How Much Do Survivor Contestants Make In 2024?

There are reality competition shows that have been around for a long time, and then there’s Survivor. The revolutionary series is showing no signs of stopping down.

We know that the winner of Survivor receives a $1 million reward, but what about the rest of the castaways?

The castaways focus on winning the game and earning the $1 million prize during each season of Survivor’s record-breaking stint on television.

While Winners at War quadrupled the reward, the show seldom discusses how much money the castaways get due to their involvement.

After all, they are separated from their families for weeks and suddenly become celebrities. We will take a look at how much do survivor contestants make in this article.



GuideHow Much Do Survivor Contestants Make?
Average Income$3,500 – $10,000
Highest Income$1 million
Education QualificationNot required
Training ProgramsNot available

Who Are Survivor Contestants?

Survivor contestants are the people who feature in Survivor as those who are racing and trying to win the grand prize.

They go through different challenges, play games, and try to win by eliminating other players from their team when they lose a team game.

It is all about survival and playing mind games after you survive a game. It is a tough thing that could play with your mind.

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How Much Do Survivor Contestants Make?

While the $1 million reward goes to the winner of Survivor, there’s plenty of money left over for the other castaways who didn’t win the game.

This includes the ill-fated first boot, which in new player seasons is usually worth $3,500.

Furthermore, each member of the cast that attends the finale/reunion receives an additional $10,000 for their efforts.

Even the most enraged castaway can attend the finals with this cash. Additionally, if they breach their contract in any other manner, the $10,000 is lost.


Highest Salary of Survivor Contestants In 2024

The highest-earning survivor contestant can earn $1 million, which is the grand prize that the show promises to the contestants.

For that, you need to win the entire show, and you will get the money. However, this money is pre-tax, so you have to pay tax on top of $1 million.

Is Being a Survivor Contestant Good or Bad?

Survivor is a tough game that you have to live on an island for months going through different challenges, trying to find food, shelter, and stay alive.

You have to multitask, so you have to win the games and also stay alive by finding food and other things.

It is not a pleasant experience, but the prize is extremely high and could be worth the effort. If you think you can handle these hardships, being a survivor contestant could be fun.

How to Become a Survivor Contestant?

  • There are literally no qualifications necessary to become a survivor contestant other than being over the age of 18, but in some states, this could be 19 or 21, as well.
  • You can simply apply to Survivor. The first step to casting for Survivor is to fill out the Survivor application on CBS Survivor Casting’s website.
  • You must submit a full application, a current photo, an audition video, and an explanation of why you want to be on the program in order to be considered.

There are also open casting calls held around the country by casting directors looking for new talent.

Survivor Contestant Training Programs

There are no training programs for survivor contestants. You apply for Survivor, and then if you get accepted, they tell you the rules and what to do, and then you start playing the games of Survivor and also stay alive on an island.

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Being a Survivor contestant is not an easy feat. It is hard to get in, and once you get in, it gets even harder because you are left alone with a bunch of people on an island, and you try to stay alive while trying to eliminate other players by winning games.

However, the final prize is extremely high and wort the effort for many people.


How much do survivor contestants make when they get eliminated first?

When you are one of the first to get eliminated, you get the smallest price possible.

How much do survivor contestants make when they come second?

When you come second, you earn pretty much similar to those who lost before you.

How much do survivor contestants make if they get eliminated due to sickness?

You get the same money as those who get eliminated through a vote.

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