How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make 2022?

Being a preschool teacher necessitates love of working with children and a desire to encourage involvement and creativity.

By offering supervision, support, and learning activities, preschool instructors help young children prepare for kindergarten.

This job normally necessitates some formal education or training and a state license.

That is why you can not just become a preschool teacher, as you need to be aware of a lot of stuff, from creativity to psychology.

Since it is not an easy job, you might wonder how much do preschool teachers make, and we will answer that question.

Preschool Teachers
Preschool Teachers

Who Are Preschool Teachers?

Who Are Preschool Teachers?
Who Are Preschool Teachers?

Children between the ages of three and five are cared for by preschool instructors.

Simple daycare services, enrichment activities, and academic teaching are all available.

They educate youngsters on how to build social skills and stick to a schedule to prepare them for kindergarten.

They mostly assist youngsters in their development via tales and play.

Most preschool instructors work in private childcare centers, with a smaller minority working in public and private schools. Preschools can either be for-profit or non-profit.

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How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make?

How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make?
How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make?

A preschool teacher’s wage varies depending on factors such as their geographic area and whether they work in a private or public school.

Teachers at private schools often earn less than those in public schools. Wages also change by experience and education level.

When we look at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical preschool teacher’s compensation per hour is $15.35 per hour or $31,930 for a full-time year of 40 hours per week.

Teachers in school districts commonly work just during school semesters and from 9 to 3 p.m., but daycare workers work all year. They may, however, teach summer sessions.

Highest Salary Of Preschool Teachers

With preschool teachers, there are a variety of salaries going around depending on the school, location, how many classes they take, hours they work, and students they have.

That is why it is rather hard to pinpoint an exact amount of salary, but the top 10% of preschool teachers earn around $60,000 annually, double the average salary of preschool teachers.

Is Being A Preschool Teacher Good Or Bad?

Being a preschool teacher is a lot of work both before and during the profession.

You have to study very depths about children, and you need to understand them fully so that you do not make any mistakes while educating children.

Also, you need to understand their psychology; you need to know what to say.

If you think you can take this challenge with your love for the kids, being a preschool teacher could be good for you.

Qualification Required To Become A Preschool Teacher

Qualification Required To Become A Preschool Teacher
Qualification Required To Become A Preschool Teacher

A high school certificate with certification in early childhood education is typically the minimum educational qualification for instructors in child care facilities.

Some states, for example, require preschool instructors to obtain a Council for Professional Recognition child development associate certificate.

High school graduation, qualifying job experience, and needed coursework are all you need to obtain the CDA certificate.

Teachers at Head Start, on the other hand, must have at least an associate’s degree.

Furthermore, at least 50% of Head Start instructors must hold a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or a related field, as required by law.

Preschools at public schools normally require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

Preschool Teachers Training Programs

States frequently limit hiring based on a teacher’s level of expertise in child care.

Aspiring preschool teachers can gain experience and training by working as teacher’s assistants, aides, or daycare helpers.

Working with a licensed teacher can help you comprehend the many sorts of talents you’ll need to be successful in this field.

You may also learn about the many activities that preschool teachers engage their pupils in and which ones are the most beneficial.

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Preschool teachers need to study for at least several years and get the necessary certifications just to be able to work as preschool teachers.

Even after you officially become a preschool teacher, you need to be extremely careful about what you do and say to the children.

It is not an easy job, and not many people prefer it because most of the time you need to spend with children.

However, the salary is not bad, and if you like kids, this career is a career that you might cherish.


How much do preschool teachers make when they first start?

Preschool teachers, like with any other profession, start from the base salary.

How much do preschool teachers make during their training?

It really depends because if you are working as an intern with an experienced teacher, you might be entitled to the base salary, but if you are getting your training as part of your education, you might not earn anything.

How much do preschool teachers make once they are experienced?

Your salary increases with your experience in the field. Once you have enough experience, ideally more than a decade, you will probably earn in the top 10% of all preschool teachers.

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