How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make In 2023?

Every day, the want for luxurious brands increases due to the increasing popularity these brands have through influencers.

The power these brands hold is impressive, and they are respected in the majority of the world.

These brands’ popularity and luxury also come from the lack of shops and the quality of those not too many shops.

One of these brands is Louis Vuitton, and you need to even get some sort of training to work at their shop.

You will be wearing their clothing, and you do not act like an average employee within their store if you are working at a low level within the company.

Louis Vuitton has thousands of employees for different purposes around the world, and because it is really rare to work with them since they do not have many shops, you might wonder how much do Louis Vuitton employees make and do they get enough salary?

Well, according to Indeed, 53% of Louis Vuitton employees are satisfied with their pay. So to learn more about their actual salary, career, and other prospects, keep reading!


GuideHow Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make?
Average Income$66,000 per year
Highest Income$350,000 per year
Education QualificationNeeded for some roles

Who Are Louis Vuitton Employees?

Louis Vuitton employees could be anyone from a client-advisor salesperson in the shop to a director of a shop or a region.

There are a variety of seniority levels within the company that you can work at.

If you are a client advisor or security, you work at the store and make sure that the shop is secure and the shop makes sales to high-end clients.

If you are a director of some sort, you make sure that your responsible area of yours is maintained well and sells well.

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How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make?

How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make

Louis Vuitton employees have salaries that vary a lot by many factors.

The ultimate pricing is all about factors such as retail experience and sales ability.

The pay for a hostess is lower than that of a CA, and there is no commission.

The salaries of Louis Vuitton employees vary depending on the country, but on average, a client-advisor (CA) earns $66,000 a year, and a director earns $290,000.

Most LV workers are not paid commissions on things they sell. However, they may be part of bonus programs.

As a result, Louis Vuitton sales staff are less ‘pushy’ about sales because they do not earn directly from them.

However, in some nations, employees may be able to earn a commission.

1. How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make an Hour?

Louis Vuitton Employees make a minimum of $9.13 an hour and a maximum of $40.87 an hour.

2. How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make a Month?

Louis Vuitton Employees make a minimum of $1,583 a month and a maximum of $7,083 a month.

3. How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Make a Year?

Louis Vuitton Employees make a minimum of $19,000 a year and a maximum of $85,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of Louis Vuitton employees In 2023

Being a Louis Vuitton employee, one of the richest and most luxurious brands globally, you tend to earn higher than average roles in the same industry because you get special training and work with high-end clients to satisfy their needs.

Even though the salaries vary a lot from location to experience level, the top %10 of Louis Vuitton employees earn around $350,000 annually, which are directors, the top senior guys within the company.

Is Being A Louis Vuitton Employee Good Or Bad?

Working for Louis Vuitton has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other career, but overall, Louis Vuitton is a fantastic firm to work for.

The employees get a 30% discount and other perks. When you meet sales targets, the entire team gets incentives, resulting in a bonus that allows them to earn more.

However, it is worth remembering that working in retail is physically demanding; you’ll be on your feet for lengthy periods of time and may have to dash back and forth if it’s a busy season.

Clientele who shop at Louis Vuitton spend a lot of money, and they may take advantage of this by acting entitled. But the pay could be good the more you rise the ladders.

Pros and Cons of Being A Louis Vuitton Employee


  • Good money
  • Good discounts & benefits
  • Paid trips
  • Free clean uniform & taxi
  • Career advancement oppurtunities
  • Free holiday lunch
  • Oppurtunity to earn comission


  • It is hard to take leaves
  • Long hours


How To Become A Louis Vuitton Employee?

Here’s how you can become a Louis Vuitton Employee:

  • The qualifications you need to work as a Louis Vuitton employee depend on which kind of work you will do. If you are going to work as security in one of the Louis Vuitton stores. In that case, you will need some sort of certifications and training in the area.
  • If you are going to work as a client advisor in the shop, you might not need certificates or degrees. Still, it would help to have some sort of educational background or training experience. Also, you need soft skills for client advisors as you are going to be interacting with clients on a daily basis and make sure they enjoy their experience and buy something after your recommendations.
  • If you are going to be a director or someone at the senior level, you need at least a degree in the focus of your directorate, business, finance, or something related.

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Tips to Get a Job At Louis Vuitton

How Many Hours Does Louis Vuitton Employee Work?

On average, a Louis Vuitton Employee work for 6-8 hours a day or 30-35 hours a week. Your working hours may vary slightly based on your position too.


What is the Starting Pay of Louis Vuitton Employee?

The pay of the Louis Vuitton Employees varies based on position and location.

The starting pay of Louis Vuitton employees, considering the lower position, is $9.13 an hour or $1,583 a month.

Louis Vuitton Employee Training Programs

Louis Vuitton provides short training to new employees, but this is generally applicable to roles within the store; the roles within the offices for business might not provide training as you are going to need a degree to work, which will give you the needed training program without needing Louis Vuitton.


To conclude, being a Louis Vuitton employee is actually not easy.

It might require some training, challenging soft skills, and other things, no matter which area you work in.

However, the average salary of all Luis Vuitton employees is pretty high, and it is rewarding with other bonuses you might get with meeting the sale quotas.

It is a good choice for many to be in the luxury industry if you like to handle people or businesses of luxurious products.

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How much do Louis Vuitton employees make when they make a sale?

Louis Vuitton employees do not take commission most of the time from sales. However, they get bonuses when they meet certain quotas.

How much do Louis Vuitton employees make when they first start?

When you first start, you start from the most common salary within the company, which would be lower than the average.

How much do Louis Vuitton employees make as an intern?

If you are working as an intern, you probably will perform at the office rather than the store, and you can expect to make something lower than the average.

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