How to Delete Your Personal Information from People Search Sites 2022? 

People Search sites are invasive as they sell and trade your private information for a few bucks.

They accumulate a bewildering amount of information about people from social media, commercial sources, and public records to create personal profiles that sell. 

A quick search on these sites can reveal your past and present addresses, social media posts, any criminal records or bankruptcies, and even details about your relatives and where they live.

They may have even more sensitive data than what appears on the first page of the search results.  

Unfortunately, there are not currently any federal laws that give consumers the right to decide their privacy preferences regarding People Search sites.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about what steps you can take to delete your information from People Search sites to prevent identity theft and scams. Let’s begin!


Is it Possible to delete Information from People’s Search Sites? 

While you have no federal right to dispute the information available on People Search Sites, you can still ask them to remove your information from their database. 

Every People Search site has a manual process to opt out or requests the removal of your information.

You probably can’t keep your information completely confidential, but it would help you make it more difficult to find on the People Search sites. 

It’s important to know that data removal from People Search sites is tricky, and you may find your data will reappear even if you have it deleted.

Removing information from these sites is a periodic task, not a one-time project.  

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How to Delete Information from People Search Sites? 

Deleting your information from such sites won’t necessarily be quick and easy and may vary from one site to another.

You can either take a do-it-yourself route or pay someone to do it for you. Here’s how it works: 

Do-it-Yourself Route

  • To get started, create a new email account that would specifically be used for this purpose only. 
  • Search for your information on all the popular People Search sites, or try using a search engine to look for your name and address. Use quotes before and after your name to find the exact match. 
  • Find the dedicated opt-out pages on the People Search websites, follow the instructions and submit your request. Some sites may also ask you to share a specific page’s URL to request the opt-out. 
  • If you get multiple results with your name, you may need to submit a separate request to have each profile deleted. 

Use a Paid Service 

You can also use a paid service to get your information removed from People Search Sites on your behalf.

Deleting your information can be a time-consuming and ongoing process, and some of your information might remain in the public records after you have opted out.

That’s why it is better to pay someone else to take care of the task and continue to do if your information reappears in the future.

Some of the paid services you can use include DeleteMeOneRep, and Kanary

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