How Much Do Personal Assistants Make In 2024?

Personal assistants play an essential role in the lives of many CEOs and other professionals since they ensure proper scheduling, organization, and planning.

A personal assistant can operate in a professional environment or remotely and is responsible for a variety of administrative activities that directly support an office or individual.

Personal assistants assist with work and give support. They help private consumers in their homes and professionals in their offices.

They do a lot of stuff, and they need to be available the majority of the time to help their bosses anytime when they need them.

And according to Indeed, 44% of Personal Assistants in the US think that their pay is enough for the cost of living in their area.

Looking at this, you might wonder how much do personal assistants make? We will answer that and other questions about the profession in this article.


GuideHow Much Do Personal Assistants Make?
Average Income$39,722 per year
Highest Income$70,000 per year
Education QualificationHigh school or (GED) certificate
Training ProgramsNot Available

Who Are Personal Assistants?


A personal assistant is a professional who assists another professional or organization with a variety of administrative tasks.

Personal assistants may be in charge of personal obligations, corporate responsibilities, and other responsibilities that directly serve a single individual.

Personal assistants frequently spend the majority of their workday running errands for their bosses.

These chores might range from buying gifts and groceries to picking up dry cleaning and meals and supervising automobile repairs.

Personal assistants frequently plan appointments for their employers, ranging from medical and dentist visits to meetings with coworkers.

Standard tasks include answering phones, opening and delivering mail, and forwarding or replying to emails.

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How Much Do Personal Assistants Make?


A full-time personal assistant’s typical income varies based on where they work, how they work, and who they work with.

For example, as a personal assistant, if you are working with a business owner, businessman/woman who needs you for everything, and you need to be on 24/7, your payment will be higher as you are spending way more time than usual on your job and the owner needs your services.

It also depends on the things you need to do at your job because, for example, if your job includes traveling frequently, you could earn way higher than the average.

Research the national and local full-time personal assistant compensation standards before reaching a wage agreement.

Personal assistants earn an average yearly pay of $39,722 in the United States.

1. How Much Do Personal Assistants Make an Hour?

Personal Assistants make a minimum of $6.73 an hour and a maximum of $38.46 an hour.

2. How Much Do Personal Assistants Make a Month?

Personal Assistants make a minimum of $1,167 a month and a maximum of $6,667 a month.

3. How Much Do Personal Assistants Make a Year?

Personal Assistants make a minimum of $14,000 a year and a maximum of $80,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of Personal Assistants In 2022

There is no certain number for the highest salaries of personal assistants.

As we have mentioned before, the salary you get is all about the person you are working with, your location, the requirements you need to have, and the things you need to do (whether it includes traveling or not, etc.).

However, according to Indeed, the highest salary we frequently see in personal assistants is around $70,000 annually, which is exponentially higher than the national average salary for the profession.

This could still well be higher than this, reaching six digits if you have a good network within the business setting of your location. 

Is Being A Personal Assistant Good Or Bad?


Being a personal assistant is extremely hard because it takes up nearly all the time you have as you need to be with your employer most of the time to help them in their life.

This could include waking up very early or sleeping late because they need you in some part of their life.

That is why the majority of people do not like this profession and think it is not good, which is understandable.

However, if you like to help people and learn from other people, this job could fit you.

Pros and Cons of Being A Personal Assistant


  • Decent pay
  • You can work from home
  • Degree is not necessary
  • Get to attend client parties
  • Get to meet interesting people
  • You can build your network


  • No career growth
  • You might end up with a terrible boss
  • Odd hours


How To Become A Personal Assistant?

Here’s how you can become a Personal Assistant:

  • To start with their profession, personal assistants generally need to graduate from a high school or have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
  • You must have basic language, arithmetic, and reasoning abilities.
  • Personal assistants are often required to hold an Associate’s Degree in Communications, Business, or a related profession by many workplaces.
  • You can also get Starkey International Institute’s Certified Personal Assistant certificate, which includes study in household administration and personal care. This will increase your chance of getting hired.


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How Many Hours Does Personal Assistant Work?

Personal Assistants work for as long as 40 hours a week, but they might be asked to work for odd hours and even during nighttime, depending on how your boss is.

What is the Starting Pay of Personal Assistant?

The starting pay of a Personal Assistant is $6.73 an hour or $1,167 a month. With more experience you can earn as much as $80,000 a year.

Jobs & Responsibilities of a Personal Assistant

Things to Avoid in Your Personal Assistant Career

Personal Assistant Training Programs

Personal Assistant Training Program

Since the personal assistant profession is not an accredited professional in colleges on its own, one can’t get practical training in these education organizations.

There are also no private training programs to teach you the personal assistant profession.

Personal assistants often undergo on-the-job training for each function because numerous companies have different demands and preferences.

During the first few weeks as a personal assistant, they understand their employer’s requirements and processes, and they may get extra training.

However, since the job is mainly about what a normal human being does on a daily basis, you already know how to do things; you just need to learn about your employer and follow those needs.

5 Tips for Becoming a Personal Assistant


To conclude, being a personal assistant is a tough job that requires immense dedication to someone else’s life.

You need to be always available to do what they need and run errands basically every day.

However, the pay is generally good if you are working for a respectable and renowned person.

If you think going through that hardship is worth the money, being a personal assistant is actually a good choice for finances.

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How much do personal assistants make when they have no prior experience?

If you have no prior experience, chances are you will probably get an average salary or something lower than that.

How much do personal assistants make if they are renowned personal assistants?

So if your name is already up there and many people know good a job you do, you could earn in six digits without a doubt.

How much do personal assistants make when they have been working with the same person for years?

If you have been working with the same person for several years and you both know each other really well, you will probably earn higher than the average salary, but how high would depend on your employer.

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