How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make In 2023?

You can not bring back the dead by hoping for them to come back. That is why solving murders is so vital to our society and why becoming a good homicide detective needs a certain kind of person.

When you get a murder report, homicide detectives and the CSI team go to the crime scene to assess the situation.

They collaborate to investigate the site, speak with witnesses, and search for and gather evidence.

While the CSI team processes evidence using cutting-edge technology, murder investigators question witnesses and suspects.

The quicker investigators act on information and evidence, the more likely they are to solve a murder.

One of the critical ways the police are able to solve homicides is through effective coordination between detectives and their CSI unit.

With all these hardships of the profession, the main question many people ask is how much do homicide detectives make? And is this profession in demand?

According to Zippia, the salaries for home detective has increased by 11% in the last five years. Keep reading to find out the hourly and yearly salary of home detectives!


GuideHow Much Homicide Detectives Make?
Average Income$86,940 per year
Highest Income$300,000 per year

Who Are Homicide Detectives?

Who Are Homicide Detectives

Homicide detectives are in charge of looking into murder cases where someone is dead.

Their job is to figure out the reason for the death, either by murder or manslaughter, track down the offender, and gather the evidence prosecutors will need to charge the defendant.

They frequently work in a homicide unit, where detectives rotate through fresh cases.

They achieve this by interviewing witnesses and suspects, inspecting the scene, obtaining and executing search warrants, and reviewing evidence.

Their duty continues until they find and apprehend the offender. A homicide detective may go to testify at the trial.

A dedicated homicide unit may not exist in smaller law enforcement departments.

Detectives are supposed to look into various crimes, including killings, in these situations.


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How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make In 2023?

How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical annual pay for detectives and criminal investigators in the United States is $86,940.

On the other hand, salary varies widely depending on where you work and what amount of education you have.

Most federal professions use a Pay Grade scheme to determine what kind of salary you should get, and this also applies to homicide detectives.

You could determine what kind of salary homicide detectives get in each state and figure out that Pay Grade scheme.

Keep in mind that your pay will rise as you advance in your career and top earners earn far more than the average.

1. How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make an Hour?

Homicide Detectives make a minimum of $28 an hour and a maximum of $42 an hour.

2. How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make a Month?

Homicide Detectives make a minimum of $4,848 a month and a maximum of $7,201 a month.

3. How Much Do Homicide Detectives Make a Year?

Homicide Detectives make a minimum of $58,182 a year and a maximum of $86,411 a year.


Highest Salary Of Homicide Detectives

Homicide detectives’ salaries differ a lot by experience, location, which unit they work at, which police station they work at, etc.

However, a certain average number of high-paying detectives get in the States. Top %10 homicide detectives earn around $300,000 annually.

This is a tremendous increase from the average salary of all homicide detectives.

This could still well be higher if you are the best at what you do and working at a big police station.

Is Being A Homicide Detective Good Or Bad?

The typical personality type for a detective is one that is ambitious, dependable, and self-sufficient, who enjoys solving problems.

Detectives must also have a high level of honesty, be able to handle tension, and pay close attention to the smallest of facts.

A robust stomach is also beneficial. So, being a homicide detective is not all happy and good.

You must endure the hardships, as well. However, the pay is good, and it is rewarding.

If you think you can handle the hardships, being a homicide detective could be a good call for your career.

Pros And Cons of Being a Homicide Detective


  • Good money
  • Reputable
  • You get pension
  • Time off
  • Social security
  • Insurance benefits


  • Stressful
  • Risky job
  • Mentally & Physically demanding


How To Become A Homicide Detective?

How To Become A Homicide Detective

The qualifications you need for becoming a murder detective differ depending on the department. Here’s how you can become a Homicide Detective:

  • Detectives, in general, must initially serve as police officers. For police officers, having a high school diploma or GED is necessary. Some departments may require or prioritize applicants with a college diploma. Studying subjects like criminology, psychology, forensic, etc., may help.
  • They must also complete academy training in order to obtain the abilities essential to perform their duties as patrol officers. They get training on utilizing their weapons, such as firearms and tasers. Classes on appropriate federal, state, and municipal law, ethics, and civil rights are some of the important subjects that will be a part of your training.
  • Before becoming a detective, you will need to work as a police officer for some years. Police officers can apply for detective posts when they have had some experience.
  • Officers get grades on how well they perform on the job, and some agencies may require a written test before promoting you as a homicide detective.

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What is the Starting Pay of Homicide Detective?

The starting pay of a Homicide Detective is $28 an hour or $4,848 a month. With more experience as a Homicide detective, you can earn as much as $7,201 a month.

How Many Hours Does Homicide Detective Work?

Being a Homicide Detective is mentally & physically demanding.

Often the work hours are irregular; Homicide Detectives may have to work overtime during holidays and weekends too. They can expect to work more than 40 hours a week.

What Does a Life of a Homicide Detective Look Like?

Homicide Detective Training Programs

Homicide detectives do not have any private training institutions where you can get one.

You only get your training once you are eligible for promotion under your own police command.

You learn the basics of being a homicide detective, holding a gun or a teaser, etc.


To conclude, being a homicide detective means you will be working around the dead all the time.

This is mostly a scary thing for many people worldwide, and not many want to be involved in it, but some people like what the profession has to offer, especially with the high salary, so they go with it.

It could be rewarding financially if you can tackle the disadvantages of the profession.

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How much do homicide detectives make when they are in training?

When you are in training, it means you are still studying to be a homicide detective. You do not get paid in the meanwhile, or you get your police salary.

How much do homicide detectives make when they start working right after their promotion?

You need to get a promotion from being a police officer to being a homicide detective.

Once you get your promotion, you start from the lowest bracket of the profession, which is lower than the average.

How much do homicide detectives make when they are the only homicide detective in a station?

If you are the only homicide detective at a station, chances are you are in a small community without too many resources.

You would probably get higher than the community average, but your salary could be lower compared to other homicide detectives.

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