How much do Disney princesses Make In 2024?

You might wonder, how much do Disney princesses make in 2022? You are in the right place to answer your questions because that is what we will talk about here.

Have you ever visited Disney and been taken aback by the beautiful, glamorous princesses?

You might be able to earn a job as a Disney princess yourself with some hard work and devotion.

To begin, go over the prerequisites to determine whether you meet them. Being a Disney princess at a theme park is not easy as it requires a lot of things from you.

With all this beautifulness, you might think that it is hard to be a Disney princess and you might be right as the qualifications needed is not small.


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Who Are Disney princesses?

Disney princesses are original characters in Disney movies and cartoons, but they also get alive in Disney theme parks for kids and adults to have fun.

Disney princesses at Disney theme parks go around and be present, enjoy their time with the visitors, and show off their costumes so that people see the Disney characters in real life.

It is not an easy task as you need to be in your costume all day long, and it is not easy to be one as you need to be in a particular size as the characters are in the shows and everyone needs to be the same or close to the same size.

The most famous Disney princess is Cinderella, the most common Disney princess you will see in the parks.

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How Much Do Disney Princesses Make?

How Much Do Disney Princesses Make

Princesses earn between $13 and $16 per hour, translating to a starting wage of roughly $27,000 with minimal room for advancement. —

There is no other universe but Disney World. A princess can never accept things that aren’t part of her character’s universe.

According to Glassdoor, character performers at Disney parks and resorts earn an average of $11 per hour, so $13 to $16 per hour as a Disney Princess isn’t too awful.

According to Buzzfeed, full-time performers work 40 hours a week, but Disney also employs part-time performers. Of course, better-paying part-time jobs are available, but you could enjoy this one.

1. How much do Disney Princesses make an hour?

Disney Princesses make a minimum of $7.93 an hour and a maximum of $71.39 an hour.

2. How much do Disney princesses make a month?

Disney Princesses make a minimum of $1,375 a month and a maximum of $12,375 a month.

3. How much do Disney princesses make a year?

Disney Princesses make a minimum of $16,500 a year and a maximum of $148,500 a year.


Disney Princesses Salaries In 2024

Even though there is not much advancement in the role both as a career ladder and in your salary, you can still get some amount of increase.

Depending on your location, you could get higher salaries than average.

The highest salaries recorded in job advertisement websites like Glassdoor is around $65,000 annually.

Considering the average, $65,000 annually is a number that is much higher than you would typically get.

This salary is generally in states like New York or Los Angeles, where the salaries are higher than average.

However, with experience, you can get something closer to this in other states, too.

Is Being A Disney Princess Good Or Bad?

If you like kids, theme parks, Disney characters, and learning new things while also dancing and roleplaying the character, being a Disney princess is a fun job.

However, it is hard to become one, and the salary is not that good.

There are upsides and downsides to being a Disney princess, and it is up to you to decide whether being a Disney princess is good or bad for you.

However, if you like the perks of being a Disney princess and enjoy your time, the downsides might not be a problem.

Pros and Cons of Being A Disney Princess


  • Exciting work environment
  • You get to wear good clothes
  • Easy training
  • Short training period
  • Good salary


  • You might have to relocate
  • Have to be in costume & entertain people all day
  • Have to stay in shape always

How To Become A Disney Princess?

Before you learn how to become a Disney Princess, you should be aware about their stringent qualification requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to audition for a Disney princess. Because Disney likes their princesses to appear young, the majority are under the age of 27.
  • According to Disney, princesses must be between 5’4″ and 5’7″ tall. This is done for the sake of consistency and costume fit. After all, if there are ten Cinderella across the park on any given day, they shouldn’t appear too dissimilar.

Here’s how you can become a Disney Princess:

  • Once you qualify for the position, you simply need to create a performer profile by adding your photos, videos, and other details.
  • Now look for open job listings on Disney Auditions, and share your profile and other details.
  • If you get shortlisted, you will then have to give an audition. And once you get selected for the audition, you will be given Disney princess training, and you are all set.
  • If you obtain the job, you’ll have to relocate if you don’t reside near Disney World or Disneyland. Make sure you’re ready to take on this challenge. You may stay at Disney’s company housing or find your own near the park.


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Things to Know Before You Choose to Become a Disney Princess

How Many Hours Does Disney Princess Work?

Disney Princesses entertain kids and other people in the audience, and most Disney Princesses work for six to eight hours a day. Which means they work for 40 hours a week like most professions.

What is the Starting Pay of Disney Princess?

The starting pay of Disney Princess is $7.93 an hour or $1,375 a month.

With more experience, Disney Princesses can make as much as $71.39 an hour or $148,500 a year, which is a good amount of salary.

Disney Princess Training Programs

Disney only offers the training programs of Disney princesses after you get the job. It doesn’t require a lot of time of yours, and it is not hard at all.

Princess training lasts four to five days, during which you will learn everything there is to know about your chosen princess.

You’ll watch princess movies to learn how to imitate her gestures and voice, as well as witness contemporary Disney princesses at work and discover princess facts and trivia.

The cosmetics crew will also give you a run-through of basic makeup applications since each princess applies her own makeup.

Vocal training is done with the help of a dialect coach and is rather intensive.

You may need to acquire an accent and how to imitate the actress who performed the original character’s voice.


To conclude, being a Disney princess requires some amount of training, time spent on your vocals, and learning the characters because you will be playing any of them, and you will not choose which one it will be.

However, depending on your location, you can get a good salary out of it and enjoy your work simultaneously.

The average salary of a Disney princess is not high, but with experience, it could go higher than that.

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How much do Disney princesses make when they first start off?

They start with a lower salary than the average salary that a Disney princess gets.

How much do Disney princesses make when they play another character?

It does not matter which princess you play as you are a Disney princess, it could be any of them, and you get your training according to that.

How much do Disney princesses make if they have more than ten years of experience?

They get the highest salary of Disney princesses but bear in mind that if your age is over the limit, you probably will be retired as they do not want Disney princesses over the age of around 27-28.

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