How Much Do Personal Shoppers Make In 2022?

Why not become a personal shopper if you enjoy shopping to the point that you are an expert at it?

Your primary responsibility as a personal shopper is locating and purchasing things for your customers.

Furthermore, if your clients don’t have a particular product in mind, you are accountable for finding it and making recommendations.

Personal shoppers can work for individual clients as freelancers and at boutiques and retailers.

Since there are a lot of areas to work in and the clientele is so vast, you might wonder how much does personal shoppers make?

In either case, whether a freelancer or a salary-based position, this position necessitates outstanding customer service abilities, a strong eye for detail, and a thorough understanding of the market and business.


GuideHow Much Do Personal Shoppers Make?
Average Income$56,000 per year
Highest Income$85,000- $90,000 per year
TrainingNot needed

Who Are Personal Shoppers?

A personal shopper is someone who makes a livelihood by shopping for others.

Personal shoppers can shop for anything from groceries to furnishings, but most of their customers’ apparel and accessories purchases come from personal shoppers.

Some personal shoppers work for clients or personal stylists directly, while others work for boutiques or department stores that provide personal shopping services.

A personal shopper usually works for the store itself; thus, there is no need to pay for the service.

Other retailers will charge a modest price to employ their personal shoppers and the perks that come with them.

Fashion stylists, shop assistants, and sales assistants are all terms used to describe personal shoppers.

Some personal shoppers work on a freelance basis for private clients, such as event style and closet organization.

Personal shoppers may be found outside of agencies on auction platforms like eBay, where they sell their services for personalized things like men’s and women’s apparel collections.

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How Much Do Personal Shoppers Make?

Because the profession of a personal shopper is so new, there are no revenue numbers available from the government authorities or any other institution that has governmental authority to make this assumption for statistics purposes.

However, a number of career websites give hourly salary and yearly income predictions based on pay scales mentioned in job postings, among other things.

According to Indeed, the average income for a personal shopper is $56,000 per year.

Third-party contributions to the website and its affiliates are used to determine the averages.

According to Indeed, from company to company, from state to state, and even from the seniority level to seniority level, it really depends, and the average salary given by estimations might not be accurate for many personal shoppers.

Highest Salary Of Personal Shoppers

When we are taking a look at the highest salary of personal shoppers, we can never be sure if there is a limit on how much you can earn because if you are a personal shopper who does everything and not just one thing and helps with many things at the same time, your pay is going to be substantially higher than many other personal shoppers, especially if you are living in a state where the cost of living is one of the highest like Los Angeles.

However, we see salaries going as high as $85,000-90,000 annually in different states and companies with the statistics we have.

This is an extreme increase from the average salary of personal shoppers countrywide.

Is Being A Personal Shopper Good Or Bad?

Being a personal shopper is a relatively new profession and not known by many people around the United States.

However, many people who know about it like the job because it is really an intriguing profession.

Dealing with shopping all the time and as you can imagine, it is hard to not like this.

However, you will deal with people as part of your job all the time, and this is the hardest part.

If you do not like to talk to people all the time and handle their problems, solve their issues, this job is not the best job you can have.

All in all, it comes down to what you like and whether you can handle the hardships of the job.

Qualification Required To Become A Personal Shopper

Even though there is no formal governmental or non-governmental education requirement for personal shoppers, you will likely need the experience to attract customers or qualify for regular employment, and most outlets would recommend that you have a similar retail experience.

Many personal shoppers begin by freelancing for private customers or accepting special requests from retailers in order to grow their portfolios.

Aside from the essentials, you’ll need a thorough grasp of the fashion business, including current fashion trends, and creative styling.

Consider working in another fashion business sector if you want more hands-on experience.

You might work in retail or as a stylist’s or fashion photographer’s assistant.

Spending time with industry specialists can benefit your own shopping career no matter what you do.

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Personal Shopper Training Programs

As this is a relatively new profession and there is no certification to be given by any of the authorities, and no one really looks for it, there are no training programs for it, but if you are working with a retail shop, they will probably teach you the basics of the job, and you will learn the rest on the job, with practical experience.


So to conclude, being a personal shopper is a tricky thing to be.

You need to follow fashion trends, and also you need to be able to communicate efficiently with your clients so that they won’t cause any problem to you and your business if you are a freelancer or to your shop, if you are working in retail.

The pay is not bad; however, you need to have the patience to do this job.


How much do personal shoppers make when they work as freelancers?

If you are a personal shopper freelancer, you can set your own price and choose how many clients you will have, so there is basically no set amount of how much you can earn.

How much do personal shoppers make when they first start their careers?

They start with a salary lower than the average, precisely how much depends on your abilities and skills you can offer.

How much do personal shoppers make if they have no practical experience with the fashion industry?

They probably start with the lowest salary bracket as they have little to offer and learn on the job.

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