How Much Do Monster Truck Drivers Make In 2023?

When you first think about it, you might think that all it takes to become a competitive monster truck driver is a huge truck, some dirt, and a reckless spirit.

After scratching the surface, there’s a level of intricacy that betrays the event’s fundamental simplicity, and there are a lot of things to consider.

These Monster truck drivers are constantly balancing safety laws, tracking down hard-to-find components, and developing a raucous image for spectators to cling into, much how wrestling appears like nothing more than throwing people into a mat.

With all this, you might wonder how much monster truck drivers make or which city pays them the most. According to ZipRecruiter, Hawaii pays 14.6% more to monster truck drivers than the national average, with Nevada and Massachusetts behind.

To learn about the salary details of monster truck drivers keep reading!


GuideHow Much Do Monster Truck Drivers Make?
Average Income$50,917 and $128,352 per year
Highest Income$285,000 per year
QualificationNot needed

Who Are Monster Truck Drivers?

Monster truck drivers are the drivers who drive the monster trucks at the events and on the stage of monster truck shows like Monster Jam.

It is a dangerous job without a doubt as there might be crashes that could even kill you due to the trucks being so heavy and big.

Monster truck drivers need to have enormous skills to control the car and a good sense of road control, along with the training programs you need to go through.

Even though it might seem easy to be a monster truck driver, it does not look that easy once you understand what you need to do and have.

How Much Does Monster Truck Drivers Make?

How Much Does Monster Truck Drivers Make

Monster Truck drivers earn between $25,000 and $150,000 per year on average. This is only true if you are on active duty.

The amount you get has a lot to do with a number of criteria, including the driver’s experience, the team or organization to which they belong, and the industry itself.

Monster Truck Drivers in the middle earn between $50,917 and $128,352, with the top 86 percent earning $283,332.

1. How Much Do Monster Truck Drivers Make in an Hour?

On average, Monster Truck Drivers make a minimum of $15.97 an hour and a maximum of $25.65 an hour.

2. How Much Do Monster Truck Drivers Make a Month?

On average, Monster Truck Drivers make a minimum of $2,768 a month and a maximum of $4,446 a month.

3. How Much Do Monster Truck Drivers Make a Year?

On average, Monster Truck Drivers make a minimum of $33,222 a year and a maximum of $53,356 a year.


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Highest Salary Of Monster Truck Drivers in 2023

Depending on various factors like experience, knowledge, location, and so forth, the highest salary could vary, but on the records, the highest we see on monster truck drivers is close to $285,000 annually, which covers about 10% of all monster truck drivers in total.

You can get higher than this, of course, but this is the highest salary of a monster truck driver registered on the internet and the number which only a handful of monster truck drivers get.

Is Being A Monster Truck Driver Good Or Bad?

Is Being A Monster Truck Driver Good Or Bad?

While driving a monster truck may appear to be a thrilling experience, it may be pretty deadly if not done correctly and cautiously.

Many accidents have happened as a result of drivers who did not follow the regulations or take the necessary safeguards.

When driving a monster truck, you’ll want to be in the safest posture possible because failing to do so might result in your death.

Depending on these things, you need to consider if you like the thrill of driving a monster truck or it is not for you?

If it is not for you, being a monster truck driver is bad for you. But if you like it, then it is definitely good for you.

Pros and Cons of Being a Monster Truck Driver


  • Independence of work
  • Every day is new
  • Adventurous
  • Getting a CDL does not take much time


  • Dangerous
  • Pay is not great
  • Stressful

How To Become A Monster Truck Driver?

The income appears to be reasonable, and you enjoy watching monster truck shows.

This does not guarantee that you will be allowed to perform at the next meet-up. To even become a monster truck driver, you’ll need experience and instruction.

Here’s how you can live your dream of becoming a Monster Truck Driver:

  • You do not require any major qualification to become a monster truck driver.
  • Now you must first recognize that the monster truck sector is a subset of the commercial vehicle market. This necessitates the acquisition of a commercial driver’s license or CDL. So go to your local DMV, pass your CDL exam, and obtain your CDL to begin your training.
  • Most truck drivers have been picked and have become who they are by direct invitation. For this, you will have to start networking extensively.
  • Some other popular names got an opportunity to get highlighted by building their own truck. So you should learn and know your truck, and if possible, try to learn it.


Grave Digger: All You Need To Know About This Legendary Monster Truck

Who is the Richest Monster Truck Driver?

Dennis Anderson is the richest monster truck driver, with a net worth of a staggering $3 million. Dennis started racing in the early 80’s in a 1952 Ford Pickup.

He is known for going to the extreme; so either he destroys his truck or wins the race, there is nothing in between.

What is the Starting Pay of Monster Truck Drivers?

On average, the starting pay of Monster Truck Drivers is $15.97 an hour or $33,222 a year. With more experience, you can make an average of $53,356 a year.

What does It take to be a Monster Truck Driver?

Monster Truck Driver Training Programs

To become a monster truck driver, you must go through a training program, either state-backed or privately-owned, because just like getting a driver’s license, you need to get a license to be able to drive a monster truck.

Several institutions provide these training programs in the United States, like Monster Jam University, one of the most popular ones in the country.

After you take training program, you take the exam where you need to pass the road skills and driving exam.

These training programs like Monster Jam University provides you with these little details.

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To conclude, monster truck drivers, if they are experienced and know their deal about driving a monster truck, get an exceptional wage of more than 6-figures annually, way more than an average American wage.

However, the risks get higher as you earn more because the risk of driving a monster truck is high.

You might get injured easily if you lose your concentration or control while on the show.

Also you need to have a skill sets so that you drive safely and also win at the same time.


How much do monster truck drivers make when they are on a small team?

This, again, depends on your experience, but even if you are experienced a lot, you will still get something average or even lower than that in small teams with not enough capital to work on.

How much do monster truck drivers make if they get injured?

This depends on your contract or your job in general. They might still pay you, but the chances of you won’t get any payment is not zero.

How much do monster truck drivers make when they are not in a team?

If you are not competing in a team, there is no option to do this job as a freelancer, so you will not get paid in any way until you find a team to perform at.

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