How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make In 2022?

Pool cleaners are critical to the safety and functioning of swimming pools in both residential and commercial settings.

Being a pool cleaner may be a gratifying career decision for people who prefer working outside and executing technical duties to assist clients.

If you have thought about having a career as a pool cleaner, you must take a few simple and pretty basic steps to get started.

In this post, we’ll go over what a pool cleaner is, what they do, how to become one, and the abilities you’ll need to succeed in the job.


GuideHow Much Do Pool Cleaners Make?
Average Income$27,000 per year
Highest Income$40,000 per year
QualificationHigh school certificate or equivalents

Who Are Pool Cleaners?

Pool cleaners work in the hotel and leisure industries as maintenance specialists.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, and other water features are the things they take care of.

Public works organizations, hotels and resorts, recreational centers, fitness facilities, educational institutions, pool construction businesses, and pool equipment suppliers are all possible employers for pool cleaners.

They may also own their own pool servicing firm and work for such establishments.

Pool cleaners are often full-time employees who work long hours during the summer and warmer months due to increased pool care demand.

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How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make?

Your actual wage as a pool cleaner will be determined by your unique function, where you work, and your experience.

Despite these circumstances, the national average compensation for a pool cleaner is roughly $13 per hour, or about $27,000 per year, with the possibility of earning extra pay as well as perks like paid time off and health insurance.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Pool cleaners have a bright future.

The BLS predicts a 10% increase in employment for grounds maintenance employees, which includes pool cleaners, during the next ten years, from 2019 to 2029.

This is a substantially quicker pace than the average for all occupations.

Highest Salary Of Pool Cleaners

Being a pool cleaner, there is not much room for growth in your salary.

Unfortunately, the highest salary of pool cleaners is around $40,000 annually, not even double the average salary of pool cleaners.

And only about %10 of pool cleaners get the highest salary which is a hard level to reach as you need a lot of experience to reach that level.

That is why having the highest salary as a pool cleaner might not be something worth your time or effort most of the time.

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Is Being A Pool Cleaner Good Or Bad?

Being a pool cleaner actually requires a lot of information and requirements on your side; you need to know little details about pools, and its technical side could be complicated as you need to handle different things when they are broken or need a hand to fix.

It is mainly regarded as a bad job both because of the salary and because of the things you need to do which are really heavy and not concentrated on one thing.

However, if you like handling the technical sides of pool-like things and money is not the issue with your career choice, being a pool cleaner can rarely be a good option, but not everyone.

Qualification Required To Become A Pool Cleaner

The particular steps you’ll take to become a pool cleaner will likely be about your previous work experience and the kind of jobs accessible in your area.

In comparison to people who live in colder climates, becoming a pool cleaner may be a more simplified procedure for those who reside in tropical locations frequented by holidaymakers.

Regardless of these circumstances, you should have a high school certificate or equivalents, such as a GED, and maybe some form of certification or vocational school training.

Pool Cleaner Training Programs

Getting training programs is not a necessity to start working as a pool cleaner, but you can consider earning a CST (Certified Pool and Spa Service Technician), a professional credential offered by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

This certification program consists of a 24-hour continuing education course in which students must pass a 100-question test with a score of 75% or above.

Although such programs aren’t required to become a pool cleaner, they can help you build advanced skills in water treatment, HVAC, and mechanical/electrical maintenance.

As you develop in your profession and take on more advanced tasks, having a solid foundation of practical knowledge may be beneficial.

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To finish it off, pool cleaners are people who specialize in the technical side of pools and clean the pool-like things like jacuzzi, and so on.

Their salaries are not good enough to provide for a family even with the highest salary you can get as a pool cleaner.

That is why it is not a profession that is really famous with many people and not considered as a good job, but since there are not many requirements to start working as a pool cleaner, many people do it because they have to or they just like doing it.

Either way, working as a pool cleaner, you might need extra income when you have a family to feed.


How much do pool cleaners make if they have their own business?

Having your own business as a pool cleaner is the best solution to this career path as you can earn a lot of money by not doing any work literally, by letting your employees do the work for you, and you can earn a lot more than the typical average salary for pool cleaners.

How much do pool cleaners make when they first start?

When they first start, they start from the lowest bracket of salary, which is lower than the average salary of pool cleaners in the United States.

How much do pool cleaners make when they start without any practical experience?

It is not really common to start without at least an internship experience. Still, if you end up starting to work without any hands-on experience, you will probably get an intern’s salary which is lower than the average.

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