How Much Do Ice Road Truckers Make In 2022?

Some jobs pique people’s interest, jobs that you most probably did not even hear in your life before.

One of those jobs that many do not know and have never even heard of before is ice road truckers.

Jobs like ice road truckers sound far-fetched at first, especially if you have never considered what some individuals do for a living and if there is even that much need to have a profession for this.

There has been a growing popularity for ice road truckers in the past few years, and this piques even more interest in the job.

In this article, we will take a look at who are ice road truckers and how much do ice road truckers make?


GuideHow Much Do Ice Road Truckers Make?
Average Income$30,000 and $50,000 per year
Highest Income$100,000 per year
EducationHigh School Diploma
TrainingNot necessary

Who Are Ice Road Truckers?

A trucker who works mostly during the winter months is an ice road trucker.

The ponds and lakes all over the United States of America freeze during the winter.

Because of the heavy snowfall and cold conditions, highways are built on the lakes for vehicles to transport supplies.

With only a few months to prepare, many towns and cities will rush in supplies while the weather is still frigid.

This need creates a high demand for experienced workers and competitive remuneration.

This then creates the exponential need for ice road truck drivers during the first months of winter when everything is so new.

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How Much Do Ice Road Truckers Make?

During the winter, ice road truckers make an average of $40,000. Ice road drivers often make between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.

Truckers who are members of a union often earn somewhat more than those who are not. You should also be aware that this is only during the winter months.

Many people earn a year’s wage in a short period of time, usually 3 to 4 months. Another consideration is the danger.

A trucker working for Walmart may make roughly $70,000 per year with substantially less risk.

During the winter, this amounts to $23,000. An ice road trucker might earn almost $120,000 if they could work all year. The income is so fantastic because of the risk.

Highest Salary Of Ice Road Truckers

A few ice road truckers at the very top earn upwards of $100,000 every winter. However, this is an uncommon occurrence that is dependent on the trucker’s employer.

Furthermore, a rise in price is frequently all about an increase in risk as well as a greater desired degree of knowledge in truck maintenance and repair.

Nothing beats having a strong head on your shoulders in this line of business.

However, the most important thing is the risk that increases with the pay because many truckers do not choose this path intentionally and earn less than they would have if they had taken the risk.

Is Being An Ice Road Trucker Good Or Bad?

Ice road truckers have to contend with subzero temperatures and snowstorms, which make driving much more perilous.

As they drive over the ice, some drivers claim to be able to hear it break.

When temperatures dip this low, mechanical troubles are a huge threat, and road conditions can be very hazardous.

Furthermore, the drivers themselves are at risk of hypothermia.

There are all these dangers in this profession, and that is the main reason why many people do not choose to opt for this profession from the very beginning.

However, the pay is really good, and you can earn even more if you have more risk tolerance.

If you think you can handle all these risks, being an ice road trucker is definitely good for you, but it is definitely not good for many who do not want to.

Qualification Required To Become An Ice Road Trucker

A high school diploma and a driver’s license are all that are necessary to work as an ice road trucker.

Most drivers attend a recognized truck driving school to get the necessary abilities and learn interstate truck driving standards.

On the other hand, Ice road truckers must be confident in their driving ability and truck maintenance knowledge.

While trucking firms offer housing and meals, there are no truck stops or repairs along the trip.

Ice Road Truckers travel at a speed of 15 mph in extreme conditions that can physically freeze sections of the vehicle.

With limited light and no mobile phone coverage, ice truck drivers must be ready for the unexpected.

Ice Road Trucker Training Programs

Ice road truckers do not have official training programs that the employer provides, or there are no programs that you must have to start working as an ice road trucker.

However, you can attend a truck driving school to learn the necessary ability to drive a truck and an ice road truck.

There, you will learn a truck skills, driving standards, what to do on extra icy roads, and other beneficial things about ice road trucking.

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To conclude, being an ice road trucker is not hard, but it is really hard to keep working as one for longer times.

It does not require a lot of education, but the work itself is extremely dangerous, and the amount of money you can earn is not that high if you are not willing to take up some risks for your job.

That is why the majority of people do not choose to work as one but if you like cold, risks, and driving ice road trucks, take a glimpse into this profession in the real world.


How much do ice road truckers make when they are in training?

When you are in school, getting training, you do not get paid because you are still in school, studying.

How much do ice road truckers make when they are taking no risk at all?

If you do not want to take any risk at all, you probably will earn either the average salary or lower than that, but not higher.

How much do ice road truckers make when they have a decade of experience?

When you have a lot of experience in the field, you will most probably earn higher than the average, maybe even close to the top %10.

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