How Much Does A Labor And Delivery Nurse Make? In 2024

A labor and delivery nurse’s work is one of the most rewarding—and possibly dangerous—of all nursing jobs.

The nurse will enjoy their supportive role if the childbirth outcome is positive.

On the other hand, the nurse’s steadfast serenity, knowledge, and strength are critical when the outcome is distressing.

Whether it’s the happiest or most difficult time in a parent’s life, the labor and delivery nurse plays an important part in the process and maybe a highly gratifying nursing specialty.

As it is a hard job that requires a lot from you, so you might wonder how much does a labor and delivery nurse make and if it is even enough? Well, if you live in Tennessee or Hawaii, you are in luck, especially!

According to ZipRecruiter, Tennessee pays 4.3% more than the national average for labor and delivery nurse salaries, followed by Hawaii at 3.2%.

To find out the actual salary numbers and other details about this profession, keep on reading!


GuideHow much does a labor and delivery nurse make?
Average Income$65,438 annually
Highest Income$200,000 annually
Education QualificationDegree in nursing or bachelor of science in the nursing program

Who Are Labor And Delivery Nurses?

This vital healthcare practitioner, the labor and delivery nurse, is the person who spends the majority of the time with a woman in labor while they are giving birth—even more than the doctor who will deliver the baby.

The nurse in this job may be at the woman’s side from the moment she arrives at the hospital for delivery until the baby is born if the birth is reasonably speedy.

Multiple nurses may be involved in the care of prolonged deliveries that cover more than one shift.

As a result, labor and delivery nurses may not see a woman’s birth journey from beginning to conclusion.

In what might be a long wait before the actual birth, a labor and delivery nurse keeps an eye on the fetal heartbeat monitor and the mother’s health. Only if there are signs of concern will they contact a doctor.


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How Much Do Labor And Delivery Nurses Make?

Labor and delivery nurses’ pay varies depending on their location and also amount of expertise.

The average full-time compensation for L&D nurses in the United States is $65,438 per year.

Nurses who specialize in labor and delivery work in hospital facilities dedicated to pregnant mothers.

Also, you may find yourself working in rooms like a triage room, antepartum room, operating room, labor room, and many other places where patients might need your profession and skills. So depending on the area you work in the most, your salary could change.

1. How Much Do Labor And Delivery Nurses Make an Hour?

Labor And Delivery Nurses make a minimum of $23.32 an hour and a maximum of $100 an hour.

2. How Much Do Labor And Delivery Nurses Make a Month?

Labor And Delivery Nurses make a minimum of $4,042 a month and a maximum of $17,333 a month.

3. How Much Do Labor And Delivery Nurses Make a Year?

Labor And Delivery Nurses make a minimum of $48,500 a year and a maximum of $208,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of Labor And Delivery Nurses In 2024

When it comes to salaries of labor and delivery nurses, there are a lot of different salaries you can see because the job is not the same everywhere, some get really high salaries because they are taking care of different and difficult cases, and some get lower because their job is relatively easy.

However, the top 10% in the profession earn double digits, around $150,000 annually. There are numbers that go up to $200,000, but it is really rare.

Is Being A Labor And Delivery Nurse Good Or Bad?

You need a comprehensive education and the aptitude to work in a high-pressure atmosphere to become a labor and delivery (L&D) nurse.

As a labor and delivery nurse, you may make a significant difference in the lives of many families by assisting in the delivery of newborns.

Also learning more about how to become a labor and delivery nurse might help you determine if it’s the correct career option for you. It all depends on what you don’t like and what you do.

However, if you do not like anything at all about this profession, it might not be a good decision to work as a labor and delivery nurse.

How To Become A Labor And Delivery Nurse?

If you are going to become a labor and delivery nurse, you are going to need intensive education and training to kick start your career and spend years on your education alone.

You must possess some requirements if you are pursuing this career route. Let us have a look at it:

  • The very first thing you require to become a labor and delivery nurse is to have a degree from an accredited associate degree in nursing or bachelor of science in the nursing program.
  • Once you get your degree, you are going to need to take the NCLEX-RN exam, which is the official exam of the government for nurses.
  • Apart from these two, you also need to have two important certificates, basic life support and advanced cardiac life support certifications from accredited institutions.


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Pros and Cons of Being A Labor And Delivery Nurse


  • Great salary
  • You get to save lives
  • Respectful career
  • No scope of boredom
  • Get to travel


  • Emotionally draining
  • Not fit for sensitive people
  • Physically challanging

What is the Starting Pay of a Labor And Delivery Nurse?

Although this field is physically challenging and require you to stand & work for 12 hours straight, the starting pay of a labor and delivery nurse is pretty good.

Even if you are just starting out, you get $23.32 an hour minimum & $4,042 a month.

How Many Hours Does a Labor And Delivery Nurse Work?

Being a Labor and Delivery Nurse is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of physical labor, and you stand for most of the day. So on average, a Labor & Delivery nurse work a 12-hour long shift.

Labor And Delivery Nurse Training Programs

You get exposed to most of the real training on the job because there are no official training programs that a governmental or private organization provides.

You only take the training once you get accepted to work at a hospital or somewhere else, and you learn the profession as you go.

Because you are working with humans, the situations are never the same, and you could have a hard time getting used to how it all works.

If you’re interested in this subject, you should take at least one class relating to pregnancy and babies while in school and the needed clinical hours, which vary based on the school and state you live in.


As you can see, being a labor and delivery nurse takes time and effort; it is important to understand the hardships of the profession and decide accordingly because it is not easy.

However, the pay is really good, and there is a huge potential to earn even more by gaining more experience as you go.

So if you like what the job brings and you think you can handle it, being in this profession is definitely rewarding.

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How much does a labor and delivery nurse make when they first start?

When you first start as a labor and delivery nurse, you earn the lowest amount, being lower than the average.

How much does a labor and delivery nurse make after a decade of experience in the field?

Once you have some experience in the field, you earn way higher than the average, up to six digits in most cases.

How much does a labor and delivery nurse make if they have no prior training?

Having prior training or not is not a necessity; if you have never worked as a labor and delivery nurse, you will get training on the job.

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