How Much Do School Principals Make In 2023?

It makes perfect sense for you to start thinking about how you might take your profession to the next level as an experienced teacher who has a significant influence on pupils.

Being a school administrator might be the ideal job for you. You might utilize your classroom talents and expertise to influence and enhance a school as a whole in this leadership capacity.

You undoubtedly have some questions before making a career-changing decision. How much do school principals make and which state pays them the most are the most often asked topics.

According to Comparably, school principals in San Francisco get paid the most- 45% more than their national average salary.

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GuideHow Much Do Principals Make?
Average Income$97,000 per year
Highest Income$500,000 per year
Education QualificationSecondary Education Degree Program

Who Are School Principals?

Who Are School Principals

You probably have an excellent notion of some fundamental school principal responsibilities.

But there’s a lot more to the job than you would believe. A principal is a school’s instructional leader who reports to the superintendent in charge of the district.

With the size of the school and its resources, daily tasks will vary. One of the essential jobs in education administration is that of a school principal.

Elementary, middle, and high school principals are in charge of managing operations.

This involves classroom instruction, budget management, grant submissions, and collaborating with parents, teachers, and community leaders so that you can ensure that the kids receive the best possible education.

They also play an essential role in mentoring students and assisting instructors in becoming better educators.


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How Much Do School Principals Make?

How Much Do School Principals Make

Salary for high school principals is determined by a variety of criteria, including the kind of school (private, public, or charter), the number of years of experience, and also the school’s location, to mention a few.

Some job boards on the internet provide a salary range for school principals, and according to them, we see an average salary of $97,000 annually, really close to six figures.

However, depending on the state or city, this number could be higher or lower; this number is just an average of all school principals in the United States.

1. How Much Do School Principals Make in an Hour?

School Principals make a minimum of $22.78 an hour and a maximum of $67.44 an hour.

2. How Much Do School Principals Make in a Month?

School Principals make a minimum of $3,948 a month and a maximum of $11,689 a month.

3. How Much Do School Principals Make in a Year?

School Principals make a minimum of $47,381 a year and a maximum of $140,269 a year.


Highest Salary Of School Principals In 2023

Just like with the average salaries of school principals, the highest salary of school principals depends on the type of school you work at, your location, and many other things.

However, there is a number that the majority of very experienced school principals who is in the top 10% percent of their work gets.

According to those numbers, the highest salary we see with school principals is about $500,000 annually.

This is a substantial increase from the average salary, but as we have said, only about 10% percent of the school principals get this kind of salary thanks to their experience, and whether it is a private or governmental or a famous or infamous school, they work at.

Is Being A School Principal Good Or Bad?

Is Being A School Principal Good Or Bad

Being a school principal is not easy; the processes you have to go through, like being a teacher for some time and then getting required certifications and so on.

That is why not many people opt for a career choice like this from the very beginning of their teaching career.

However, the pay is pretty good if you are experienced and good enough in your career, and since you have been a teacher for many years before becoming a school principal, you probably like handling kids and solving issues that arise.

So we can say that choosing the principal school path as a career choice is a good choice for many.

Pros and Cons of Being A School Principal


  • You get to create impact
  • Good salary
  • Reputable job
  • Less physical stress
  • No two days are the same


  • Increased responsibility
  • You have to deal with tough students & parents


How To Become A School Principal?

Here’s how you can become a School Principal:

  • The first step in becoming a school principal is to take a bachelor’s degree in education or any other related subject.
  • Now apply for a student teaching internship and gain a certificate by working for 3-6 months.
  • Every state has different requirements, so if your state requires a teaching license, then pass your state’s tests for a teaching license & start applying for the license now.
  • Now apply for a classroom teaching position and gain teaching experience of 2-3 years.
  • Now enroll yourself for a master’s degree in education administration or any other related subject.
  • Appear and pass your state’s school administrator license.
  • Once you get the license, you can now start applying for the administrator position in different schools.

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How to Become a K-12 Principal? Education, Responsibility & Salary

How Many Hours Does  School Principal Work?

Principals do a lot of work. They have to attend meetings, meet parents, deal with students, pass approvals, and much more.

On average, a school principal ends up working for up to 60 hours a week.

What is the Starting Pay of School Principal?

The starting pay of a School Principal is $22.78 an hour or $3,948 a month.

Although being a school principal requires you to be responsible & have a lot of patience, it is rewarding in many ways. With more experience, you can make up to $11,689 a month.

School Principal Training Programs

Before becoming a school principal, you already worked as a teacher and had intensive experience in schools, classes, and with kids; there are no official training programs to train a school principal.

The education you already had before you became a teacher and the experience you gained in your teaching years is more than enough to be a school principal without any formal training.

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All in all, being a school principal takes time and effort, and it is definitely not an easy job but the pay is way above the average salary of all professions in the United States.

And the possibility to earn six figures is not really far away, and the opportunities of higher salary are really vast. However, being a school principal takes time.

You need to have several years of experience as a school teacher first before you will even be considered a school principal. As it is a demanding task and needs good skills management.

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How much do school principals make when they work at a private school?

School principals could make more money than average in private schools, especially if the school is a famous private school, but some private schools pay less than governmental schools.

How much do school principals make in governmental schools?

With governmental schools, the pay depends on the success of the school, which depends on the principals before you, and your experience determines your future salary.

But it is generally around the lines of the average salaries of all school principals.

How much do school principals make with more than several decades of experience?

So when school principal has several decades of experience, including their teaching experience, they get paid higher than the national average.

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