How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make In 2022?

With over 1300 sites across the United States, Orangetheory Fitness is a famous heart rate-based interval training fitness company.

They are always on the look-out for skilled coaches that can provide their clients with a terrific training experience as well as providing them with information on how to eat and what to do during their day-to-day lives to get the best experience possible from their training and with all this you might wonder how much do Orangetheory coaches make.

We will answer that question here in this article. Orangetheory Fitness Coaches lead up to 45 participants through scientifically planned exercises in a single session.

They can efficiently manage time and inspire several customers in a group situation, and they can coach individuals of all abilities.

You’ll establish a studio culture, boost exercise participation, and expand the studio’s membership base.


GuideHow Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?
Average Income$26 per hour
Highest Income$60 per hour

Who Are Orangetheory Coaches?

Orangetheory coaches work in Orangetheory fitness saloons to provide better for Orangetheory clients and help them with their workout, scheduling, diet, and other things that make your workout complete.

Orangetheory coaches work with a variety of clients simultaneously, and they do plan exercises in a session other than helping their clients around the gym with their workouts.

So, they have a lot of things on their plates to provide the best experience possible to the clients of Orangetheory.

They are certificated trainers who know how to handle the physical and mental sides to provide for your needs.

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How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?

The average Orangetheory Fitness Coach hourly wage is $26. Coaches at Orangetheory Fitness can earn anywhere from $11 and $60 per hour.

This estimate is based on 64 salary reports submitted by Orangetheory Fitness Coach workers or approximated based on statistical methodologies.

When you consider the incentives and other forms of compensation, a Coach at Orangetheory Fitness can expect to earn $26 per hour on average.

This number is the average of the United States. Thus, it might differ from state to state, too.

Highest Salary Of Orangetheory Coaches

Suppose you are a really experienced Orangetheory coach that has immense knowledge in practical stuff and can handle your clients the best possible way.

In that case, you can expect to earn around $60 per hour, which is about double the average salary of an Orangetheory coach.

This, of course, depending on which state you are in, could go higher to presumably over $60 an hour.

Is Being An Orangetheory Coach Good Or Bad?

Being an Orangetheory coach is definitely not easy because you have to handle tens of people in your day-to-day tasks.

Also, you have to come up with sessions, programs, exercise plans, and other details that the customers of Orangetheory deserve.

If you are up to a task to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, being an Orangetheory coach is a good job with relatively good pay.

However, if you can not do the mental part of the physical part, if one part of these two is missing, you might not be able to enjoy the work and do a good job, making it a bad experience.

Qualification Required To Become An Orangetheory Coach?

There are many different qualifications you should have to be an Orangetheory coach.

Physiology, workout technique, and body mechanics are all areas in which you should be well-versed.

And you should also be able to multi-task because you handle more than one client at the same time.

You should be able to go back and forth to all of your clients while coaching. You should be able to work in every level of fitness to provide better to your clients at every level.

ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA, and AFAA CPR/AED certifications from an OTF authorized education organization are examples of current fitness certifications you need to have to work at Orangetheory as a coach.

Out of all these, the most important one is to have the certifications needed because without them, you can not work at Orangetheory at all.

Orangetheory Coach Training Programs

If you are a coach with certifications necessary to start working at Orangetheory as a coach, you already are trained and have intense knowledge about being a coach, so Orangetheory does not provide any kind of coach training programs as you might imagine.

You get the necessary training while getting your certifications like NSCA, AFAA, CPR from an OTF authorized education organization that is generally privately owned.

Still, some governmental institutions provide these, too. So, the only authorized training programs you can get are in any of the organizations that are authorized by OTF.

Besides this, there is no official way to become an Orangetheory coach.

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In conclusion, being an Orangetheory coach is not an easy job. It requires a lot of work, and also you need to get the necessary training from authorized organizations.

This takes some time and money to do. So, if you enjoy the challenges that being an Orangetheory coach brings, you will definitely like this.

Also the pay is good enough for you to enjoy it if you are experienced. It even gets higher the more experienced you are or the more expensive state you are in.


Does how much do Orangetheory coaches make differ from gym to gym?

It might be because some gyms could be in big states like New York or Los Angeles that is expensive to live in, so they have to pay more than small states.

How much do Orangetheory coaches make if they have a lot of training experience?

Even though there are no set numbers in terms of how much experienced Orangetheory coach gets, they are definitely higher than the average salary we mentioned here.

How much do Orangetheory coaches make if they are a newbie without prior experience?

If you are a new coach without any experience, you will get something lower than the average, which is normal because even though you have an educational background, there is no practical experience.

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