How much do Electricians make in California In 2022?

Electricians provide a critical skill set necessary for modern living to run well.

This career necessitates significant training and rigorous standards due to the technical expertise needed and the risk involved.

It is not easy to be an electrician because it not only has risks, but it also requires you to have a lot of information about electrical systems, and this is why you might wonder how much do electricians make in California, one of the biggest states in the country?

So in this post, we define an electrician and walk you through the processes of becoming a licensed electrician.

Electricians are tradespeople with experience that have the necessary education to deal with a wide range of electrical power difficulties.


GuideHow Much Do Electricians Make In California?
Average Income$65,000 per year
Highest Income$115,000-$120,000 per year
QualificationNot needed

Who Are Electricians?

Any trained tradesperson who designs, installs, maintains, and also repairs electrical systems and products in residential houses, companies, and factories are known as an electrician.

Electricians guarantee that lighting, industrial equipment, and also appliances operate safely and reliably within and outside of buildings.

Residential electricians install wiring and fix electrical problems in houses.

In contrast, interior electricians maintain and repair control systems, motors, and electrical equipment in companies and factories, to name a few specialties.

So as an electrician, you’re in charge of transporting electricity from its source to areas where individuals and businesses might use it.

Depending on the specialty area, the particular tasks connected with this profession may vary.

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How Much Do Electricians Make In California?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes wages for a variety of skilled electricians who work in California.

Also, those with the most education and experience often earn at the top of the pay scale.

However, the national average wage for electricians in California is roughly $65,000 per year for any type of electrician.

Six-figure earnings aren’t far away. For the ten years ending in 2022, California’s job growth rate for electricians will greatly outpace the national average, with the state’s Employment Development Department forecasting 10,800 new positions in the electrical profession.

Highest Salary Of Electricians In California

Being an electrician, you get your money according to your experience rather than your salary.

Contrary to most professions, there is no bachelor’s you could get for this; it is all practical experience that combines into information you learn on the job.

That is why the highest salaries generally go to the most experienced electricians.

The highest salary in California is around $115,000-$120,000 annually for the top %20 electricians.

They earn six figures thanks to their experience and being in the top %20.

Is Being An Electrician Good Or Bad?

Being an electrician is a controversial topic in most of the society because it does not require any degree and that the potential earn more with a salary is not that much as other professions, but that is wrong as you might earn six figures if you are good at what you are doing.

Being an electrician is good only if you like fixing things, using electricity daily, and can accept the risks that the job brings.

If you do not like these, then being an electrician is bad for you.

Qualification Required To Become An Electrician In California?

You need a high school education or something similar to a GED to be able to have a career as any type of electrician.

However, the majority of the industry needs you to have industry-specific expertise.

Electricians use a variety of academic topics on a regular basis. Although you do not need to attend a trade or vocational-technical school to become an electrician, it may provide significant training and considerably help soon-to-be electricians get their certification and find a job.

It is not a concern whether you study something like electrical technology in a four-year university or obtain a career credential from a trade school; the experience will provide you with full lab and classroom instruction.

You also need to be interested in electricity and other stuff related to that to enjoy what you are doing.

Electrician Training Programs In California

There is no official training program for electricians. However, the apprenticeship you will get will create the foundation for your electrical expertise and your training.

There are both classroom and on-the-job education that includes mentorship and supervision from a master electrician who has a lot of experience in the area.

To take the tests, most states, including California, demand that you do at least four years of apprenticeship.

Depending on the region, there are different certification requirements, so you must know what California needs specifically.

If California requires a license, you may also need to pass an electrical test.

You will test your knowledge of The National Electric Code, safety measures, electrical principles, and construction codes on this exam.

You’ll also need to show documentation that you finished your apprenticeship.

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To conclude, being an electrician is not easy; you must know a lot of stuff and be interested in learning more while getting your experience working as there are no training programs for it.

However, you earn higher than the national average as an electrician in California, with a median of $65,000 annually that could stretch up to $120,000 annually if you are good at what you are doing.


How much do electricians make in California if they just started working?

They start to form the lowest bracket. This means that they get the lowest wage most of the time.

How much do electricians make in California if they decide to do it as freelancing?

This solely depends on you, your rates, and how many clients you have continuously.

It could be lower than the state average, but it could also be higher than the top %20’s average in the state.

How much do electricians make in California if they have no prior education?

Without education, it is tough to find a job. Still, if you end up finding one, you will start from the lowest possible, just like if you started without any experience, but it will take a bit longer for you to go up the ladders as you will be learning everything as you are working.

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