How Much Do Gas Station Owners Make In 2022?

Gas stations are a highly competitive industry, and owning and operating one is a lot of effort.

It’s not just about filling up automobiles; it’s about finding and supplying the appropriate clients.

If you’re considering starting your own, you might be interested in learning how much do gas station owners make.

Starting and running a gas station will need a significant amount of effort. Not to mention the money you need to establish your petrol station.

You must decide whether or not it is worthwhile for you.


GuideHow Much Do Gas Station Owners Make?
Average Income$60,000 and $65,000 per year
Highest IncomeNo limit
Education QualificationNot needed
TrainingNot needed

Who are Gas Station Owners?

Gas station owners are the owners of the stations that sell gas for automobiles.

Basically, they own the place where you go to refill your car every week or day.

They do not just handle the petrol or gas that they distribute; they also handle the amenities they offer like car cleaning service, their market, and serve their customers in the most friendly way they can.

Also they have their own workers handling this stuff, but supervision is important to maintain the quality.

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How Much Do Gas Station Owners Make?

The average yearly compensation of gas station owners varies greatly based on where you live in the country.

Gas station operators in the Northeast may expect to make roughly $69,000 per year on average.

If you work in the West, you can expect to earn roughly $60,000 per year on average.

Gas station owners in the Midwest may expect to make roughly $61,000 per year on average.

In general, you can expect to make between $60,000 and $65,000 each year as a gas station owner.

Of course, whether you operate one or several stations, how many other gas stations you’re competing with, the price you can charge for petrol while remaining competitive, and other factors will all influence this figure.

Highest Salary of Gas Station Owners

Being a gas station owner, there is basically no limit on how much you can earn.

Even though the average money that gas station owners make is less than six figures, if your station is in the right place and has many customers daily, you can expect to make six figures easily.

You can also increase your income substantially by offering other amenities to car owners like more products in your shop or car cleaning service, or something else.

Is Being a Gas Station Owner Good or Bad?

As with everything, owning a business is a major headache and requires a lot of work and capital to start.

Running a gas station could become even more stressful because gas transportations are always tough, and in hard times, the gas prices fluctuate insanely to levels that could decrease the sales.

However, you could earn a lot of money on average by owning a gas station. You just need to be able to bear the hard times.

Qualification Required to Become a Gas Station Owner

There are no qualifications to be a gas station owner. You can just purchase a gas station and become an owner if you have the capital.

However, it is not just about purchasing a gas station. To keep the gas station profitable and going, you must have some understanding of running a business, from financials to other important things.

If you do not possess these skills, your gas station will go under pretty quickly.

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To conclude, being a gas station owner is definitely not easy.

You first need a huge amount of capital to just purchase the gas station and then possess the necessary knowledge to keep the business going, and it requires a lot of work and time.


How much do gas station owners make when they first buy the station?

You will inherit an already working gas station, so it totally depends on the current business and how much it earns.

How much do gas station owners make in times where gas prices increase substantially?

When gas prices increase or decrease, if the increase is not so high, you will be okay as everyone needs gas to use their cars, and this won’t affect you too much.

How much do gas station owners make from their stores?

One of the main income points of gas stations in the store that it has where people can buy certain stuff from food to other basic things. This could easily make up around 50% of your income.

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