How Much Do Strippers Make? In 2024

The type of work that includes showing off your body or being in a sexual profession is always a tough one, not just because of the hardships of the job but also because of how people look at these professions and those who do these professions.

There is much pressure, and it could also be dangerous work depending on what you exactly do.

Strippers are dancers who work at striptease clubs and show off their bodies and dancing skills.

Whether you are thinking of working as one or you just want to know the details of it, you might wonder how much do strippers make. We will try to answer these questions.



GuideHow Much Do Strippers Make?
Average Income$26,000 annually
Highest Income$150,000 annually
Education QualificationNot required
Training ProgramsNot available

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Who Are Strippers?

A stripper, often known as an exotic dancer, is a person who works as a stripper in a public adult entertainment establishment such as a strip club.

A stripper can perform at a bachelor party or another private function on occasion.

Strippers in modern Americanized styles of stripping are less likely to communicate with clients, diminishing the role of tease in the performance in favor of speed.

Although not every stripper would finish a show entirely naked, full nudity is prevalent in areas where it is not against the law.

The majority of strippers work at strip clubs. A “house dancer” works for a certain club or franchise, but a “feature dancer” has her own notoriety and makes appearances around the club circuit.

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How Much Do Strippers Make?

There are many different salaries for strippers depending on where they work, how they work, and in which state they work.

These number of things make a lot of difference in this profession. However, the average salary for strippers in the USA is around $26,000 annually.

However, it is important to remember that strippers generally earn their money through tips and not their salaries. Many tips are coming in, depending on how good they are.

1. How Much Do Strippers Make an Hour?

Strippers make a minimum of $9.38 per hour and a maximum of $49.04 per hour.

2. How Much Do Strippers Make a Month?

Strippers make a minimum of $1,625 per month and a maximum of $8,500 per month.

3. How Much Do Strippers Make a Year?

Strippers make a minimum of $19,500 per year and a maximum of $102,000 per year.


Highest Salary Of Strippers In 2024

When you are a stripper, there are many opportunities to earn money by working at high-end clubs or going to private parties where people hire you.

For that, the range of salaries of strippers varies a lot. The highest salary that the top 10% makes is around $150,000 annually.

This does not include tips or private parties where it is impossible to know how much they make.

Pros an Cons of Being a Stripper


  • Good money
  • Gets to remain fit
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Can be done part-time


  • You need to look fit always
  • Bad influence
  • Risk of getting bad attention


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Is Being A Stripper Good or Bad?

Being a stripper is a tiring job both physically and mentally due to the nature of the job.

Even if you are working at a high-end club or just going to private parties, it could still get tiring and dangerous on many occasions.

However, if you like dancing and being in these clubs, you could still think of a career as a stripper. Otherwise, this career option is not the best for many people.

How To Become A Stripper?

There is no educational qualification necessary to become a stripper, as everyone who is over the age of 18 can become a stripper.

Here’s how you can become a Stripper:

  • Eat healthily, exercise a lot, and get in shape first.
  • Strippers are supposed to perform on a daily basis, so take dance lessons if necessary.
  • Now get a professional photo shoot done and start sending them away to clubs or bars.
  • Once you get accepted, start your career as a Stripper and start building a clientele to get on your own after a few years.

Having good conversational skills along with dancing talent is somewhat necessary to succeed in this career because if you can not talk with the customers and can not dance well, no one will hire you, or you will not get any tips even if they hire you.

Pros and Cons of Being a Stripper


  • Good money
  • Gets to remain fit
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Can be done part time


  • You need be fit always
  • Bad influence
  • Might get bad attention


How Many Hours Does a Stripper Work?

A Stripper working under someone can expect to work a six-hour shift for four days, ideally.

Someone who is doing this part-time or on their own can work more or less depending on their choice.

What is the Starting Pay of a Stripper?

The starting pay of a striper is $9.38 per hour or $49.04 per hour.

However, the amount of money you make is dependent on you. Some strippers who work part-time may or may not make this much initially.

Who is the Richest Stripper?

Dita Cervantes is considered to be the richest stripper in the world. Dita charges $1,000 per hour for her performance.

She is the reason why people started believing that stripping can also be something elegant and charming and not something to look down upon.

Strippers Training Programs

There are no training programs for strippers that you can sign up for; sometimes, the employers provide some training programs, but generally, if you are new to the profession, you learn by practicing it on the stage every day with your peers or alone. Otherwise, you can not get any external training.

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Being a stripper is already a challenging profession due to the fact that you work with males that could be aggressive or could undermine you for the work you are doing, and on top of that, it is also a physically challenging job where you have to dance a lot throughout the day and not feel tired meanwhile.

However, the pay could be really high if you do take full advantage of your skills.


How much do strippers make when they first start?

Strippers start from the base salary of the state they are working in, which could be lower than the average salary for strippers.

How much do strippers make when they are getting training?

When you are getting training, it is highly likely that you will also work to practice the skills you learn, which means you are employed and will get a base salary.

How much do strippers make if they have decades of experience?

When you are extremely experienced, you tend to work in high-end clubs and get extra jobs occasionally, which pays well since you are experienced.

You will likely be one of the top 10% earners.

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