How Much Do Sheriffs Make In 2023?

With the exception of accident reports, sheriff’s deputies perform comparable responsibilities to police officers.

Depending on the district, you’ll commonly see them patrolling courthouses, guarding defendants, and even functioning as bailiffs.

With extended duties, you might wonder how much do sheriffs make and what is the future scope of this job in the U.S.

According to ZipRecruiter, by the end of the year 2026, it is expected that deputy sheriff jobs will rise by 7%.

Keep reading if just like this you are interested to learn about the actual pay of Sheriffs, qualification needed, etc.


GuideHow Much Do Sheriffs Make?
Average Income$30,143 to $73,072 per year
Highest Income$110,000 per year
Education QualificationCollege Degree

Because seniority dictates schedule preferences, junior officers generally work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Off-duty, some cops work as security guards for retail establishments, nightclubs, and other enterprises. Employers and locality determine the salaries usually.


Who Are Sheriffs?

Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs are responsible for monitoring and protecting designated rural regions, as well as unincorporated territory in townships and cities.

The issuance of tickets and arrests for infractions of state and federal laws are among the responsibilities of this professional position.

Patrolling certain areas by car or on foot and keeping daily logs get sent to the appropriate law enforcement officials and authorities.

Detail-oriented specialists with significant working knowledge of the law and public safety concerns operate in this industry.

On a daily basis, they must also be ready to work flexibly between a police station, a courthouse, and patrol fields.

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How Much Do Sheriffs Make?

According to, the typical income for a deputy sheriff was $42,888 in June 2018, with annual earnings ranging from $30,143 to $73,072.

Pay varies on the size of the population that you serve, the region, and the amount of expertise.

Entry-level deputy sheriffs, for example, earned an average of $38,000, while the most experienced earned an average of $55,000.

Those working in Los Angeles also made much more money than the national average of $39,536; deputy sheriffs in this city made an average of $83,015.

The government employed the majority of the sheriff posts.

The local government had the most job openings, with an average hourly compensation of $27 and a yearly salary of $56,160.

The state government ranked second in terms of job numbers, but it paid the most, at $29.16 hourly or $60,650 annually.

The federal government employes the third-highest number of workers, but it was not among the top five in terms of income, with an average hourly rate of $24.85 and a yearly salary of $51,690.

Specialty hospitals that do not provide psychiatric or drug addiction treatment came in third in terms of compensation. The average hourly wage was $25.95, or $53,970 per year.

1. How Much Do Sheriffs Make in an Hour?

Sheriffs make a minimum of $12.02 an hour and a maximum of $43.75 an hour.

2. How Much Do Sheriffs Make in a Month?

Sheriffs make a minimum of $2,083 an month and a maximum of $7,583 a month.

3. How Much Do Sheriffs Make in a Year?

Sheriffs make a minimum of $25,000 a year and a maximum of $91,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of sheriffs In 2023

The highest salaries earned by sheriffs are generally in the state of California, where it goes as high as $110,000 annually, double the amount that an average sheriff gets in the country.

But of course, you can get something close to this depending on your rank, experience, and other things.

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Best States to Work as a Sheriff

Is Being Sheriff Good Or Bad?

Sheriffs operate in an atmosphere where they must deal with nasty or hostile people.

Depending on the workload in your county, you may be working longer hours than normal.

Obtaining the post of sheriff is a very competitive career; ensure that you are prepared to take on the task.

If you can tackle these challenges and you think you can perform well under pressure, being a sheriff is always a good job as it pays well, and there are a lot of challenges.

But if you think you can not handle these downsides, being a sheriff is a bad thing for you, and you must not work as a sheriff because the stress will kill you and will probably let you make wrong decisions at your work that could harm other people.

Pros and Cons of Being A Sheriff


  • You get to do something for your nation
  • Reputable job
  • Career advancement oppurtunities
  • Job satisfaction
  • Each day is new
  • Sheriffs usually remain fit


  • Physically & mentally tiring
  • Long & irregular working hours
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Risk of life
  • You have to make important decisions


How To Become A Sheriff?

Here’s how you can become a Sheriff:

  • Having a college degree, such as an associate degree in criminal justice or a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a similar discipline, would considerably boost your chances of landing the position. However, having a high-school diploma too can be sufficient.
  • Criminal law processes, forensics, criminal theory, investigative tactics, patrol operations, fundamental defense strategies, and the juvenile justice system are all covered in an undergraduate or graduate degree in any law enforcement-related profession.
  • The next step would be to complete your training by enrolling in a Sherrif academy. The training program lasts for 3-6 months and combines class room training along with field training. As a trainee, you will get to learn physical training, vehicle operation, crime scene training, etc.
  • Now you will need to fulfill the minimum sheriff qualification requirements as per your state rules. In this, you will have to clear a written exam, oral interview, pass a background check and also pass a physical fitness test.
  • Once you pass the tests, you can now start applying for Sheriff applications.

Deputy Sheriff Trainee Eligibility & Hiring Process

How Many Hours Does Sheriffs Work?

Sheriffs do not have a fixed time table always. They may be made to work overtime, or they may just end up working for longer hours due to some cases.

Sheriffs may be asked to work different shifts, also. They all end up working more than 40 hours a week.


What is the Starting Pay of Sheriffs?

The starting pay of Sheriffs is $12.02 an hour or $2,083 a month. This career offers a lot of career advancement opportunities, and there are a lot of departments that you can choose to work in.

With more experience, you can earn as much as $91,000 a year.

Sheriff Training Programs

Working as a police officer will allow you to finish the majority of your training requirements for becoming a sheriff.

In addition to the physical and psychological training needs, this would involve fundamental law enforcement responsibilities such as arresting criminals, investigating illegal activity, using guns, and peacefully dispersing crowds.

Before applying, you may need to complete training requirements as well as enroll in a county-specific training program.

The specifics of this on-the-job training may vary depending on the county you apply for.

Sheriffs in Oklahoma, for example, must attend a training session at the sheriff’s administrative school.

In most jurisdictions, you must complete the training during the first year of service.

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All in all, Sheriff officers can advance in rank and earn more money with significant experience and extra training.

It pays well not only in the higher ranks but also in, the lower ranks due to the risks that the job possesses.

And if you like to take risks and challenges, being a sheriff is a good idea to serve your nation and your people.


How much do sheriffs make if they do overtime?

Generally, sheriffs don’t or can’t do overtime because they already work extensive hours in cases and in problems, but when they do, they earn more money than they usually earn.

How much do sheriffs make without official training?

You can not become a sheriff without official training.

Does how much do sheriffs make differ from state to state?

Yes, the higher the living costs, the higher your wage will be, so it differs a lot.

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