How much do window washers make? In 2024

A window washer’s duty is to keep dirty windows in houses, flats, and office buildings clean.

This labor is not as simple as it appears, and it may be quite dangerous at times. Many people wonder how much do window washers make.

The majority of the time, these personnel are responsible for window washing in high-rise buildings. Their influence on a building’s appearance is important.

Nobody wants to gaze at a structure with soiled windows. To reach the necessary window height, they frequently employ ladders or scaffolding. It does not work for people who are afraid of heights.

When considering the hazards of this profession, you have to ask how much a window washer earns. Before you tell us how much they make, tell us what their work entails.



GuideHow much do window washers make?
Average Income$15.71 per hour
Highest Income$21/hour
Education QualificationNot compulsory
Training ProgramsAvailable

Who Are Window Washers?

Window cleaners are those who make sure that the section of a glass window that is visible is constantly clean. They wipe the windows of companies and high-rise structures on the outside.

It’s worth noting that window cleaners aren’t just for high-rise buildings. People require these cleaners for one-story buildings and glass-encased structures.

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How Much Does Window Washers Make?

Window washers who are ready to battle the elements, such as heat, rain, and gusts of wind, while standing on a tight platform dangling from the side of a skyscraper might potentially earn more than other maintenance and cleaning jobs, but this is not always the case.

Also, Window washers who work on high-rise buildings are more likely to be unionized, whereas nonunion employees earn somewhat more than other maintenance workers. Window cleaners frequently work on a contract basis.

Window washers in the United States may earn up to $62.84 for a four-hour shift. This works out to $15.71 per hour.

Indeed based its estimations on data collected from over 2000 window washers over the course of 36 months.

How Much Do Window Washers Make an Hour?

Window Washers make a minimum of $8.41 an hour and a maximum of $24.28 an hour.

How Much Do Window Washers Make a Month?

Window Washers make a minimum of $1,458 a month and a maximum of $4,208 a month.

How Much Do Window Washers Make a Year?

Window Washers make a minimum of $17,500 a year and a maximum of $50,500 a year.


Highest Salary Of Window Washers In 2024

According to research, window cleaners get money according to their degree of experience.

Washing high-rise building windows can be dangerous, but because it is considered unskilled work, income does not climb considerably with expertise.

A seasoned washer, on the other hand, is paid more than a newbie. Window cleaners with more than 20 years of experience may expect to earn $18 per hour on average.

Cleaners who work for themselves earn depending on their customer base, with the more experienced washers earning around $20.71 per hour.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the owner of these statistics. And around $21/hour is the highest salary for window washers on average in the United States of America. It generally does not go higher than this in the industry.

Is Being A Window Washer Good or Bad?

Washing windows on high-rise buildings can be extremely dangerous, according to “The Washington Post” in the 2007 article Hangin’ With a High-Rise Window Washer, and many employers avoid or ignore basic safety measures as well as take advantage of undocumented workers who are unlikely to complain about standards and pay.

Undocumented workers in this business get their wages under the table and, while exact figures are unclear, are likely paid far less per hour than documented labor.

So, in these instances, being a window washer is extremely risky and could create major problems for you later on in life, but this depends on what you like, too if you like these extreme jobs and enjoy doing them, then it is good, but in general, due to its risks, it is not the best job.

How To Become A Window Washer?

Even though there is no official qualification required to become a window washer, you must not have any problem with heights and risks.

Other than that, being a window washer does not have a qualification requirement to start the job after you get your training and know the job if you are a newbie.

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Pros and Cons of Being A Window Washer


  • High in demand
  • Flexible working hours
  • Get to work in outdoor


  • Risky
  • Not good for health


What is the Starting Pay of a Window Washer?

The starting pay for window washers is $8.41 an hour, which comes down to $1,458 a month.

With some time and experience, window washers can make up to $24.28 an hour and $4,208 a month.

How Many Hours Does a Window Washer Work?

Window washers require a lot of sunlight to work, so they start working early in the morning and work till noon.

The window washers work for 35-40 hours weekly, and they take a lot of risks when cleaning the windows of a high-rise building. 

Window Washer Training Programs

Instruction on the operation of high-rise cleaning equipment, as well as staff safety procedures, is required.

A worldwide organization that offers memberships geared to window-cleaning enterprises of various sizes gives certification.

Look for advertising on the Internet and in the phone book for high-rise window cleaning firms that service city plazas in your region.

You can find some job applications for skyscraper window washers on the websites of the corporations that manage the buildings that give training programs.

Overall, there is no official training program given by authorities or courses; mostly, the agency that you are hired by or the company that hires you gives you the training on the spot while you are working, and there is no certificate or something else to prove that you have gotten training as it is an informal training to get you ready for the job.


You never realize how much money window washers make unless you look into it.

These artists amass large sums of money in order to re-glaze a stained glass window in your house, workplace, or retail.

Various areas pay somewhat different rates than the national average, either higher or cheaper.

If you’re the boss, this rate may possibly grow. It will be quite beneficial to individuals who want to establish a window cleaning service.

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How much do window washers make differ a lot by experience?

Yes, it does differ a lot from experience to experience. A newbie starts with an average of around $15, whereas an experienced window washer gets around $20.

Is the sector important when looking at how much do window washers make?

It definitely is important. Some start-ups or corporations with skyscrapers pay more than smaller buildings or companies.

If you work for the big guys, even though the job gets more dangerous, your pay gets higher with it.

How much do window washers make if they have the skillset but not experience?

They are mostly regarded as newbies as the most important thing with this job is to have an experience rather than the perfect qualifications.

As it is unskilled labor, other stuff is not taken into account most of the time.

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