How Much Do Lash Technicians Make In 2023?

A lash technician’s profession stands out among the many exciting occupations available in the beauty industry today as one of the most entertaining and lucrative.

Getting to be creative, interacting with people, being flexible and controlling your own working hours, and, maybe most importantly, making a livelihood doing something interesting is just a few of the benefits of becoming a lash tech. But do lash technicians make enough?

According to Indeed, based on 160 ratings, only 34% of lash technicians think that their pay is enough to support their cost of living.

So, if you’re considering a job as a lash technician, then you should read this article on how much do lash technicians make till the end.


GuideHow Much Do Lash Technicians Make?
Average Income$47,396 per year
Highest Income$110,000 per year
QualificationSpecialized training is compulsory

Who Are Lash Technicians?

Eyelash stylists, also known as eyelash technicians or eyelash specialists, are frequently needed to hold a license, whether it’s a cosmetology or aesthetician license or a specialty license for eyelash extensions.

State law may demand certifications; however, this is not always the case.

A certified lash technician is a qualified individual who does lash extensions for himself or for a company.

An eyelash technician is a professional that specializes in improving the look of our lashes.

A trained lash specialist will also do lash tinting and lash perming treatments in addition to placing lash extensions.

Lash extensions are synthetic, yet they feel and look natural, and they last for 3 to 4 weeks on average.


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How Much Do Lash Technicians Make?

How Much Do Lash Technicians Make

According to reports, the average annual compensation for lash technicians is $47,396.

Lash technicians earn between $20 and $25 per hour on average. Part-time lash technician wages are frequently in these surveys.

You have the opportunity to make a lot more money as a full-time lash technician.

You can use these averages to estimate eyelash extension compensation. While this is the national average, lash technicians earn far more.

As your talents improve, you’ll be able to charge more and earn more money as a lash specialist.

Successful lashers at the top of the pay range earn far more than the ordinary lash technician.

1. How Much Do Lash Technicians Make in an Hour?

Lash Technicians make a minimum of $8.41 an hour and a maximum of $74.52 an hour.

2. How Much Do Lash Technicians Make in a Month?

Lash Technicians make a minimum of $1,458 a month and a maximum of $12,917 a month.

3. How Much Do Lash Technicians Make in a Year?

Lash Technicians make a minimum of $17,500 a year and a maximum of $155,000 a year.


Highest Salary Of Lash Technicians In 2023

Even though we can not know precisely what the highest Salary of a lash technician is due to many of them having their own saloons and/or working as a freelancer, it is hard to track.

Still, in legal statistics reported by some lash technicians themselves, we see salaries that go up to $110,000 annually, more than double the average lash technician salary.

This shows that depending on your experience, you can earn a lot of money, even six figures in your lash technician career.

Pros and Cons of Being a Lash Technician


  • You can open up your own studio
  • In-demand
  • Decent pay
  • Get to be your own boss
  • You can pursue this part-time


  • You may get sued
  • You will need to give a lot of time from your weekends

Is Being A Lash Technician Good Or Bad?

Treatment periods can be considerable, up to 3 hours in the case of lash extensions; therefore, you must be passionate about what you do.

During that period, 100 percent precision is necessary, which necessitates a steady hand and intense concentration on the part of the technician.

Some people may find this exhausting if they lack energy and a passion for the profession.

On the plus side, it’s a really gratifying vocation that allows you to be creative with some of the fantastic lash extensions that are now available.

And, if you do treatments well, the dazzling effects and satisfied clients make this a very gratifying career.

So, it mostly depends on you and your likings if this career path is a good or bad choice.

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How To Become A Lash Technician?

How To Become A Lash Technician

There is no regulating authority within the salon that governs the installation of eyelash extensions.

However, because the eye region is so sensitive, there is a significant risk of damaging the eyelashes, developing an allergy, or getting an eye infection if the eyelash specialist is both uninformed and inexperienced.

As a result, it’s really common that all eyelash technicians must complete specialized training to be certified and insured.

Here’s how you can become a Lash Technician:

  • The first step is to find an accredited institute that can offer you lash technician training.
  • Now complete the training. The length of the training may vary depending on the institute you choose.
  • Once you are done with training, now purchase a starter kit and start practicing.
  • Once you are confident about the skill, you can start applying for a lash tech in your nearby salons.

How Many Hours Does Lash Technician Work?

A Lash Technician may be called for work even during the weekend because that is when most clients will have time.

So the working hours of a Lash Technician may vary depending on the salon they are working at. They may work anywhere between 5-8 hours a day for 4-5 days a week.

What is the Starting Pay of Lash Technicians?

The starting pay of Lash Technicians is $8.41 an hour or $17,500 a year.

With more expertise in the field, Lash Technicians can earn a maximum of $155,000 a year.

Lash Technician Training Programs

Lash Technician Training Programs

To mention a few, Eyelash extension businesses such as lash perfect, nouveau, and Xtreme lashes frequently provide training classes.

These eyelash product companies will be picky, allowing you to buy their items only if you’ve had specialized instruction to apply for eyelash extensions.

Some may go even further and demand that you get the education in their own product brand.

Make sure you do your study and evaluate each company based on their reputation, product quality, and training.

Another critical element to consider is the class size; more minor courses allow for greater one-on-one teaching.

You don’t need a specialized beauty certification to learn how to apply for lash extensions.


Lash technicians are in high demand. The popularity of lash extensions is expanding, and you may expect a high number of repeat customers.

Many clients will return for another treatment or for frequent infills because eyelash extensions may last up to 8 weeks.

As a result, you may develop a clientele and earn consistent revenue. You may be able to work from home in some areas, allowing you to avoid paying rent.

Another advantage is that you may plan your schedule and work whenever you choose — a welcome change from a monotonous 9-to-5 job.

It all depends on what you like, what you want to do and so on.

An average lash tech salary is within the limits of giving you a not bad life to make your decision, depending on that.

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How much do lash techs make when they have their own saloon?

There is no certain amount of Salary for this as it varies magnificently depending on the number of your clients, working hours, location, experience, and amount of technicians working there.

How much do lash techs make who just started working?

The lash techs who have no practical experience, only their certification and education on paper, start with the lowest Salary, which is lower than the average.

How much do lash techs make if they are freelancers?

Being a freelancer lash tech is not easy as it might be harder to find clients and adapt to their schedule, which might require you to work outside normal office hours.

However, if you have many clients and set a price range that is good enough, you can earn more than an average lash technician.

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