How Much Do Superintendents Make In 2024?

A superintendent is similar to a system’s chief operating officer. A superintendent serves as both a visionary and day-to-day management, collaborating with teachers, staff, or administrators to ensure that people or children achieve achievement or they stay in order.

The superintendent of schools, buildings, and other places is different, but their goal is similar.

They also work as hiring officer, conducts interviews, and appoints supervisors, principals, and central office employees.

The superintendent is also responsible to the board, which is chosen or selected based on a variety of considerations.

This profession requires leadership, the capacity to understand the larger picture, and problem-solving abilities.

It is a tough job indeed, and you might wonder how much do superintendents make if you are thinking of a career as a superintendent.



GuideHow Much Do Superintendents Make?
Average Income$60,00 – $150,000 annually
Highest Income$230,000 annually
Education QualificationDegree is required

Who are Superintendents?

The superintendent sets the tone and agenda for the schools, students, or staff by providing instructional leadership.

They work with the board to implement policies, enforce them, and supervise the staff to ensure that the district’s policies are intact and everyone is following them.

The superintendent also develops the district’s goals and objectives and works with groups of staff to ensure that these goals are on track.

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How Much Do Superintendents Make?

Superintendents have a variety of salaries because there are different types of superintendents like school superintendents, building superintendents, and so on.

That is why salaries vary a lot. School superintendents make $150,000 annually on average, whereas building superintendents make around $60,000 annually.

However, on average, all superintendents can expect to make around $100,000 annually.

1. How Much Do Superintendents Make an Hour?

Superintendents make a minimum of $12.26 an hour and a maximum of $59.86 an hour.

1. How Much Do Superintendents Make a Month?

Superintendents make a minimum of $2,125 a month and a maximum of $10,375 a month.

1. How Much Do Superintendents Make a Year?

Superintendents make a minimum of $25,500 a year and a maximum of $124,500 a year.


Highest Salary of Superintendents In 2022

When you are a superintendent, salaries vary, but the highest salary you can get is rare because not every superintendent earns a high salary.

School superintendents are the ones that have the highest potential to earn the highest salary.

The top 10% of school superintendents earn around $230,000 annually, which is a tremendous increase from the average salary.

Is Being a Superintendent Good or Bad?

Being a superintendent is a tough job, and depending on which sector you are in, things get harder or more stressful.

With building managers, you need to be able to use your body as much as you can, which could be tiring.

For school superintendents, it could be extremely stressful to manage a lot of kids every day.

If you choose the area you like to work in, and you can handle this stuff, being a superintendent is a good career with a good salary.

Pros and Cons of Being a Superitendent


  • Good salary
  • Every day is different
  • An oppurtunity to create impact
  • Get to be in control


  • Great responsibility
  • Deal with negativity

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How to Become a Superintendent?

Here is how you can become a School Supritendent:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in education from a recognized university first.
  • Get a state teaching license and gain 2-3 years of teaching experience.
  • Get a master’s degree in education now.
  • Now acquire a public school administrator’s license.
  • Work as a vice principal and principal for a few years.
  • To apply for the post of a superintendent, obtain a doctorate degree and pass relevant exams to gain a superintendent license.

Each district’s and work area’s regulations and statewide rules governing the job determine the minimum requirements for obtaining a position as a superintendent.

Some districts may require candidates to have a Ph.D. in education, while others may establish the minimum educational requirements as a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education plus a certain number of years of experience working in an educational setting if they want to become a school superintendent.


How Many Hours Do a Superintendent Work?

The job of Supritendents is not easy, and it comes with stress & responsibility. Most Superintendents work for eight hours a day or 40 hours a week, depending on their field.

What is the Starting Pay of a Superintendent?

The starting pay of a Superintendent is $12.26 an hour, which means they make $2,125 a month.

You will be able to make up to $124,500 a year with time and as you excel more in the field.

Superintendents Training Programs

There are no specific training programs for superintendents because, generally, you become a superintendent after working in a sector for a while.

You first need to be a teacher and then a maybe principal for school superintendents.

You already get your training at the beginning of your career, and there are no external places where you can go to get training programs.

Maybe, if you are new in the sector, your employer could provide you with a training program, but that is not really common.


Being a superintendent is not an easy job and requires either physical or mental strength to go through your daily activities, depending on your sector.

However, if you choose a sector that you enjoy working at, it could be a good opportunity because the salaries are exceptionally high.


How much do superintendents make when they are working in a school?

When you are a school superintendent, your average salary will be around $150,000 annually, but that could be lower or higher depending on the school and your location.

How much do superintendents make if they have no educational background?

When you have a certain educational background, your salary will be higher than the average in most cases.

How much do superintendents make when they are running a big team?

If you are running a big team as a superintendent, you will get a higher salary than the average salary of superintendents, depending on the size of your team.

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