How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number In 2024? 

There are many ways to verify a phone number during a background check.

However, the time and cost depend on the information you want and whether it is a cell phone number or a landline.

A smart way to counter the problem is using the reverse phone number lookup tool. 

Finding a phone number through reverse phone lookup is one of the most convenient and cheaper ways for both landlines and cellphone numbers.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a reverse phone lookup, how it works, and a lot more is. Let’s jump right in!


What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

What is Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone lookup is just what the name implies and involves finding the owner of a telephone number.

However, rather than using the candidate’s number to find their phone number, you can simply use a phone number and a reverse search service to discover to whom the number belongs.

A reverse phone lookup typically takes a fraction of a second to several minutes, depending on your selected service. 

Before the advent of the internet, phone companies used to publish reverse phone directories or reverse white pages listing businesses and residences.

However, the technology and high-speed internet have made the entire process of reverse phone lookup digital.

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How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work

Although reverse phone lookup seems like a simple process, in reality, it is quite tricky to do. There are two parts to the reverse phone lookup.

The first part is the information that cannot be deducted from the phone number, and the second part is where the information comes from, including:

  • The area code of the state and area
  • Type of the phone number such as cell phone or landline
  • The location of the first three digits of the phone number.
  • Name of the company that owns the phone number
  • The time when the phone number first came into use. 

The data of the reverse phone lookups come from different sources, depending on your phone type.

The information for the landlines comes directly from the careers, while the Caller ID companies provide the information from the cell phones.

Alternate Ways to do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Different Ways to Do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Here are four different ways to do a reverse lookup of a phone number:

Turn to Search Engine

Search engines are one of the easiest ways to look up a phone number. If the number you are trying to find is out there in public.

All you have to enter is the phone number, and you’ll get the results if it has appeared on any websites, blogs, and social media posts.

The only issue with using search engines is that the results are limited, and it is impossible to find a number not.

Utilize Facebook

Facebook is an incredible tool to conduct reverse phone lookups unless users change the default privacy settings.

Suppose the user has already entered their phone number in their profile. Just type the phone number in the search bar to find to whom it belongs.

Use a Reverse lookup Services 

Reverse phone lookup services have a large database connecting names with criminal record history and social media accounts and provide the most in-depth and detailed information about a number than regular online research.

Once you enter the phone number in the search bar, you will get the caller’s name, address, and all the pertinent data you need.

Background Check Services 

If you want a more comprehensive reverse phone lookup, background check services are the best option for you.

These services provide more systematic results than just a caller’s name and address, and you may also find the social media profile, dating profile, criminal records, and even pictures of the caller. 

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Tips From Reddit Users

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Best Reverse Phone Lookup Platforms

Here are some of the best reverse phone lookup platforms that you can use:

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the best reverse phone lookup services, and it offers accurate and in-depth reports to users.

TruthFinder offers a unique dark web scan feature, social media search, etc. You can choose to buy a monthly reverse phone lookup plan on TruthFinder that will cost you $4.99/mo.

2. Intelius

Intelius has access to extensive public info collection and is appreciated for its reliable results. Using Intelius is very easy, thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

Compared to other reverse phone lookup sites, Intelius has a quicker algorithm and allows faster results.

For $0.95, you can use Intelius to run a reverse phone lookup, and people search for six days. For a monthly plan, you can expect to pay $21.13/mo.

3. Instant Checkmate

This site, too, has access to any imaginable public records making it a great option to trace any landline or phone.

The best part about Instant Checkmate is that it is very strict about protecting user identity, so you can comfortably run a search using it.

You can buy a monthly plan at Instant Checkmate for $35.12/month and get access to all features.

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Wrapping Up

In this article on how to Reverse Lookup a phone number we shared different ways in which you can perform a reverse phone lookup and we hope you found this useful.


What are some good reverse phone lookup companies?

TruthFinder, PeopleLooker, and PeopleFinder are some really good phone lookup companies.

What kind of information can I find with a reverse phone lookup?

You can find information like the person’s name, IP address, geographical location, and even email addresses. 

How much does a reverse phone lookup cost?

You can run a reverse phone lookup for free, or it can cost you between $2-$25.

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