So make sure to analyze all things mentioned above carefully.

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