How Much Does a 911 Dispatcher Make?

One of the first responders to a crisis is a 911 operator. They assist individuals with their needs and queries by connecting them to the appropriate resources.

Learning more about this role might assist you in determining if it is the perfect career path for you.

In this post, we’ll look at how much a does 911 dispatcher makes and address some of the most commonly asked questions about the job.


GuideHow Much Does a 911 Dispatcher Make?
Average Income$40,620 annually
Highest Income$75,000 annually
Education QualificationHigh school certificate or GED
Training Available

Who Are 911 Dispatchers?

911 operators, often known as emergency dispatchers or police dispatchers, receive inbound emergency calls regarding crimes, fires, and medical emergencies.

911 dispatchers figure out what the problem is and where it is. They dispatch the proper rescue professionals, or they alert them and give location information.

Police, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics all work closely with 911 operators.

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How Much Does A 911 Dispatcher Make?

911 operators earn an average of $40,620 a year, according to Indeed.

The amount of money you make in this job depends on a variety of things, including your degree of expertise and geographic area.

California, Colorado, Texas, and other states, for example, are among the highest-paying cities in the United States for 911 operators.

Highest Salary Of 911 Dispatchers

Salaries of 911 dispatchers depend on your location mostly rather than your experience or where you work.

If you are a dispatcher working in a state where salaries are extremely high, your salary will also be higher than the average.

Generally, there are no other ways that increase your salary by a bunch. On average, the top 10% of 911 dispatchers earn around $75,000 annually.

Is Being A 911 Dispatcher Good or Bad?

Operators for 911 operate in shifts. Each one may last anywhere from eight to twelve hours, with some lasting up to 24 hours.

They frequently work weekends and holidays, and they frequently work extra. In this position, you may interact with a large number of individuals in a variety of emotional states throughout the day, as well as listen to terrible facts.

This is psychologically not easy and might disturb a lot of people. However, if you like helping people and calming them in events of emergency, being a 911 dispatcher is the perfect profession. Otherwise, it is not.

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Qualification Required To Become A 911 Dispatcher

The most critical requirement is that the dispatcher be at least 18 years old, with most agencies requiring emergency dispatchers to have a high school certificate or GED.

Although having some college experience or even an associate’s degree is advantageous, it is not usually required.

Many states, counties, and municipalities demand a lengthy pre-employment procedure to qualify individuals for dispatcher positions, even if they have substantial customer service experience and educational qualifications.

Additional training, which may include comprehensive programs, may be required as part of this procedure.

911 Dispatcher Training Programs

An emergency dispatcher’s job is one-of-a-kind, and it necessitates a special set of talents to be effective.

When you start working as a dispatcher, you’ll almost certainly have to go through a probationary period.

This is the time when you will get to do on-the-job training, improve your abilities, and learn from your bosses and team leaders. There are no other external training programs for 911 dispatchers.

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As you can see, being a 911 dispatcher is actually a psychologically tough job that requires you to handle the most stressful situations and conversations while also having to go through shifts that last 12 to 24 hours.

The salary outlook is also not that good as there are not many opportunities to grow your salary besides moving to another state for a higher salary.

However, if you think you like handling people and these stressful situations, this profession is the best.


How much does a 911 dispatcher make when they first start?

All 911 dispatchers start with a starting salary when they first start working as a 911 dispatcher, which is lower than the average.

How much does a 911 dispatcher make if they change states?

Depending on where they go, they might be entitled to a higher salary or lower.

How much does a 911 dispatcher make when they are a senior?

When you are a senior, this does not affect your pay grade too much, but you will definitely earn way higher than your peers.

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