How Much Do Male Strippers Make? In 2024

“How much does a male stripper make?” appears to be the first thing all newcomers ask seasoned male strippers.


GuideHow Much Do Male Strippers Make?
Average Income$3000+ a month
Highest Income$105,684 annually
Education QualificationNot required
TrainingNot required

Who Are Male Strippers?

Strippers in Western societies were nearly always female until the 1970s, and they performed for male audiences.

Male strippers who perform for female audiences have grown more prevalent since then.

Strippers, both male and female perform for gay and lesbian audiences, as well as for both sexes in pansexual settings.

Male strippers have become a common bachelorette party addition. The current male stripper display generally involves complete nudity.

However, they may wear underwear or merely remove all clothing for a limited period of time.

Performances are generally completely choreographed and include dance routines as well as a costume.

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How Much Does A Male Stripper Make?

The answer is that it fluctuates; however, on any given weekend, a normal male dancer may earn anywhere from $0 to $1000+, that is, if you are freelancing.

If you are working in a club, this depends as you are getting a wage. Then you will be getting more than $3000+ a month.

It all depends on the events they attend, their appearance, and the people patronizing them. The ordinary male stripper will probably make a few hundred dollars on a typical night.

Many people may be surprised by this because they are used to hearing about how many female strippers earn.

The male stripper profession, on the other hand, is very different; guys do not earn as much as women.

How Much Does A Male Stripper Make an Hour?

A Male Stripper makes a minimum of $9.38 an hour and a maximum of $49.40 an hour.

How Much Does A Male Stripper Make a Month?

A Male Stripper makes a minimum of $1,625 a month and a maximum of $8,500 a month.

How Much Does A Male Stripper Make a Year?

A Male Stripper makes a minimum of $19,500 a year and a maximum of $102,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of Male Strippers In 2024

Even though you can not know for sure what is the highest Salary of male strippers due to the nature of the job, which includes a lot of freelancing jobs and not just salary-based jobs, there are average numbers you can know from strippers that work on a salary and some freelancers that publish their income.

On average, the highest Salary for male strippers in the United States of America is around $105,684 a year.

A number is definitely not low enough, but this number is only for very professional male strippers.

Is Being A Male Stripper Good Or Bad?

This depends on your outlook on the profession. If you like dancing, showcasing your body, and going to parties and enjoying it, being a male stripper is not a bad thing, but if you are not a fan of these things and you do not like to dance in front of people, showcasing your body, it is a bad thing for you.

Pros and Cons of Being A Male Stripper


  • Flexible work
  • Good money
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Get to travel


  • Need to be in shape always
  • Can attract stalkers
  • Requires a lot of talent


How To Become A Male Stripper?

There is no specific set of qualifications that you need to have to be a male stripper, but definitely, some things like height, muscle size, face, and other physical things play a major role in getting started. Here’s how you can become a male stripper:

  1. Decide what kind of stripper you want to be & where you want to work, whether you want to work in a club, at private parties, freelance, etc.
  2. Start eating healthy, exercise a lot, and work on your social skills.
  3. Learn dance & great moves as you will be required to perform & allure people with your performance.
  4. Get a professional photo shoot done, and contact legitimate agencies and clubs near you.
  5. Once you get your job, maintain good terms with your client and maintain a professional boundary.

What is the Starting Pay of a Male Stripper?

The starting pay of a male stripper is based on your location, whether you are working in a club or bar or working as a freelancer.

But to give you an idea, a Male stripper’s starting pay is $9.38 an hour or $1,625 a month.

How Many Hours Does a Male Stripper Work?

There is no correct answer to this, as this field is very flexible, and you can choose to work as you please.

But concluding from common data, a male stripper ideally works for 4-6 hours, catering to 2-3 bookings.

And during peak times, they can even get 6-8 bookings in a single night and work for more than 6 hours.

Male Stripper Training Programs

Male strippers do not have any training programs officially. Some clubs could offer these to train male strippers within their club for free if you get employed by them, but there is no official training.

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Finally, there are a lot of things that affect a stripper’s Salary, different circumstances, instances, and places. The majority of strippers make a few hundred dollars every night.

The biggest season is the wedding season, which takes place in the spring and summer when a high number of bachelorette parties take place around the country.

Male strippers make greater money during the hectic season. Many strippers hold other jobs or make less money in the stripping profession during the dull winter season.

In general, the majority of male strippers are just grateful to be employed in the profession, as it is not an easy one to enter into.

There are a variety of height and weight criteria that vary in every club, but those who do well typically earn more.


How much does a male stripper make from stripper conventions?

Conventions generally do not pay any kind of money to those who are involved as it is a competition and for fun.

How much does a male stripper make if they are gay?

This does not make any change as the shows they go to or the clubs they work at require them to be present, that’s all.

If you dance professionally, how much does a male stripper make who dances?
This means that you are good at your job and you could get extras as a salary if you are working on Salary

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