How Much Do Neurologists Make In 2023?

The nervous system is all about the brain and spinal cord. Developing vital skills and procedures to assist preserve and maintaining your patients’ brains and nervous systems requires a lot of time, research, and devotion to become a neurologist.

A job as a neurologist may be a good fit for you if you have strong communication, problem-solving, and dexterity abilities.

Sensory organs such as the skin, eyes, hearing, joints, and muscles are part of your body that a neurologist treats.

The nervous system is in charge of how you move, think, act, remember, and make decisions.

It is vitally important to see a neurologist if one of your senses fails. Given all this, you are aware that being a neurologist is tough, and you might ask yourself, how much do neurologists make?

According to ZipRecruiter, New York pays 18.7% more salary than the national average to Neurologists. To learn about the average salary of neurologists and more keep reading.


GuideHow Much Do Neurologists Make?
Average Income$220,863 per year
Highest Income$360,000 per year
Education QualificationDegree in medicine or osteopathy

Who Are Neurologists?

Who Are Neurologists

A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in treating problems in the brain and nervous system.

A neurologist’s day is never quiet. A neurologist works in both the clinic and the hospital.

Neurologists diagnose and treat medical problems that affect patients’ nerves, brains, and spinal cords.

A neurologist reviews tests and videos every day, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams.

To identify the diagnosis and therapy, a neurologist must examine the results of these tests.

They don’t do procedures, but they do try to help their patients. Instead, they go through the motions of examinations and small operations.

If a patient needs surgery from someone other than a doctor, a neurologist may follow up with them thereafter.

Neurologists can specialize in a variety of fields, including pediatric and behavioral neurology.


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How Much Do Neurologists Make?

A neurologist’s income may be different depending on their employer’s location and size.

A city hospital, for example, may pay them more than a rural hospital.

In addition, certain cities or states have greater wages than others, which may have an impact on their incomes.

Another factor that affects compensation is their level of experience.

A neurologist with a lot of expertise typically makes more money than a neurologist with less experience.

Many organizations give a starting pay generally according to the candidate’s abilities.

However, we may eliminate an average of all incomes in the United States. A neurologist’s average annual salary is $220,863 in the United States.

1. How Much Do Neurologists Make an Hour?

Neurologists make a minimum of $21.39 an hour and a maximum of $190.62 an hour.

2. How Much Do Neurologists Make a Month?

Neurologists make a minimum of $3,708 an month and a maximum of $33,042 a month.

3. How Much Do Neurologists Make a Year?

Neurologists make a minimum of $44,500 a year and a maximum of $396,500 a year.


Highest Salary Of Neurologists In 2023

Salaries of neurologists are already extremely high compared to other professions.

When you are working in a big state where living expenses are high, and you are also an experienced neurologist, you tend to earn way more than your counterparts, over at least 50%.

The highest salary of neurologists that the top 10% get is around $360,000 annually.

This salary could still be higher, depending on your location and expertise.

Is Being A Neurologist Good Or Bad?

Is Being A Neurologist Good Or Bad

A neurologist typically works 55 hours per week, which is five hours more than the average physician.

Neurologists should anticipate spending the majority of their days traveling about, spending up to 14 hours per week on non-patient work, and spending a significant amount of time researching and discussing new results, regardless of where they work.

With all these aspects we see, and the years of education it takes to be a neurologist, it is not the best option out there.

Still, even the average salary, the pay is significantly above the national average wages of all professions in the United States.

So, if you like medicine and if you think you can endure the hardships of the profession, being a neurologist is definitely good.

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Pros and Cons of Being A Neurologist


  • Rewarding job
  • You get to save lives
  • Excellent pay
  • Reputable
  • Growth oppurtunity


  • Requires extensive training
  • Stressful
  • Long hours
  • Emotionally draining


A Day in the Life of a Neurologist

How To Become A Neurologist?

How To Become A Neurologist

To work as a neurologist, like with any other profession in medicine, you need several years of education, requiring a degree in medicine or osteopathy.

Here’s how you can become a Neurologist:

  • To work as a neurologist, you’ll need a degree in Medicine or Osteopathy, which entails four years of undergraduate study followed by four years of medical school. To have an edge over others, it is advised that you take up an internship or volunteer in any hospital during or after your bachelor’s degree.
  • After graduating from university, you will have to complete three years of specialty training in a recognized neurology residency program where you would supervise physicians on their daily rounds, observe and assess patient behavior, and attend pertinent lectures during the residency.
  • You can also enroll in fellowship programs where you are basically trained in sub-specialties for additional two years.
  • Some states also require a license to work as a Neurologist, for which you will have to appear for a test, and once you have your license, you can start by applying in hospitals.


The Reality of Being a Neurologist

What is the Starting Pay of Neurologist?

The starting pay of a Neurologist is $21.39 an hour or $3,708 a month.

With more experience in this field, you can earn as much as $33,042 a month or even more. This profession is very lucrative.

How Many Hours Does Neurologist Work?

Neurologist typically starts working early in the morning, and they can either work in a hospital or private clinic.

They might also do overtime, depending on urgent requirements. On average, they work 50-55 hours.

Neurologist Training Programs

Students must finish a medical residency program after graduating from medical school.

That residency program is the only training that a neurologist or many medical students get.

This one-year internship leads to a residency of three to four years. The internship prepares students for a career as a neurologist by teaching them the necessary skills.

Students work with a certified neurologist in a hospital setting during the residency, gaining hands-on experience treating actual patients.

If you wish to practice neurology as a specialization, you should look into a fellowship program that lasts many years.

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To conclude, being a neurologist takes a lot of effort, studying it, and mastering it when you are working.

You need to be able to handle all the hardships right from the beginning, and not everyone can do it.

However, the pay is exponentially high, and it is worth the trouble for many people.

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How much do neurologists make in a residency program?

While you are in residency, you make the same amount as you would be working. So, below average but not so below to make life unliveable.

How much do neurologists make after a decade in the field?

Once you have around a decade of experience in the field, you could expect your salary to increase exponentially, rising to the levels of the top %20 or %10 depending on how skillful you are.

How much do neurologists make when they finish their residency?

You start working full-time when you finish your residency, but your salary does not get a huge bump.

You will probably be under the average salary, but it could be close to that.

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